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10/7/20101 HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium.

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1 10/7/20101 HRMS Users Group 1:30 – 3:00 pm 10/07/10 Clark Center Auditorium

2 Agenda 10/7/20102 HR Information Systems Reminders/Updates – Vicky Tran (10) Trovix Recruitment Manager System – Ingrid Hartmann (10) Payroll Updates – Kelly Wright (20) Benefits Refresher – Ann Klug & Agnes Miller (15)

3 HR Information Systems Overview Changes to Authority Manager Inactive Org Codes Update a Position Contingent Workforce Report Getting Access to PeopleSoft 10/7/20103

4 Important Changes to Authority Manager What’s Changed? – Effective September 1, 2010 – Only termination/retirement of an employee will result in auto- revocation in Authority Manager – Other status or affiliation changes must be reviewed by authority grantors, who will then revoke and re-grant authority as deemed appropriate – Administrative Systems and Financial Information & Reporting Systems sent out a communication to all authority grantors with additional information back in August 10/7/20104

5 Updating an existing position number that has an inactive DeptID and then hiring someone with the position number —Org Hierarchy Codes are updated quarterly on 3/1, 7/1, 9/1, 12/1 —Update position number with an active org code  Refer to the Organizational Hierarchy in the Axess Portal —Position Management  Department description is not displayed when it is an inactive org code Inactive Org Codes 10/7/20105

6 Update a Position Update a Position and Reclassification – Uncheck Update Incumbents if you do not want the employee’s Job Data to be updated. Otherwise, leave the default as is – Bargaining Unit (SEIU and Police) employees only - Uncheck the Include Salary Plan/Grade box to avoid unwanted changes to Step and Hourly rate feeding over to the employee’s Job Data record when updating a position.  If reclassifying a BU position, be sure this box is checked  For all other position types, leave the default as is 10/7/20106

7 New Contingent Workforce Audit Report (HR_075) – Hours over 840 – Hours over 1000 ReportMart1 HR, (Payroll, Benefits Systems -> HR Audit Reports folder) – Job Aid also available 10/7/20107 Contingent Workforce Report

8 Getting Access to PeopleSoft Originator or Expert User – Step 1: The Human Resources Manager (HRM) grants authority to the new user in Authority Manager – Step 2: Complete the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance online training and fax the certification to Administrative Systems at 3-4564 – Step 3: Enroll in HR PeopleSoft training through STARS  (HRMS-101) New Expert User Training or  (HRMS-102) New Web Form Originator Training – Step 4: Complete the five exams and fax it to HR Information Systems at 5-8234 (Required for Expert User) Visit the HR Data website for more information — —For new HR users, RegAdmin will no longer be granted  Conduct Search Match to search for existing IDs in PeopleSoft and Registry 10/7/20108

9 What happened on August 28 th ? Real Time Resume Processing Trovix – “Follow-Up” “Trovix System” Page – OSE Website 10/7/20109 Trovix Overview

10 What happened on August 28? –Stanford University implemented the “Two Step” Question on Saturday, August 28, 2010 –Applicants are required to complete the mandatory fields of “Gender,” “Ethnicity,” and “Race” before submitting their resume and/or cover letter –Applicants have the ability to multi-select the “Race” category 10/7/201010 Trovix Recruitment Manager System version 3.0.4

11 What does this mean for your department? – Applicants will be in your candidate pool within one hour from their submittal! HR & hiring managers must be logged into Trovix to review resumes and/or cover letters – Or, you can continue to wait until the next business day to receive your “Email Alerts” via Outlook 10/7/201011 Real Time Resume Processing

12 This is an optional feature that you may use to filter those candidates that you requested “Feedback” from hiring managers and/or committee members 10/7/201012 Trovix – Follow-Up

13 The # 1 visited page on the OSE website! Located at Visit the “Trovix System” page to review Trovix Permissions, Job Aids & FAQs, including Training 10/7/201013 “Trovix System” Page – OSE Website

14 10/7/201014 Questions

15 Payroll Overview Year End Information Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time Tips & Reminders Payroll Updates 10/7/201015

