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North Allegheny School District Student Activity Funds- Secondary Schools Update September 4, 2003.

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1 North Allegheny School District Student Activity Funds- Secondary Schools Update September 4, 2003

2 The Law Activity Funds are not the property of the School District. Funds are the property of the respective class, organization, club, society or group. Monies can not be expended from these funds without the express permission of the students. Loans are prohibited Remaining fund monies of inactive accounts must be distributed at the end of the year and not carried over into the following year.

3 The Law-Continued Funds that do not involve student activities must be separated and not commingled in the funds. These funds are considered School General Fund monies and should be handled accordingly. Student Officer authorizations and approvals should be included for all transactions. An annual record must be kept on file that includes: Faculty Advisor Date of Inception Purpose of Activity Student Officers Minutes must be maintained for all meetings

4 Building To Do List Identification and elimination of non-student related accounts Identification of Student Activity accounts but no officers Obtain Officers for each of these accounts Identification of Accounts that are solely Student related but not related to a specific activity

5 Building To Do List Elimination of Negative Account Balances Elimination of Inactive Accounts Allocation of Interest-with approval of plan from CAO

6 How to Start? Listing of all Activities Purpose # of Students involved Name of Faculty Advisors and Student Officers

7 Non Student Accounts What do we do with our coffee, retiree, flower, gift account? You may still have these accounts, but they are not Student Activity Accounts and not part of the General Fund. We suggest contacting the Business Office to authorize the creation of an additional account if necessary. What happens to the Lost Book and Parking Fee accounts? The Lost Book account is a fund for Students who lose their books. Since the General Fund pays for text and library books, this account should be transferred to the General Fund. Parking fees should also be transferred to the General Fund.

8 Funds Transferred to the General Fund Should we send a deposit to the General Fund each time we receive money from a student for lost books or parking fees? No, you may transfer the money to the General Fund once a quarter or two times a year as long as the amount is not large. All balances must be transferred before the end of the school year.

9 Student Body Account What do we do with field trips? This account can remain in Student Activities under the Student Body Activity Accounts. Where do we account for book sox and lock sales to the students? These accounts can remain in the student activity accounts as a Student Body Account if the account is used strictly for the purchase and sale of these items with no profit.

10 Principal’s Account-What is the PASBO Guide Talking About? What is the Principal’s Account? This used to be an account that the Principal had discretion over the use of funds. This account is no longer allowed in the Student Activity Accounts. In the Student Activity Guide it is suggested that the Student Body Activity Account take the place of the Principal’s Account. What this means that the Principal can no longer have an account that does not have student involvement. This new account can have various different items in the account, however, the Principal and the Building Administration cannot make unilateral decisions on the spending of the money without student representation. In other words the Principal no longer can have accounts in the Student Activity Funds to use for Building needs.

11 Interest Allocation How do we allocate our Interest? You can allocate your interest one of two ways: Allocate to each activity based on average amount of yearly balances. Or you may use another allocation method if appropriate. Meet with all your Student Activity Funds to discuss the assignment of the money to one particular club, usually the Student Government Account. Please send your plan to CAO for approval

12 Quickbooks How do I know the balance in my accounts? Each Building Secretary/Bookkeeper can run a report in the Quick Books Accounting System that shows the balances. In addition, a separate report can be created to display all transactions in a particular account. How do we eliminate inactive accounts? Please accumulate all of your inactive account balances and combine the amounts. If the amount is not large in nature transfer the balance to your Student Government Account. If the balance is substantial please call the Financial Services Department for a recommendation.

13 Reporting Monthly Reporting Comply with monthly standardization of reporting to the Building Principals Monthly review of accounts by Principals Comply with monthly standardization of reporting to the faculty advisors Comply with monthly standardization of reporting to the Business Office Quarterly reporting to the Superintendent-to be defined

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