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Taiwan India Cooperation Forum Moving Forward to Unlimited Possibilities Lt Gen (Dr) SP Kochhar CEO, Telecom Sector Skill Council of India 6 June 2014.

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1 Taiwan India Cooperation Forum Moving Forward to Unlimited Possibilities Lt Gen (Dr) SP Kochhar CEO, Telecom Sector Skill Council of India 6 June 2014 | Taipei | Taiwan ROC Explore the Next ICT Frontier with India

2 Hon’ble Chiang Kai-shek and Hon’ble Mahatma Gandhi 2 Historical Connects

3 India as seen by the world today - An Ever Evolving Country! 3

4 India added over 28 million new mobile subscriptions the highest by any country in the first quarter of 2014 Total ICT spending in 2014 for India is expected to reach US$95.47 billion Half of India’s 1.2 Billion people are under the age of 25 which is a dividend for foreign investors looking for an energetic and resourceful workforce 4 INDIA Fastest growing nation in the world 1.2 Billion Population - 2 nd most populous country 2 nd largest labour force in the world with 516.3 million people 5.8% average annual GDP growth rate for the past 20 years 4 th Largest in Purchasing Power globally 22 Official Languages, 800 local languages : 65% Literacy Rate : 53% in Women and 75% in men 300 Million Strong Middle Class

5 World’s Largest Educated English Speaking Youth Base 5 Evolving India! Ever Growing adaptation with latest Mobiles/Smart Phones/Tablets

6 World Class Millennium Cities and shopping Malls 6 Evolving India!

7 Cleanest and Accident Free Tube Service 7 Evolving India! Largest Road Network Globally

8 Largest automobile consuming country – ranging from both high end cars like Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bugati, Benz, Jaguar, Land rover to affordable cars like Tata, Maruti etc 8 Evolving India!

9 9 Asia’s Newest Airport Some of the architecturally fine Buildings Under construction

10 10 Evolving India! World’s largest consumer of Gold World’s largest importer of Rough Diamond World’s largest exporter of finished Diamond

11 We are connected to you through 95% Laptops 93% Motherboards 90% Notebooks 89% Servers 72% LCD Monitors 93% Cable CPE 90% WLAN CPE and many more….. Taiwan Inside! 11 TAIWAN-INDIA

12 Common Culture  Traditions like cutting of the first hair of a New born Baby  Respect for elders and knowledge  Monuments of faith – temples, monasteries  Indigenous goods like Incense Sticks One international food available across India is – Chinese! 12 TAIWAN-INDIA

13 Cooperation Status 2002 : India & Taiwan signed the bilateral investment and Protection Agreement 2007 : India & Taiwan establishment S&T Cooperation Agreement 2011 : India & Taiwan signed Agreements on the Avoidance of Double Taxation 2013 : India & Taiwan signed an agreement on ATA Carnets & Its Protocol 13 TAIWAN-INDIA  Bilateral trade crossed $8 Billion in 2012  Exports from India Growing at 10% and imports from Taiwan growing at 22%  Taiwanese investment in India is over $1.2 Billion  80 Taiwanese companies have presence in India  10,000 Indians employed by Taiwan companies in Tamil Nadu alone  Taiwanese are providing teachers for increasingly popular Chinese languages courses in India  500 Indian Students are studying in Taiwanese Science and Engineering Universities  National Tsing Hua University signed agreement with Amity University to establish Education Center in India to impart Chinese language instructions

14 Major Challenges and Suggestions 14 TAIWAN-INDIA Challenges for Taiwan businessmen  Cultural & Linguistic Gap  Maintain excellent International best practices while doing similar business in India How do we see your products  Excellent Quality  Impressive Functionality  Affordable Price What do our markets need  Preference for high functionality products yet at the same time need for branded goods.  Sensitivity to Cost Our Suggestions  Develop specific products for the Indian market, both in terms of specifications and pricing  Conduct market surveys to develop tailor-made products for specific demographic needs

15 Areas of Possible Cooperation  Small Car production  Alternative energy  PC and Peripherals  3G Mobile Equipments  Education - Virtual Class rooms/Smart Class Rooms/Linguistic Content conversion  Medical Electronics  Machine Tools, Industrial Spare Parts  Food Processing  Green Technology 15 TAIWAN-INDIA

