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NCARB and State Board Update for Interns and Architects October 2, 2009 Angela Jones, Esq.—Indiana T. Rexford Cecil, AIA—Kentucky Amy Kobe, CAE, Hon AIA—Ohio.

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1 NCARB and State Board Update for Interns and Architects October 2, 2009 Angela Jones, Esq.—Indiana T. Rexford Cecil, AIA—Kentucky Amy Kobe, CAE, Hon AIA—Ohio

2 Agenda What’s new at NCARB  Newly Revised Definition  IDP Update  ARE Update  Podcasts What’s new in the states  Indiana  Kentucky  Ohio

3 NCARB: Revised Definition Definition of Responsible Control  Now includes the integration of information from manufacturers, suppliers, installers, owners and consultants Requires architect’s coordination and review Must be incidental and intended for incorporation into architect’s technical submission

4 NCARB: Changes to IDP e-EVR  All IDP TU’s must be reported online  Supervisor approves online

5 NCARB: Changes to IDP IDP 2.0 Phase One: July 1, 2009 More ways to earn TU’s Can earn IDP training units while employed or unemployed by completing the following:  LEED Accreditation – 5 TU’s Must have been employed if earned between July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009  CSI Construction Documents Technologist (CDT), Construction Specifier (CCS) or Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) – 5 TU’s Not retroactive (to before 7/1/2009)

6 NCARB: Changes to IDP Additional ways to earn TU’s  NCARB Professional Conduct Monograph and Quiz – 2 TU’s  Emerging Professionals Companion activities – Up to 5 TU’s in each training area Must be employed Supervisor must review Can now be reported electronically  AIA CES programs

7 NCARB: Changes to IDP IDP 2.0 Phase Two : January 1, 2010  Changes definition of “direct supervision” Allows supervision through personal contact and remote communication  Allows supervisor to be registered in any state  Allows independent contractors to earn TU’s  Allows supervisors to be independent contractors  IDP Training Requirement changes from "700 Training Units" to "5,600 Training Hours."

8 NCARB: Changes to IDP IDP 2.0 Phase 3: January 1, 2011  4 IDP training categories instead of 16 Pre-design: 200 hours Design: 2600 hours Project Management: 720 hours Practice Management: 160 hours  3 training settings instead of 7 Architecture Other, not architecture Supplemental (e.g., leadership & service, post- professional education)

9 NCARB: Changes to IDP Six month reporting requirement  TU’s must be reported not less than every six months  Retroactive reporting completely eliminated effective July 1, 2010

10 NCARB: Changes to the ARE Five year rolling clock  Effective 7/1/2014, divisions more than five years old will be voided  Includes divisions take prior to 1/1/2006, which were previously exempt  Will affect candidates who tested on paper & pencil

11 NCARB: Changes to the ARE Eligibility to Test  Effective 1/1/2011, eligibility terminated for candidates who have not tested for five years  Pass or fail counts as testing  Must reapply and meet the state’s current requirements Example: candidates with four year degrees won’t qualify

12 NCARB: Changes to the ARE Increase in Exam Fees  Direct result of cheating Loss of exam content and cost to recreate  Increased from $170 to $210  Effective 10/1/09

13 NCARB Podcasts Podcasts available on NCARB website  Six month Rule  Successful Supervising  e-EVR  Essential IDP  IDP 2.0 Webcast  Licensure and Your Career  IDP Through Certification (architects)  Starting an IDP/ARE Group within your Firm  ARE Security

14 What’s new in Indiana Recent Legislative Changes Recent/Upcoming Rule Changes

15 What’s New in Indiana Reinstatement of an Expired License  Regardless of how long you have been expired in Indiana, you may now apply to have that license reinstated. (IC 25-1-8-6)  Proof of 24 hours of CE is required.

