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2 europe Rise of dictators: Economic crisis and uncertainties following WWI led to a rise in dictatorships. Nationalism from before WWI was still present.

3 People fearful and weary of violence tended to support a strong, powerful leader. Benito Mussolini will gain power in Italy.


5 This led to a rise of dictators in Europe
Economic crisis Nationalism People fear uncertainty All of the above

6 Mussolini was a Fascist –
Believed the nation was more important than the individual Nations became great by expanding territory and building up military Strongly supported property rights and the middle class

7 The Fascist militia were known as the Blackshirts
The Fascist militia were known as the Blackshirts. Mussolini pledged to return Italy to the glories of the Roman Empire.

8 One thing that attracted people to Mussolini was
He was a kind grandfather figure He promised to make Italy great again He was well educated He threw great parties

9 1917 – the Bolshevik Party, led by Vladimir Lenin, established Communism in Russia. They renamed Russia and its territories the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

10 The Communists renamed Russia
The Russian Republic The Soviet Russian Republic The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics None of the above


12 Communists have a one-party system where the government owns and controls private property and industries. Individual liberties are suppressed – Joseph Stalin became dictator.


14 Communism is different from our system in the u.s. because
It only allows for one political party The government owns all property Individual liberties are suppressed All of the above

15 Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany at a time when the economy had collapsed, Germany was not allowed to have a military, and the nation had been humiliated after WWI. They were looking for a strong leader.

16 Hitler came to power when
Germany was still fighting World War I Germany was a strong nation Germany’s economy had collapsed He assassinated the German leader

17 Hitler joined a group called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party – Nazis – Hitler was part of a plan to march on Berlin. The plan failed and he was arrested.

18 While in prison, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf
While in prison, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf. In this book he calls for the unification of Germany. He claimed that blond, blue-eyed Germans belonged to a “master race” called Aryans.


20 He called for Germany to expand its territory into Poland and Russia
He called for Germany to expand its territory into Poland and Russia. He believed that Jews were responsible for many of the world’s problems. By 1932 – Nazis were the largest political party in Germany’s Reichstag.

21 1933 – Hitler was appointed Chancellor
1933 – Hitler was appointed Chancellor. After taking office, he called for new elections, then ordered a crack down on socialist and communist parties – Hitler became President, which gave him control of the army.

22 He gave himself the title of “fuhrer” and began rebuilding Germany’s military.


24 Hitler built up germany by
Blaming the nation’s problems on the Jews Building youth organizations to gain the support of young people Appointing himself “fuhrer” so he could control the army All of the above

25 JAPAN Japan’s political system was undermined by the worldwide economic crisis. Japanese military leaders blamed their problems on corrupt politicians. They believed that democracy was “unJapanese”. They wanted to expand their territory.

26 1931 – Japanese army invaded Manchuria
1931 – Japanese army invaded Manchuria. Their Prime Minister was assassinated while trying to negotiate peace terms. The Japanese military was now in charge.

27 When the japanese prime minister was assassinated, this group was in charge
The Japanese congress Japanese local leaders The Japanese Assistant Prime Minister The Japanese military


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