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Benito Mussolini Chapter 16 – Section 3.

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1 Benito Mussolini Chapter 16 – Section 3

2 Do Now: Friday 4/5/13 Take out “Ripple Effect” worksheet from yesterday – we will discuss it Have Mussolini HW on desk – I’ll be checking it!

3 Mussolini’s Rise to Power
son of a Socialist blacksmith & a teacher. socialist in his youth rejected socialism after the war & replaced it with Nationalism 1919: organized veterans and other discontented Italians into the Fascist party. In Rome they symbolized unity and authority Mussolini was a fiery and charismatic speaker set on ending corruption and replacing turmoil with order.

4 Mussolini Gains Control
supporters were organized into “combat squads” The Black Shirts goal of the Black Shirts: rejected the democratic processes in favor of violent action. March on Rome: Mussolini marched his men to Rome demanding the removal of the government Fascist Government goal: crush communism & lower unemployment Fearing civil war, King Victor Emmanuel III asked Mussolini to become Prime Minister Named 27th Prime Minister Rumor  Violent overthrow Reality  King Emmanuel allowed it

5 Il Duce’s Power 1925: assumed more power & took the title Il Duce meaning “The Leader” Suppressed rival parties, muzzled the press, rigged elections, & replaced elected officials with Fascist supporters Fascist Vatican City: Mussolini recognized Vatican City as an independent state Critics of the dictatorship were exiled, executed, thrown into prison Secret police and propaganda All political parties outlawed – except FASCIST Totalitarian State

6 Mussolini: Italy's Nightmare

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