16 ROADMAP & MARKET Electronic Systems and Design Manufacturing in India 16

17 Electronics In India 17

18  Electronics and Telecom Sector Skill Set up  31 ICT and Electronic Academies Schemes under approval  Skill Development for 1 Million Persons  Special Manpower Development Program  Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits & Chip Design for 10,000 Students  15 Electronic Products notified under safety Standards  Allows Self Registration  BIS accredited labs to test goods  Fund to promote Innovation, Intellectual Property and Research & Development  Product commercialization in Electronic Systems Design & Mnfr, Nano-Electronics  Comprises of Funds of size US$20 Million to 100 Million  Government share from 25% to 75% 18 Human Resource Policy Standard Policy Electronic Development Fund Policy

19  Preference in Government Procurement  Procurement will not be less than 30%  Subsidy up to US$10 Million per acres of land applicable for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects  Targeting 200 clusters by 2020  Reimbursement of Countervailing duty/Excise for Capital Equipment  Reimbursement of Central Taxes and duties for 10 years in select units  Incentives available for 10 years from the date of approval 19 Preferential Market Access Incentives

20 20 TSSC

21 21 TSSC About Telecom Sector Skill Council Established in PPP Model with Government, Industry, Academia and Industry Associations as Partners Envisions to skill 200,000 people in India in the Telecom Sector by August 2014 101,000 people currently under Training across India 130 Affiliated Training Partners 130 Affiliated Industry Partners 10 University Partners 4 Affiliated Assessing Partners 2 State Government MoU Partners 2 International Partners for Australia and Africa 24 States across India Skilling in Progress 26 Qualification Packs Developed as National Occupational Standards 4 Government MoU Partners (BBNL, ITI Ltd, NIELET, TCOE) 2 Technology Partner (CISCO, MICROSOFT) Governing Body Members include:  Department of Information Technology, Government of India  Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, Gujarat  National Skill Development Corporation  Bharti Enterprises | Vodafone | Idea | Airtel | Aircell | Reliance  Ericsson India | Alcatel Lucent Technologies | Nokia Siemens Network  Nokia India | Samsung India | Lava International | Karbon Mobile | Gionee Mobile

22 Our Vision and Mission 22 TSSC

23 SkillPedia : End-to-End E-Learning Managing System With Employment Opportunities and Life Cycle Management 23 TSSC

24 TSSC Certification with Tamper Proof QR Code 24 TSSC

25 We are Looking For intelligent IT & Telecom Devices to Deliver Education 25 TSSC

26 Success=Hardware + Software+ Service+ Content Content is the King and we at TSSC Prioritize QUALITY content over everything 26 TSSC

27 Opportunities in India Market Place 27

28 Electronic Industry We understand that the electronics industry has the potential to leapfrog India to next generation of technology adoption and holds immense transformational potential for various industry verticals 28 OPPORTUNITIES ‘Electronics industry’ entails electronic systems design and manufacturing which comprises semiconductor design, high-tech manufacturing, electronic components, EMS, and electronic systems design for consumer electronic products, telecom products and equipments, and IT systems and hardware.

29 29 OPPORTUNITIES India is a price-sensitive market and with unique socio- economic needs, it has a substantial demand for cost- effective and robust products. Products that meet basic requirements at penetration price points can create a market. A water purifier at a price point of less than USD41, a mobile phone at a price less than USD23, a car at a price less than USD2,100, marketed by leading companies, have all met with a huge success. The Market

30 Profile of Human Resources across various Educational Qualifications 30 OPPORTUNITIES

31 Demand and Production Statistics (2014-2020) 31 OPPORTUNITIES

32 Segment-wise Projections of the Electronics Industry 32 OPPORTUNITIES

33 Distribution of Human Resources Indian Electronic & IT Hardware Industry 33 OPPORTUNITIES



36 Encouraging Education, Vocational Training and Skill Development INDIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY GLOBALLY WHICH DISTRIBUTES FREE LAPTOPS, TABLETS & SMART PHONES To Indian Citizens seeking Admission in Government Colleges, undergoing Skills * * Various State Government Initiatives 36 INDIA


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