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Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association Country Report.

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1 Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association Country Report

2 Official name : Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association (TAFA) Date of Establishment : May 8, 1986 Address 874 Ploenchit Road., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Tel : 66 2 254-5780-2 Fax : 66 2 254-5784 E-mail :

3 TAFA Committee 2004-2005 Lately TAFA committee election for period 2004-2005 held on 29 th April 2004. Name list of the committee as of following. ChairmanMr. Keree ChaichanavongTrans Air Cargo Co.,Ltd. Vice ChairmanMr. Chairat PitpisutkulFuture Transport Int’l Co.,Ltd. Vice ChairmanMr. Kaseem JaliyawatwongHarpers Freight Int’l Air Cargo Co.,Ltd. Vice ChairmanMr. Phongsagorn WattanarungsrikajornScanwell Logistics (T) Co.,Ltd. Vice ChairmanMr. Monchai JirakiertivadhanaMass Transport Express Co.,Ltd. Hon.SecretaryMr. Noppadol SombattaveekulPower Freight Int’l Co.,Ltd. Hon.Secretary Asst.Mr. Nuthaweat SantisarunAtlas Transport Co.,Ltd. Hon. TreasurerMrs. Urai ChoothakarnUnion Freight Forwarder Co.,Ltd. Hon. Treasurer Asst.Ms. Wallapa StirachavarnEagles Air & Sea (T) Co.,Ltd. ReceptionMr. Somsak Thong-NgokPro Freight Forwarders Co.,Ltd. DirectorsMr. Winai PooripunyawanichFreight Master Co.,Ltd. Mr. Suradej KijpitakSiam Kargo Logistics Co., Ltd. Mr. Chaiya ThepsonthornPioneer Air Cargo Co.,Ltd. Mr. Veera Lertackakorn Mr. Voratat Tantimongkolsuk Cargo Marketing Int’l Co.,Ltd. CTI Logistics Co.,Ltd. Asso. ManagerMr. Krit SirichanyaTAFA Honorary ChairmanMr. Varin PulsirivongExel (T) Ltd. Honorary AdvisorMr. Kanit SmithivasThai Kargo Kare Co.,Ltd. Honorary AdvisorMr. Amarit PansiriExcel Transport Int’l Co.,Ltd. Honorary AdvisorMr. Pipat RatanatraiphobPioneer Air Cargo Co.,Ltd. Honorary AdvisorMr. Kovit ThanyarattakulMulti Air Services Co.,Ltd. Honorary AdvisorMr. Veera SatchatippavanEGL Eagle Global Logistics (T) Ltd.

4 TAFA Members Current membership registration totally 123 Companies Ordinary Members98 Companies Associate Members25 Companies Being IATA Members IATA 57 Companies Non IATA66 Companies

5 TAFA Training Program There are two requirement courses i.e. Basic Cargo Tariff & DGR. Total number of participants passed the test is 351 persons Course Title & DurationParticipantInstructorCertification Basic Cargo Tariff 2003 From 2-6 June From 25-29 August From 24-28 November 46 persons 47 persons 43 persons Cathay Pacific DGR Course 2003 From 24-27 February From 3-6 March From 16-19 June From 1-4 July From 6-9 October From 27-30 October From 4-7 November 32 persons 35 persons 24 persons 22 persons 35 persons 35 persond Japan Airlines

6 Liability Insurance The total number of participants is totally 35 companies. Default Insurance Program There are 45 Airlines and 67 Agents joining this program.