16 Payday will be Monday, 12/20 (During the Winter Closure) Accelerated deadlines Paper forms Noon on Wed, 12/15 PeopleSoft entries9pm on Wed, 12/15 PeopleSoft LockoutAll day Thurs, 12/16 Axess TimecardNoon on Thurs, 12/16 Review complete list of Year End Payroll deadlines at: http://fingate/staff/payemployee/res_jobaid/payroll_schedule_d eadline.html 10/7/2010 16 Year End: Payroll Deadlines

17 Accrual Borrowing – To cover time that would be otherwise unpaid during the Winter Closure, employees may borrow:  December 2010 vacation accrual  2011 Floating Holiday  2011 PTO –Monitor borrowing for less than 100% FTE employees  Floating and PTO grants are prorated by FTE Holiday Pay – For employees with pre-loaded schedules:  ‘Apply Schedule’ will load holiday hours based upon employee schedule for the day of the holiday – For employees without pre-loaded schedules  Axess Timecard Support will load holiday hours to timecards prior to the start of the pay period containing the holiday(s) – Modify holiday pay grants for less than 100% FTE employees as needed to reflect the applicable policy 10/7/2010 17 Year End: Axess Timecard

18 Online Pay Statements ( – Available to view by all employees, including those who receive live checks, on Friday 12/17 – Ask employees to verify pay first thing in the morning on 12/17 Direct Deposits – Will post on Monday 12/20 – Note: Stanford Federal Credit Union will also post on 12/20, not earlier Live Checks – Will be mailed via US Mail by 12/20 to employees at their mailing address – Alternate delivery arrangements, other than direct deposit, will not be available Paper Advices – Will be distributed to departments via ID mail after the Winter Closure 10/7/2010 18 Year End: Check Distribution

19 Payroll Direct Deposit Enrollment Campaign – For 10/15 and 11/15 pay periods, Payroll will attach a flyer to all live paychecks to :  Encourage direct deposit enrollment  Describe the mailing arrangement for the 12/15 paychecks Local Direct Deposit Campaigns – Please encourage employees in your area to enroll – Identify recipients of live checks by reviewing the Gross Pay Report – For employees who will not enroll, advise them to verify/update their mailing address in StanfordYou  Stop payments, if paychecks are lost in the US Mail, will be processed after the Winter Closure 10/7/2010 19 Year End: Direct Deposit

20 Gross Pay Report Available on Fri, 12/17 –Plan staffing during the morning on 12/17 to verify employees’ pay and to make any corrections Payroll will make every attempt to process requests for missing pay received on 12/17 –All requests must have appropriate departmental approvals  Payroll cannot cut a check without departmental approval –Requests for other types of non-base pay will be processed only if time allows Extended Off-Cycle Check Web Form Deadlines –By 1pm on 12/17  Delivery to the Campus Service Counter at 3pm –After 1pm – end of day on 12/17  Pickup must be arranged from Porter Drive –Checks not picked up will be mailed 10/7/2010 20 Year End: Verifying Pay & Pay Corrections

21 Collect outstanding overpayments as early as possible, but no later than December 13 Return uncashed checks to Payroll for cancellation, if the funds are not due to the employee, by December 17 Request year end bonus payments with the 11/30 payroll – Allow yourself time to focus on verifying base employee pay for the 12/15 pay period! Plan for staffing through Friday, December 17 to: –Verify Gross Pay –Assist employees with payroll issues Review the Year End Closure Reminders Email – Distributed in mid-November to hrpeoplesoftusers and axesstimecardadmins email lists 10/7/2010 21 Year End: Reminders

22 10/7/2010 22 Year End Calendar SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 12 - Remember to resolve 2010 overpayments & return uncashed checks to Payroll for cancellation 1314 - Terminations for 12/16 – 1/2/11 15 - PS Trans - 9pm - Paper forms by Noon - Self-service direct deposit by midnight 16 - PS Lockout - Timecards by Noon 17 - Online pay statements - Gross Pay Report - Off-Cycle Check Webforms (Missing regular pay only) – 1pm 18 - Live checks mailed to home mailing address 1920 - Payday - Payroll monitoring critical issues 21 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 22 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 23 Holiday 24 Holiday 25 2627 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 28 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 29 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 30 - Payroll monitoring critical issues 31 Holiday Jan 1 2 3 - PS Trans by 9pm - Timecards by 9pm 4 - PS Lockout - 12/15 advices delivered to departments 5 - Online pay statements - Gross Pay Report 67 - Payday - New year for FICA/VDI, Benefits 8

