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2 What is a Political Party?
A group of individuals outside of government who organize to win elections, to operate the government, and determine public policy.

3 The Three Dimensions of Political Parties
The Party in the Electorate: eligible voters who describe themselves as members of a political party. 2. The Party Organization: national, state, local. 3. The Party in the Government: all candidates who have won elections.

4 What Political Parties Do:
Select Candidates Inform and inspire the Public Coordinate Policy Making Balance Interests within the Party Serve as the ‘loyal opposition’ Run Campaigns Raise Money

5 The Two Party System Historically, two major political parties have dominated national politics, due to single-member districts, winner-take all elections and consensus on major issues. Currently, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party dominate politics. Third Parties: political parties that develop when people believe certain needs and values are not being addressed properly by the major parties.

6 The Two Party System Minor parties in American politics
Constitution Party America First Party Reform Party Green Party Socialist Party Communist Party


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