16 What’s New in Indiana” Registered Interior Designers  The Legislature created a state registration for Interior Designers this past 2009 Session.  Minimum requirements (IC 25-1-5.5-3)

17 What’s New in Indiana? The Definition of “Degree in a Design Discipline” which is required for licensure.  If you are able to be admitted into a master’s of architecture program to be completed in 4 semesters, you meet the requirement for licensure. (804 IAC 1.1-1-1)

18 What’s New in Indiana? ARE Timing  Rules are being promulgated which will come in line with the early eligibility allowed by NCARB.  Applicants applying to take the exams in Indiana may not begin taking the exams prior to completion of the IDP. (IC 25-4-1-7)

19 What’s New in Indiana? Direct Registration  Indiana is now participating in Direct Registration.  Candidates will now register to take the exams through NCARB and will receive their score reports, etc. from NCARB.  Once they have completed their IDP and the ARE, they can have their NCARB file sent to Indiana.

20 What’s new in Kentucky Statutory & Administrative Regulation Changes for Architects Administrative Regulation Changes for ARE Candidates and Interns

21 Kentucky: Changes Affecting Architects Annual Renewals  Grace period now with applicable late fees  Continuing Education  No more 180 days for make-up if audited & found deficient  30 days to make up deficiencies with $$$ penalty  LEED Certification = 8 HSW professional development units

22 Kentucky: Changes Affecting Architects Change of Address / Contact Info Grounds for denial, revocation or suspension of a license  May in lieu of or in addition to other penalties impose a civil penalty of $10,000 per incident  Board may direct any licensee found guilty of violating any provision of this chapter to pay to the board a sum not to exceed the actual and reasonable costs of investigation and prosecution of the case.

23 Kentucky: Changes Affecting Architects Emeritus Architect:  Is at least 65 years old  Requested status at beginning of renewal period  Has retired from practice in all jurisdictions

24 Kentucky: Changes Affecting Architectural Interns Legal Title: May use Architectural Intern only if currently enrolled in IDP and ARE eligible with the Kentucky Board Change of Address / Contact Info Allegation of misbehavior on the part of the applicant (201 KAR 19:040, Section 6)

25 What’s new in Ohio Rule changes affecting Firms Rule changes affecting Architects Rule changes affecting Interns

26 Ohio: Rule changes affecting Firms Branch offices:  Resident registered architect required not less than 30 hours per week. Grace period for renewals eliminated  Late renewals must file a new application

27 Ohio: Rule changes affecting Architects Revised Definitions:  Practice of Architecture  Responsible Control  Direct Supervision

28 Ohio: Rule changes affecting Architects Continuing Education  Must attest to completion prior to renewing  Proof of completion required to reinstate  LEED Certification = 8 HSW CE’s  Exemption and Emeritus forms on website; prior approval required

29 Ohio: Rule changes affecting Architects Late renewal fee increased to 25% Felonies or discipline by another State  Must notify Board within 60 days

30 Ohio: Rule changes affecting Interns No appeal or review of failed ARE divisions Legal titles: “Intern Architect” or “Architectural Intern” Ohio will follow the NCARB changes to IDP and the ARE

31 A Word About Cheating on the ARE What constitutes cheating?  Category 1 – Unauthorized access to devices or materials outside Testing Room  Category 2 – Presence of Unauthorized Devices or materials in the Testing Room  Category 3 – Use of Unauthorized Devices or materials in the Testing Room  Category 4 – Dissemination of ARE Content  Category 5 – Seeking ARE Content

32 Sanctions for Cheating on the ARE NCARB may take or all of these actions:  Issue Warning Letter to candidate  Immediate dismissal from the testing center  Cancellation of score for the division  Suspension of test taking authorization for all divisions for one to five years or longer  Prohibit granting an NCARB Certificate for three years or more after date of initial registration Notification of NCARB’s action sent to Board Board may also take action

33 Contact Us Angela Smith Jones, Esq. Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 317/234-3022 T. Rexford Cecil, AIA Kentucky Board of Architects 859/246-2069 Amy M. Kobe, CAE, Hon AIA Ohio Architects Board 614-466-2316

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