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3 “Led By Fools” arrogant ignorantinsane idiotic How the Australian nation is being relentlessly led to social disaster by supremely arrogant people who are either ignorant*, insane* or just plain idiotic*. *these are NOT ‘insults’. DELIBERATELY Each word is DELIBERATELY CHOSEN, and WILL yet be proved over coming months. Click for next Example II

4 “Led By Fools” Click for next Instead of learning from the disasters being caused by insanely idiotic governments of other nations, Australia’s political leaders are determinedly following the EXACT same course and the same Socialist thinking that is currently bringing huge trauma and social disaster to nations elsewhere in the world. Reality

5 “Led By Fools” In this way they are, and have been for decades. relentlessly, deliberately and treasonously destroying all that was fantastic about our Australian Way of Life and our nation’s future well-being. EASILYPROVABLE FACT ! Click for next

6 Is Australia a nation led by too many arrogant, ignorant, immoral, self-serving fools? Consider what follows, and then, …. draw your own conclusions…. [ And remember, this is just ONE of MANY examples ] Click for next

7 “Led By Fools” Example II

8 Ireland’s Agony

9 Just 10 years ago, 90% of Ireland’s population were direct descendents of Europeans from more than 10,000 years ago. Click for next

10 In just 10 years, 20 percent of Ireland’s population…...

11 …are EVERYthing BUT Irish.

12 This is what Dublin looks like today:










22 It is well-known that African and Muslim immigrants breed at a far higher rate than the original population of their host nations. Click for next

23 It is also well-known that population growth for such immigrant groups is invariably exponential. Click for next

24 Use your imagination to understand what Ireland will look like in just another ten years time – Click for next

25 when today’s true Irish children will be an adult minority in their own country, Click for next

26 under the control of ‘foreigners’. Click for next

27 …and facing a life of poverty and deprivation as is experienced by the majority of those living in….. Click for next


29 where, once upon a time as in Ireland, living was also safe, progressive and, Click for next

30 worthwhile…..

31 but no more…..

32 Progressive,

33 but no more….. Click for Next

34 The Socialist-thinking Irish government had insisted that immigration and multiculturism would be good for the nation and good for the economy. Click for next

35 That government enforced its immigration and multiculturism insanity on the nation. Click for next

36 They were delusional liars. Click for next

37 Lying and self-delusion are fundamental characteristics of Socialist-thinking. Click for next

38 Ireland’s terrible truth has now become inarguable. Click for next



41 And, even worse……...

42 Click for next


44 Ireland’s economy has collapsed…

45 …as a result of its insane government’s excessive, socialist-style, borrowing and spending. Click for next

46 500,000 people have now lost their jobs.

47 Unemployment benefits, Pensions and superannuation funds are under threat…. Click for next

48 ….and this is just the beginning of the financial implosion, Click for next

49 that ALWAYS happens when Socialists have control for some time. Click for next

50 In Ireland The Greens were part of the now-collapsed government.

51 Ireland has become yet another nation destroyed...

52 ….by Socialism.

53 The Irish are now enslaved in debt for many decades to come.

54 Countless savings and investments obliterated.

55 And, because of insane immigration policies, Irish nationals have lost their homeland, their heritage, their sovereign independence, Click for next

56 and their democratic freedom destroyed Click for next

57 only because they ignorantly voted for Socialists

58 who have now suggested a solution to the problems they created. Click for next

