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Museum Entrance Truman (Post WWII Political) Social Eisenhower (Political) Economic Welcome to the Post WWII/ 1950s Virtual Museum Curator’s Offices McCarthyism.

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1 Museum Entrance Truman (Post WWII Political) Social Eisenhower (Political) Economic Welcome to the Post WWII/ 1950s Virtual Museum Curator’s Offices McCarthyism Artifact 22 Artifact 23 Assessment To examine the social, economic, and political developments of Post WWII/ 1950s in order to draw conclusions about the legacy of the 1950s

2 Curator’s Office You & your group will browse through all five rooms of the 1950s Virtual Museum. You will spend about 7 to 8 minutes in each room. In each room, there will be a word found on the floor…. 1.Gather information from the resources that are available in the room to validate & refute the “word on the floor.” As you write the information, you want to think about whether the word is, indeed, appropriate. 2.In addition, you must also offer another word that you feel should either replace the written word or should also be added to the floor. Gather information for support. Make sure to Stick with the resources that are available in the museum only! It is important to stay within the constraints of the museum. Please do not go anywhere that you are not supposed to such as accessing resources outside of the museum. After all you don’t want one of those “annoying chaperones” assigned to keep an extra eye out on your group… do you? ) Enjoy the museum! Welcome to the Post World War II &1950s Virtual Museum. This Museum was graciously funded by Hoefler Enterprises. No money!… Just a lot of Time! Return to Entry

3 Room 1 Return to Entry Artifact 1 Artifact 4 Artifact 2 Post WWII Truman (Political Domestic) Artifact 3 Unpopular

4 Room 2 Return to Entry Artifact 5 Artifact 8 Artifact 6 Post WWII &1950s Social Artifact 7 Artifact 21 Don’t forget about two additional artifacts found in the main hall of the museum. Conformity

5 Room 3 Return to Entry Artifact 9 Artifact 12 Artifact 10 Post WWII & 1950s Economic Artifact 11 Prosperity

6 Room 4 Return to Entry Artifact 13 Artifact 16 Artifact 14 Eisenhower (Domestic Political) Artifact 15 Mediocre

7 Room 5 Return to Entry Artifact 17 Artifact 20 Artifact 18 McCarthyism (2 nd Red Scare) Artifact 19 Hysteria

8 Linked citation goes here ories_events_truman.html presidents/harry- truman/videos/truman-supports- civil-rights php?flash=true&doc=84 Return to Exhibit Truman & Civil Rights

9 Linked citation goes here earch/americanhistory/ap_trumand ewey.php ates-Rights-Party.html Return to Exhibit 1948 Election

10 Linked citation goes here odern/jb_modern_fairdeal_1.html ghlight/Detail/36450 man/essays/biography/4 http://www- k/L-Fair%20Deal.htm Return to Exhibit The Fair Deal

11 Linked citation goes here carthur.html content/uploads/2011/09/info-presapp0605- truman.gif umanLow.png relieves-macarthur-of-duties-in-korea rsus.html Return to Exhibit Truman vs. MacArthur

12 Linked citation goes here ger/294%20Course%20Pack/x10. %20Civil%20Rights/129.pdf p/books/sat2/history/chapter19secti on5.rhtml Return to Exhibit Levittown

13 Linked citation goes here i2011/tiki- read_article.php?articleId=29 workexamples/mea.html#http://ww ea.html#1 ualizations/051/ Return to Exhibit Migration Trends

14 Linked citation goes here nostalgia-from-the-1950s-part-2/ nostalgia-from-1950s-part-1/ 4wKlth2yTF8 Return to Exhibit Television

15 Linked citation goes here gs-flowcharts/the-world-since- 1945/the-post-war-world-1945- 60/fc142 1ham3ljTPmk Return to Exhibit Conformity vs. Anti-conformity

