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Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

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1 Texas Real Estate Exam Prep
State Portion Only

2 Test Exam tips Be prepared! Study for about 45 to 60 minutes at a time and then take a break! Concentration tends to fade after an hour of study. Use new terms often with colleagues, recite what you read, this will help reinforce new concepts. Take notes on items that you study, writing it down helps with retention. Get a good nights rest before your exam!

3 State Exam Expectations
Salesperson exam will have 30 questions You must answer 21 correct in order to receive a passing scores. You will have 45 minutes to take the state section while at the testing center. The following questions will test your knowledge in, commission, licensing, conduct, agency, contracts and a special topic. Test questions come directly from a free online resources to help you study.

4 Commission Who can pay money to a licensed salesperson to perform sales activities for a house a broker has listed for sale? A) The seller under the listing. B) Any licensed broker involved in the transaction. C) The salesperson's sponsoring broker and no one else. D) The related entities in the sale, the title company, or the mortgage company.

5 licensing When the association of a salesperson with the sponsoring broker is terminated, the broker MUST A) Immediately return the salesperson's license to the commission. B) Return the salesperson's license to the Commission within 10 days. C) return the salesperson's license to the Commission within 30 days. D) have the salesperson apply for an inactive license.

6 Conduct As a marketing promotion, a real estate salesperson offers property for sale by lottery. This practice is A) Lawful since the adoption of the Texas State Lottery. B) Prohibited unless authorized by the owner in writing. C) Grounds for suspension or revocation of license. D) Lawful if a real estate lottery license has been issued.

7 agency When MUST an existing agency relationship be disclosed to another party to a proposed transaction? A) During a substantive discussion. B) Before submitting an offer. C) At no time during negotiations. D) At the time of licensee's first contact.

8 contracts A single woman dies intestate. In regards to her surviving heirs, her property will A) Escheat to the State of Texas. B) Be distributed according to her will. C) Go to her parents, if they have survived her. D) Be distributed according to the law of descent and distribution.

9 Special topic Absent an agreement, spouse's rental income from separate property is A) Community property. B) That spouse's separate property. C) Not subject to reimbursement by the other spouse on divorce. D) Not income to the community.

10 Review One question was given in each category listed below:
Commission * Licensing * Conduct Agency * Contracts * Special Topic The quiz gives you a general idea of the type of questions you will likely see on the state exam. It also indicates areas to focus on more intensively than others based on your performance. Click Image below for more example questions from PSI Exams:

11 Resources The Texas Real Estate Commission has detailed information regarding all standards for licensure click the image below to view their website:

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