59 Irish people should leave Ireland … Click for next

60 Here is a question for YOU:


62 Has been…..


64 AUSTRALIA’S (Socialist) LABOR GOVERNMENT ACTIVITY RESULT AMOUNTVALUE This serves to exemplify the unbelievable waste - the list is NOT complete. When all states are added, the waste is vastly greater. ‘Pink Batts’ fiasco wasted 8.00billion ”Education Revolution” fiasco wasted 5.00billion Mismanaged laptops in Schools wasted 2.40billion Consultancies contracts (NSW Labor) wasted 1.30billion Stimulus Advertising program cancelled wasted 300.00million Climate Change advertising wasted 50.00million Implement an ETS that never was wasted 81.90million Advance Kevin Rudd’s career (UN Security Council Bid ) wasted 35.00million 2020 Summit great big talk-fest wasted 2.00million Tax Bonus Payments with money sent to people overseas, criminals and dead people wasted 46.00million Money spent on Indigenous Housing before 1 house completed wasted 45.00million Cancelled website for GROCERY choice – grocery prices increased wasted 8.00million Fuel Watch – petrol prices went up wasted $$millions?? Solar Homes Program - less than half delivered blow-out 1.20billion Green Loans program cancelled blow-out 850.00million Wet and Wild Theme park to be built in NSW by a bankrupt NSW Government extravagance 80.00million Record spending last year(NSW alone) legal fees 555.00million Henry Tax Review no meaningful result wasted 10.00million Questionable Broadband Network with ‘secret’ business plan! unknown 43.00billion Final Total Wasted BILLIONS $20BILLION Click for next WASTED: TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS

65 Many Australians are now saying

66 “No More Labor”

67 and are thinking of voting for

68 The Greens Party,

69 not realising that

70 The Greens Party

71 The Greens Party are EXTREME socialists. Click for next

72 The ghosts of the great minds of human history WARN us…

73 “If a nation expects to be ignorant and yet stay progressive and free, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson - 1790 Click for next

74 Australia’s current government embraces exactly the same Socialist thinking that has destroyed Ireland. Click for next

75 Massive borrowing…. $150 MILLION A DAY!

76 Out-of-control immigration

77 Enforced multiculturism.

78 Arrogantly unwilling to learn from Ireland’s Agony,

79 the Australian Government is STILL persisting with…

80 its relentlessly insane, nation-destroying, Socialist thinking. Click for next

81 There is only ONE WAY this insanity can be stopped.

82 Will YOU stand with millions of other True Australians to prevent Ireland’s agony from being Australia’s agony? Click for next

83 Think carefully.

84 Think responsibly.

85 YOUR future is at stake.

86 A majority of Irish people ignored or scoffed at suggestions that their country was headed for serious trouble. Click for next

87 This is exactly what MOST Australians have been doing.

88 Click for next What about YOU? But that’s changing – because they are feeling the harsh financial reality of rocketing water, power, petrol and food bills.

89 If you now realise how serious these issues are, not just for all Australians, but for YOU PERSONALLY……. ……make a decision to stand with us NOW. Click for next For more information and also to send us an e-mail, CLICK HERE CLICK HERE

90 Most of the data relating to Ireland – including pictures – was sourced from the video. This presentation was inspired by a remarkable Irish-produced video detailing that nation’s current social trauma. Click for next Acknowledgement If you have the time, the video is well worth seeing…at

91 Most of the financial data used in this presentation was obtained from: Click for next Acknowledgement Money-wasted-by-Labor.

92 Click for next Acknowledgement The video makes no mention of the exact parallels between Ireland’s last ten years and what IS happening in Australia today. Which is why this PowerPoint was produced, so that everyone here can better understand what our own near future will be….. …unless all true Australians VERY QUICKLY stand together AS ONE to bring about change.

93 Click for next Ireland’s current agony is a perfect example of how we are now rapidly losing the Australia we inherited. Unless action is taken very soon, Australia as we know it will totally disappear. The ONLY, non-political, non-violent, legal and EFFECTIVE action group of True Australians, specifically established to rescue and protect the fantastic Australia we inherited is….

94 OzUnited

95 OzUnited Join us for free and (at last) become…. part of the ONLY effective solution. Click for next

96 This Public Awareness PowerPoint is one of many created by Peter Forde, a writer, social researcher and private citizen It was created and freely distributed for one reason ONLY: a deep concern for Australia’s near future, with no affiliation or connection to any political party or movement. Click for next

97 and a proper understanding of the reality that Australia’s near-future well-being is balancing…. RIGHT NOW on a knife-edge of disaster SOCIALIST- MADE Click for next

98 If you genuinely love your children and if you truly love our Australian Way Of Life, you will MAKE the time to pay serious attention to these vitally- important “above-politics” matters. Click for next

99 You can obtain other PowerPoints in this series for free at….. Click for next

100 Therefore…. For Australia’s sake, please onforward this everywhere possible..…. SOCIALISM. We are now rapidly losing Australia because most Australians do not understand what is being done to us by

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