16 Linked citation goes here history/topics/baby-boom/ baby-boomer-generation-fast-facts/ 0/20/thanks-a-lot-for-the- disastrous-economic-legacy-baby- boomers/ Return to Exhibit Baby Boom

17 Linked citation goes here ule_files/consumerdebt.jpg experience/features/general- article/tupperware-consumer/ s/archive/2012/04/how-america- spends-money-100-years-in-the- life-of-the-family-budget/255475/ Return to Exhibit Consumer Economy

18 Linked citation goes here m/archives/america-1950-vs- america-2012 subjects/history/us-history- ii/america-in-the-fifties/the-affluent- society Return to Exhibit Affluent Society

19 Linked citation goes here mary%20source%20collections/Civ il%20Rights/Other_America.htm icle/50-years-later-poverty-and-the- other-america t-presidents- bookshelf/2012/01/04/3667 Return to Exhibit The Other America

20 Linked citation goes here VqA ections/Maps/1952%20Electoral%20Map.png adams/photos/23715/Election%201956.png upSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/umlh6wgqb 0kfbuy9mubttg.gif Return to Exhibit I Like Ike! (1952 & 1956 Presidential Election)

21 Linked citation goes here php?flash=true&doc=88 http://transportation.nationaljournal. com/2011/06/after-55-years-where- are-we-on.php Return to Exhibit Interstate Ike

22 Linked citation goes here enhower/essays/biography/4 presidents/dwight-d-eisenhower anger/5accompX.htm anger/5accomp2X.htm Return to Exhibit Moderate Ike

23 Linked citation goes here http://mlk- clopedia/encyclopedia/enc_little_ro ck_school_desegregation_1957/ rock-crisis-1957 ticles/2007/11/21/an_inside_look_a t_eisenhowers_civil_rights_record/ e.rock/ Return to Exhibit Little Rock Ike

24 Linked citation goes here Hollywood Ten: ncRcLQ8o http://www.u-s- Hiss Trial: day-in-history/alger-hiss-convicted-of- perjury day-in-history/alger-hiss-convicted-of- perjury Rosenberg Trial: eRosenbergTrial.asp eRosenbergTrial.asp Return to Exhibit Hollywood Ten, Hiss & Rosenberg Trials

25 Linked citation goes here. phmccarthy.asp phmccarthy.asp VjA blakehs/staff/wagnerm/NetInv/mccarthytimeline.htm Return to Exhibit Joseph McCarthy

26 Linked citation goes here 29329/Communist-Party-of-the-United- States-of-America-CPUSA qyk 1952/national-security-act history/truman-orders-loyalty-checks-of- federal-employees Return to Exhibit Dealing with Communist Hysteria

27 Linked citation goes here W8lMtA http://mlk- /encyclopedia/enc_national_committee_for _a_sane_nuclear_policy_sane/ http://www.u-s- allupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/aup4z0 lakeyanuulbc8beg.gif Return to Exhibit Nuclear Anxiety

28 Linked citation goes here 1073400121 0 orkforce_slides.pdf Return to Exhibit Women & Child Rearing

29 Linked citation goes here Mb2o2mUn-Zo GI_Bill.aspx minginthe40s/life_20.html upinc/GallupSpaces/Production/C ms/POLL/yt06xouaue- io_zl9t_atw.png Return to Entrance GI Bill of Rights

30 Linked citation goes here vis-presley-9446466#death-and- legacy sGZm7EOamWk Return to Entrance Thank you…Thank you very much! (w/ Elvis Lip Curl)

31 Linked citation goes here Provide a nickname for the 1950s. Which one word or small phrase best recapitulates the legacy of the Post World War II/ 1950s? Provide context. Provide one ECONOMIC historical evidence for support. Provide one POLITICAL historical evidence for support. Provide one SOCIAL historical evidence for support. In addition, provide one piece of historical evidence (social, political, economic) that could be ARGUED AGAINST your word/ small phrase. Return to Exhibit What is the Legacy of the Post WWII/ 1950s?

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