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World Pass Unit 2 Technology.

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1 World Pass Unit 2 Technology

2 1 Vocabulary Focus A distract (v): to make someone stop giving their attention to something foster (v): to encourage a particular feeling, situation, or idea to develop

3 1A Advantages of sending IMs speeds up decision-making saves time
fosters communication makes it easier to stay in touch

4 Disadvantages of sending IMs
adds stress to the workplace distracts from regular work

5 1 Vocabulary Focus B information overload (np): having too much information to absorb interaction (n): contact recipe for disaster (np): will likely cause something bad to happen chained (adj): to be fasten by someone or something

6 multitasking (n): doing more than one thing at once
impersonal (adj): distant promote (v): encourage sedentary (adj): inactive dependence (n): reliance liberating (adj): freeing

7 1C doing more than one thing at once: __________
encourages: __________ having too much information to absorb: _____________________ reliance on: ___________ multitasking promotes information overload dependence

8 inactive: __________ contact: ___________ freeing: __________ distant: ___________ will likely cause something bad to happen: __________________ sedentary interaction liberating impersonal recipe for disaster

9 1 Vocabulary Focus D cure for (np): a solution to a problem
dealing with (np): activities involving other people, especially in business

10 1D Vocabulary Builder – B What is the cure for / to “technostress?”
I haven’t had any dealings for / with their IT Department. Our dependence on / with technology is not always good.

11 2 Listening A blackout (n): a time when all lights must be hidden by law, or when there is no light or power because of an electricity failure

12 2A 1 2 This is a daytime / evening report on radio / TV about a blackout / storm that happened in the summer / winter.

13 2B Cause: one piece of broken equipment record-breaking heat looting

14 2C houses without power: ____________ 100,000
length of time with no electricity: ________ deaths: _________ recent temperatures: _________________ cooling centers: ____________ stores broken into: ___________ 100,000 8 hours 11 over 100 degrees a dozen several

15 3 Language Focus B shipment (n): a large amount of goods sent together to a place, or the act of sending them

16 3B Cell phone usage isn’t allowed in the library.
It is a rule enforced by an institution (the library). Bad news! My shipment is being held at the airport. Who is doing the action is not as important as the action.

17 Has the recycling been picked up yet?
Who did the action is obvious from the situation. Was the product made in Malaysia? You don’t know who did the action.

18 3 Language Focus C manufacture (v): to produce goods in large numbers, usually in a factory using machines

19 3C The Vesta uses a single kind of motor. (power)
No, it doesn’t. it’s powered by a traditional engine and an electric motor. It’s a Japanese car. (manufacture) No, it isn’t. It’s manufactured in Canada.

20 You can only buy it in Canada right now. (sell)
No, you can’t. it’s sold in the U.S. and Canada only. You can buy it in Europe this week. (introduce) No, you can’t. it will be introduced in Latin America and Asia.

21 Critics don’t like it. (vote)
Yes, they do. It was voted the best new car of the year. It’s too expensive for the average consumer. No, it isn’t. It has been purchased by students, construction workers, and artists.

22 3 Language Focus E remote (adj): far away in distance, time or relation virtual (adj): using computer images and sounds that make you think an imagined situation is real

23 4 Speaking A get a clue (vp): to be completely unable to guess, understand, or deal with something faint (adj):[faintest] not strong or clear; slight

24 4A Who should Jim go to for help? Why?
Paolo and Kim are the best people to ask for help now. Emi could help Jim later.

25 4 Speaking B scuba diving (np): the sport of swimming under water with special breathing equipment

26 1 Get Ready to Read A Lesson B
chore (n): a job or piece of work which is often boring or unpleasant but needs to be done regularly trendy (adj): modern and influenced by the most recent fashions or ideas debit card (np): a card used to pay for things directly from your bank account

27 1 Get Ready to Read B display (v): to show publicly
unique (adj): the only one of its kind, special device (n): a tool or piece of equipment automatically (adv): done mechanically, without a person doing it

28 anonymously (adv): namelessly, in secret
embed (v): to implant something into something else track (v): to follow, to trace privacy (n): space to yourself so that others cannot see or hear what you’re doing at stake (np): in danger, at risk benefit (n): an advantage

29 2 Reading A typical (adj): showing all the characteristics that you would usually expect from a particular group of things swipe (v): to move a card containing information stored on a magnetic strip through a device that reads this information

30 antennas (n): [antennae or antennas] a piece of metal that is used for receiving television or radio signals wireless (adj): without wires

31 2A How it works A more convenient shopping experience
So, what’s the problem? But there are benefits, too..

32 2B How is the Extra Future Store different from most supermarkets?
swiping your store ID card through a computer on the shopping cart’s handle, antennas send information to the cart, computer shows the price, computer suggests Spanish cheese

33 2C Reasons for: shoppers won’t have to wait in line to pay
items will be read by a scanner your card will be charged automatically stores can save money by ordering fewer of the less popular items shoppers will pay less, too.

34 Reasons against: your location could be tracked people’s privacy is at stake.

35 2D In line 17, It refers to _______________. computer
In line 41, them refers to ____________. In line 51, these I refers to ___________. In line 55, that refers to _____________. computer RFID chips items pay less

36 3 Writing A downside (n): the disadvantage of a situation
drawback (n): a disadvantage or the negative part of a situation wander (v): to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction aisle (n): a long narrow space between the rows of shelves in a large shop plus (n): [pluses] an advantage or a good feature

37 3A One advantage is that Another benefit There are also disadvantages
The downside to this Another drawback

38 3 Writing B spouse (n): a person's husband or wife

39 4 Communication A revolutionized (v): to completely change something so that it is much better commercial (a): related to business

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