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Traditional International Relations analyses are just the tip of the iceberg.

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2 Traditional International Relations analyses are just the tip of the iceberg

3 Feminist analyses create a stronger, more-inclusive basis for understanding and explaining order and justice

4 Lenses foreground some things while backgrounding others Realist lenses foreground interstate conflict Liberal lenses foreground interstate cooperation Neo-Marxist lenses foreground class inequalities

5 Gender-sensitive lenses highlight a variety of relations of domination in world politics

6 “Gender” is not the same as “Sex”


8 Asks “Where are the women?” YouTube video of news coverage

9 Important Terms Ontology What exists Epistemology How we know things Methodology How we find out what we want to know

10 Post- Structuralist Rationalist Standpoint Feminist IR scholarship involves 3 major approaches

11 Post- Structuralist Rationalist Standpoint Sees causal connections between gender and state action Emphasizes that changing practices of socialization may be the key to emancipation Starts research from women’s lives to create less biased/distorted knowledge

12 3 “Waves” of Feminism

13 Anarchy

14 Women can advance through legal and social changes Gender roles are equivalent to biological sex Women are constrained by masculine models

15 Treated as property by Saurman who promises her to Wormtongue Rejects Aragorn’s statement that she is merely a women and “her part is in the house”

16 Anarchy

17 Constructivist Ontology Hierarchical gender relations are not natural, and are created through social constructions of masculinity and femininity

18 Standpoint Epistemology Starting from the experiences of those at the “bottom rungs of society” may tell us more about the world of International Relations

19 Post-Structuralists Addressing the “double burden” of reproductive and productive labor for women may be the key to broader social change

20 The “reproductive economy” supports and gives a free ride to actors in the “productive economy” Socialist Feminism

21 Illustrates socialist feminism’s argument that sexism is inextricably linked to problems of class Lobelia Sackville- Baggins

22 Radical Feminism Challenging systems of patriarchy and calling for a radical reordering of society

23 Anarchy

24 Postcolonial Feminism Women’s perspectives and concerns vary – there is no “universal” or exhaustive set of experiences

25 Dis, the Dwarf Princess The experiences of Dwarf women are very different than for women of other races in Middle Earth

26 Postmodern Feminism Gender is constructed through language, and is not always constructed in the same way

27 Galadriel Cannot advise the Fellowship what to do, but can clarify their opinions to help them make their own decisions

28 Traditional IR is just the tip of the iceberg in explaining and understanding international relations

29 Objective knowledge is not possible The privileged are licensed to think for everyone, so long as they do so “objectively”

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