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HS2 & Water Orton Action Group meeting 11/1/2011 at HS2’s Offices at 55 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0EU.

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1 HS2 & Water Orton Action Group meeting 11/1/2011 at HS2’s Offices at 55 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0EU

2 Thank you for the opportunity to meet and have this discussion.
Agenda Thank you for the opportunity to meet and have this discussion. Introductions Purpose of meeting Water Orton’s stance & view Response to questions Conclusions

3 Introductions Water Orton Action Group
Dave Henry ~ Chairman Jenny Deebank ~ Secretary John Warren ~ Vice Chair. Mark Willis ~ Head of Mitigation Dan Byles MP ~ Member of Parliament for North Warwickshire & Bedworth Steve Maxey ~ Assistant Chief Executive and Solicitor to the Council, North Warwickshire Borough Council HS2 Mrs Alison Munro ~ Chief Executive Professor Andrew McNaughton ~ Chief Engineer Mr Peter Miller ~ Head of Environment

4 Purpose of this meeting
Water Orton Action Group to express our views. To discuss responses to questions we have already raised. To find amendments that ease the situation for Water Orton as per the Rt Hon Philip Hammond’s statement.

5 Our general stance on HS2
Over all we disapprove of HS2 We believe There is no financial case. There is no environmental case. There is no substantiation of economic benefit to our region. The proximity of HS2 to the school is unacceptable. The number of people and properties affected is unacceptable. The forthcoming consultation period, does not give us any confidence in the ability to change the proposal. Disappointment in the lack of response from HS2, to the questions raised, so that we could have maximised today’s meeting.

6 Stating the facts The Delta Junction has already been recognised as one of the worst affected areas in the HS2 plans, ref the Rt Hon Philip Hammond’s comment as reported by Mr D.Byles Several weeks ago I invited the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond, to come to North Warwickshire to see for himself the impact HS2 will have on our villages and our countryside. He came and drove the route, and then attended a meeting with myself and a small number of activists and councillors. At that meeting he agreed that in many places the current proposed route will have a significantly higher impact due to the very high viaducts which are proposed to cross the motorways. He agreed to instruct HS2 Ltd to have another look at whether steps can be taken to amend the design so as to minimise the height of these viaducts, and even to potentially tunnel under the motorways in places. No significant changes have been announced to date for the Delta Junction.

7 Stating the facts continued
Noise The ‘DEFRA’ & ‘World Health Organisation’ (Environmental strategy on noise) recommends reducing noise, rather than increasing noise. Any train will generate a level of noise. The faster a train travels, the more noise it makes. The closer to a rail line you are, the louder it is. The higher a rail line is on a viaduct, the more noise it creates, than at ground level or in a cutting. Any surface rail lines (viaducts/surface/cutting) are noisier than tunnelled sections (excluding tunnel entrances).

8 Environmental Noise Regulations
Data published by the Government under the regulations indicates that the long term average noise levels due to traffic noise in Water Orton are already very high.

9 Environmental Noise The average level exceeds 60dB over all of the village The night time level exceeds 55dB over all of the village The World Health Organisation (and other bodies) recommend that the noise levels in private amenity space should not exceed 50 dB with 55 dB as a maximum. Some recommend 40dB for new build. A maximum average level of 45dB outside any bedroom window at night. A maximum of 55dB in any school play ground These levels have been recommended because there is evidence of adverse health effects from long term exposure. There is no spare capacity to add more noise to the local environment.

10 Environmental Noise Stated aims of the Noise Policy Statement for England are:- Avoid significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life from … Mitigate and minimise adverse impacts on health and quality of life … Contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life… We would like to see that the Government’s commitment to this policy taken seriously by designing and routing HS2 so that it does not increase the ambient noise levels and risks to health to residents of the village for now and for the future.

11 Stating the facts continued
Safety School children or anyone gaining access to the rail track are always a risk. This risk is only minimised by fencing and is not eliminated. Anywhere there is a railway, there is a risk of derailment, however small. Any open rail track is subject to objects being dropped onto or thrown at the train & track, particularly bridges or cuttings.

12 Discussion Our unanswered questions.
Our concerns, which have outlined above and documented in "WO questions 14/12/10", in conjunction with the Rt Hon Philip Hammond’s statement on visiting the area in October. In the announcement made 20/12/10 of the amendments made, little has changed with respect to Water Orton and the Delta Junction. Is there anything HS2 & DFT want to declare at this point, that would totally mitigate the issues faced by our area?

13 Discussion of Questions & Answers

14 Conclusion We request written confirmation from HS2 / DFT that Water Orton will be given assurance that the current HS2 proposal will be re-visited. Then suitably agreed amendments can be made to alleviate the current HS2 proposed route from devastating our village.

15 Conclusion Water Orton Delta Junction has three High Speed rail lines. It represents the most significant IMPACT HS2 will have anywhere on the proposed route, devastating our village. Water Orton is already over exposed to the current transport infrastructure. At the very least, based on quotes from the Rt Hon Philip Hammond, changes should be made. If not move it, then tunnelling is a viable option as already suggested by Arup Ltd.

16 Conclusion We request that our questions from today, and our previously presented 10 questions from the NWBC meeting of the 14/12/10,  be dealt with within 20 working days (8/02/11), as stated by HS2 Ltd.

17 We extend an invitation to the principles of HS2 limited to a follow up meeting and visit the Village of Water Orton, to gauge the devastation the current proposal will inflict. Thank you

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