7 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003

8 Remarks:*a Thailand destination *b Inward transit *cOutward transit *dOriginal Air Waybill issued in Thailand only

9 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003 Remarks:Area 1North & South America Continents Area 2Europe & Africa Continents Including Middle East Area 3Asia & Australia Continents

10 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003 Total Inbound JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal 200116,34518,07918,90816,32716,78917,87017,30116,33217,44618,12317,67817,515208,713 200216,67416,75021,74418,80521,21420,39320,75220,23120,22321,25821,18819,177238,407 200319,62217,98622,4921849619,20919,41519,84119,16520,78923,04221,98922,295244,162 Tons

11 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003 Total Transit (Inbound) JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal 20018,5279,26910,6829,3168,5958,8008,8569,09610,13811,27611,19210,383116,130 20029,6199,14411,29610,91611,25211,48110,80610,66110,90711,98912,26711,161131,499 200310,7739,34012,37911,20310,7489,76210,10010,80311,03212,59612,82012,178133,733

12 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003 Total Transit (Outbound) JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal 20018,6719,05710,6749,3728,6788,8149,0789,1109,97011,43911,09510,690116,648 20029,4789,11711,00811,02611,15711,23411,05110,64411,07711,95112,38511,900132,028 200310,2539,44412,47211,43710,97710,03410,43510,99311,27812,91812,89912,686135,825

13 Bangkok Airport Air Cargo Statistics 2001-2003 Total Outbound JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal 200132,07031,08234,19831,56431,76429,97630,93930,54633,02933,08632,44534,039384,738 200233,51433,76338,20234,67036,88735,31534,16335,26636,65037,98837,52936,596430,544 200335,57333,93039,88533,60234,77033,63932,52332,37033,97037,20936,99037,267421,728

14 Outbound by Destination Bangkok Outbound by IATA Area

15 Bangkok Airport Outbound Air Cargo Accumulated Figures From January-December Area 1

16 Bangkok Airport Outbound Air Cargo Accumulated Figures From January-December Area 2

17 Bangkok Airport Outbound Air Cargo Accumulated Figures From January-December Area 3

18 Suvarnabhumi Airport New Bangkok International Airport Co.,Ltd. The Cabinet has approved the resolution of the Administrative Committee on the Development of Suvannabhumi Project No. Kor Tor Por. 1/2546 dated 30 January B.E.2546 to begin the Airport’s commercial services on :- 29 September 2005

19 Go to Top NBIA will be the lead of agency in the development of Suvarnabhumi Airport to be the center of air transport in Southeast Asia region, with the intention that it will be conducive to national economic growth, and the promotion of quality of lift and environmental of the surrounding urban communities. To construct Suvarnabhumi Airport to reach international standard, in time to serve the increasing demand for air transport, and well primed to continually develop its potential to maintain its competitive edge relative to other airports in the same region, with the investment budget in the master plan as approved by the Cabinet. Suvarnabhumi Airport

20 The Government has set the official opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport for 2005. The new facility is expected to handle as many as 45 million passengers per year and to serve as the new centre of aviation for Southeast Asia. Many people are eager to know how large and modern the new airport will be. And with such interest comes the question, "How and when will the actual transfer from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi take place?" Transferring Thailand’s National Airport From Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi Airport

21 Progress of Works Under the Thai Government's policy, the private sector has been encouraged to invest in various airport business. Cargo Terminal Detail : The area of the airport to west of the passenger Access Road, approximately 1,700 meters by 400 meters,is now designated as a Customs Free Zone. The area will be designed for the movement of international cargo. Domestic cargo airmail terminals will be in adjacent facilities Investment Budget : 4,513.4 million baht Implementation Status : - The concession for Cargo Terminal was awarded to TG in the AAT Board meeting held on 20th February 2002 to ensure that SBIA will have this major supporting facility upon opening date. - Regular co-ordination meetings must be held to ensure that all parties are progressing their works in accordance whit the present Master Schedule.

22 Ground Service Equipment Maintenance Facility Investment Budget : 16,729.40 million baht Implementation Status : Project to be commenced in 2003 Detail : The GSE maintenance facilities will be built to provide maintenance and servicing of the airport’s estimated 2,800 pieces of mobile apron equipment. It is anticipated that three independently operate facilities will be developed and that each of the facilities will include maintenance shops and ancillary support facilities, office facilities, parking and adequate circulation areas.

23 Detail : The express freight terminal was planned to be built to accommodate hub operations by small-package express freight forwarders Investment Budget : 950 million baht Implementation Status : Requirements of express service entrepreneurs on the location of the Express Freight Terminal in consideration. Express Freight Terminal

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