23 Axess Timecard Adjust Paid Time will be modified to allow leave entry corrections to pass to employee paychecks This change creates: – A simplified accounting trail for transactions – Increased visibility of the correction for the employee 10/7/2010 23 Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time

24 Launch Adjust Paid Time as you do now Prior Pay Period entries will be read only 10/7/2010 24 Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time

25 To adjust an entry, click + to insert a row 10/7/2010 25 Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time

26 Enter the corrected information for day 10/7/2010 26 Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time Continue to enter adjusted rows as needed Remember to ‘Save’ when you complete your entries

27 Offset rows will be created automatically, but will not be visible on the screen For example: If you enter 8 hours of vacation, an offset of -8 hours of salary will be created Corrections of leave time will pass as a $0 entry on the employee’s paycheck –Includes Vacation, Floating Holiday, PTO, and Sick Corrections requiring payment to the employee still require a Supplemental Pay Web Form or an Off-Cycle Check Web Form –Continue to enter the correction in Adjust Paid Time also 10/7/2010 27 Axess Timecard: Adjust Paid Time

28 When an employee has a job change mid-pay period, use ‘Range of Dates’ to make entries to the timecard –This includes mid-pay period hires, leave actions, job updates, etc. The Timecard Summary page can be sorted by clicking the column headers –For example, click the column header ‘Overtime & Double Time’ to sort for the employees with the greatest number of overtime hours 10/7/2010 28 Axess Timecard: Tips & Reminders

29 Seasonal Layoffs –Employees are due accruals for the layoff period –Accruals are not automatically generated –When the employee returns from the seasonal layoff, submit a HelpSU ticket to Axess Timecard to request an accrual reset 10/7/2010 29 Axess Timecard: Tips & Reminders

30 Termination Web Form – ‘Emergency Loan’ field will be updated to ‘US Mail’ – Default will be ‘No’ – Check will be held at the Campus Service Counter for pickup – Select ‘Yes’ if you would like Payroll to mail the termination check W-2 Express Login – Default PIN continues to be birth date in the format of: YYYYMMDD – Employees can update default PIN – Employees can opt for enhanced security, including a security picture and questions 10/7/2010 30 Payroll: Updates

31 10/7/201031 Benefits “Refresher” Help us enhance the employee’s Benefits experience!

32 Benefits Overview PeopleSoft Data Entry Tips – Data – Timeliness – Permanent/Mailing Address – Benefits Salary – Benefits Eligibility Date – Resources 2011 Open Enrollment – October 25 through November 15 10/7/201032

33 10/7/201033 Date of Hire Date of Birth FTE hours Social Security Number Gender Correct address/zip code Correct benefits salary Use PeopleSoft job aids Focus on Data

34 10/7/201034 Timeliness New Hires/Rehires – Up to two pay periods before Benefits Eligible Date – Benefits Salary information – Home and Mailing addresses Terminations – Submit form to Payroll (as soon as you know) – SLAC transfers must be termed from Stanford Leaves – Notify Disability and Leave Services (as soon as possible)

35 10/7/201035 Address Update: PeopleSoft Home Address –Drives eligibility for health plan –Need to live in the area for an HMO –Drives what the employee “sees” in the enrollment system –If employee’s address is out-of-state, the employee won’t see the HMO plan choices (only the Blue Shield PPO plan) –J1 Visa employees: Submit a Ben Bin for assistance Mailing Address – Is used for mailing benefits material – Medical, Life and Open Enrollment material – Retirement plan material

36 10/7/201036 Address Update: StanfordYou Employees can update their address in “Permanent” and Mailing address –Permanent Address = “Home” Address

37 10/7/201037 Benefits Salary Benefits Salary Drives – Basic life insurance – Supplemental life insurance – Accidental, Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) – Long-Term Disability Benefits Eligibility Date Drives benefit eligibility date – Opens the 31-day Benefits Enrollment window

38 10/7/201038 PeopleSoft job aids Benefit escalations, submit “Ben Bin” request to Benefits Office – HR/FAO staff only Staff/Faculty resource – Benefits Service Center (877)905-2985 (press option 9) Resources

39 2011 Open Enrollment Enrollment Period: October 25 – November 15 Enrollment site opens: October 25 –2011 Open Enrollment and Web Ex workshops –2011 Open Enrollment material (on web site) 10/7/201039

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