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Overview of Belize’s Marine Protected Areas Nadia Bood MAR Reef Scientist World Wildlife Fund.

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1 Overview of Belize’s Marine Protected Areas Nadia Bood MAR Reef Scientist World Wildlife Fund

2 -Belize has 26.22% of national territory protected. -36.46% terrestrial realm protected. - 13.64% marine realm protected. Source: BERDS

3 Marine Protected Areas: - 18 total - Include: Marine reserves National parks Natural monuments Wildlife sanctuaries SPAGs Source: BERDS

4 Name MPA TypeStatus Corozal Bay Wildlife SanctuaryInactive Bacalar Chico* Marine Reserve and National ParkActive Hol Chan Marine ReserveActive Caye Caulker Marine and Forest ReserveActive Swallow Caye Wildlife SanctuaryActive South Water Caye* Marine ReserveActive Laughing Bird* National ParkActive Gladden Split & Silk Cayes Marine ReserveActive Port Honduras Marine ReserveActive Sapadillo Cayes* Marine ReserveActive Half Moon Caye* Natural MonumentActive Blue Hole* Natural MonumentActive Glover's Reef* Marine ReserveActive Dog Flea SPAGActive Caye Bokel SPAGActive Sandbore SPAGInactive South Point SPAGInactive Caye GlorySPAGInactive >75%

5 MPA NameManagement TypeManagement Agency Corozal BayInactiveNone Bacalar Chico*GovernmentFisheries & Forestry Hol ChanQuasi-governmentFisheries & HC Trust Fund Caye CaulkerCo-managementFisheries, Forestry & FAMRACC Swallow CayeCo-managementForestry & Friends of S. Caye South Water Caye*GovernmentFisheries Laughing Bird*Co-managementForestry & Friends of Nature Gladden Split & Silk CayesCo-managementFisheries & Friends of Nature Port HondurasCo-managementFisheries & TIDE Sapadillo Cayes*Co-managementFisheries & TASTE Half Moon Caye*Co-managementForestry & BAS Blue Hole*Co-managementForestry & BAS Glover's Reef*GovernmentFisheries Dog FleaCo-managementFisheries & UB Caye BokelCo-managementFisheries & UB SandboreInactiveNone South PointInactiveNone Caye GloryInactiveNone

6 MPA Name Estimated Current Annual Management Costs ($BZ/yr) Corozal BayNo active management Bacalar Chico200,000 Hol Chan600,000 Caye Cualker200,000 Swallow Caye? South Water Caye200,000 Laughing Bird420,000 Gladden Split & Silk Cayes580,000 Port Honduras350,000 Sapadillo Cayes200,000 Half Moon Caye300,000 Blue Hole150,000 Glover's Reef200,000 Dog Flea? Caye Bokel? SandboreNo active management Caye GloryNo active management

7 MPA Name Current Visitation (#/yr) DomesticForeign Corozal Bay?? Bacalar Chico?2,700 Hol Chan4,493***51,332*** Caye Cualker98816,211** Swallow Caye?? South Water Caye?? Laughing Bird1,000*9,000* Gladden Split & Silk Cayes2,500**6,000 Port Honduras5001,000 Sapadillo Cayes1,000*2,336 Half Moon Caye2009,000* Blue Hole2008,500 Glover's Reef ?>4,281 Dog Flea?? Caye Bokel?? Sandbore?? South Point?? Caye Glory??

8 MPA Name Fee Level ($BZ/day) DomesticForeign Corozal BayNone Bacalar ChicoNone10 (30/wk) Hol ChanNone20 Caye CualkerNone10 Swallow CayeNone10 South Water CayeNone10 Laughing Bird1020 Gladden Split & Silk CayesNone20 (60 w shark zone) Port HondurasNone10 Sapadillo CayesNone20 Half Moon Caye2.520 Blue HoleNone60 Glover's ReefNone10 Dog FleaNone Caye BokelNone SandboreNone South PointNone Caye GloryNone

9 MPA Name Revenue Generated ($BZ/yr) 2003200420052006 Corozal Bay 00 0 0 Bacalar Chico 00 0 41,160* Hol Chan494,526661,558897,326 ? Caye Cualker 00 0 162,110* Swallow Caye ? ? South Water Caye0 0 0 43,870 Laughing Bird ?? ? ? Gladden Split & Silk Cayes ?? ? ? Port Honduras 00 5,00035,000 Sapadillo Cayes00046,710 Half Moon Caye ?? ? ? Blue Hole ?? ? ? Glover's Reef 00 0>42,810 Dog Flea 00 0 0 Caye Bokel 0000 Sandbore0 0 0 0 South Point00 0 0 Caye Glory0 0 00

10 MPA Name Main Funding Sources Corozal BayMBRS?? Bacalar ChicoUser Fees; GoB; PACT; TNC; MBRS Hol ChanUser Fees Caye CualkerUser Fees; GoB; PACT; MBRS Swallow CayeUser Fees; PACT; UNDP/GEF South Water CayeUser Fees; GoB; PACT; TNC; MBRS Laughing BirdUser Fees; PACT; WWF;TNC; OAK; UNDP/GEF Gladden Split & Silk Cayes User Fees; PACT; WWF;TNC; MBRS; OAK; UNDP/GEF Port HondurasUser Fees; TNC; MBRS; OAK; Summit; UNDP/GEF Sapadillo CayesUser Fees; GoB; PACT (2005); TNC; MBRS; UNDP/GEF Half Moon CayeUser Fees; PACT; TNC; MBRS; OAK; Summit (past); UNDP/GEF Blue HoleUser Fees Glover's ReefUser Fees; GoB; WCS; MBRS Dog Flea OAK Caye Bokel OAK SandboreNone Caye GloryNone


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