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OMKAR Solutions Inc. Version 1.0 SAP CTS & System Health Check Manager.

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1 OMKAR Solutions Inc. Version 1.0 SAP CTS & System Health Check Manager

2 2 SAP System Maintenance – Hard to track issues  Transport Aging  Abandon Transport  Object protection  Valid user but inactive  Locked user with open CTS  Inactive user with open CTS  BDC Aging  IDOC Aging  Unlocked remote system/client  Transports in remote systems  Redundant development  Development inventory  Active/Obsolete development  Transport sequencing  Transport list with import status in landscape

3 3 CTS Manager – Quick Introduction  SAP look and feel, Easy to install, No downtime required.  Objective is to simplify system monitoring and system health check processes. By having quick and efficient health checks in place, organization can reduce TCO and increase ROI.  CTS Manager addresses 3 critical Basis/Security area pain points –  CTS  System Health and monitoring  User Maintenance  CTS Manager also provides a utility desk.  It also provides a sub-tree where organizations can add their favorite transactions, so that

4 4 Key pain points - CTS  Quick and efficient transport analysis by various categories.  Where is transport in landscape  Check objects in transport and provide sequence details  Transport released but not imported  Critical object monitoring  System refresh issue  Missed transports  WIP transports  Transport sequencing  Open transports  Build transport queue  Management reporting

5 5 Key pain points – System Health and Monitoring  BDC Session Aging  Object protection  Custom development inventory  Remote system monitoring  Critical System Indicator Monitoring - SM50 /SM51 /ST06 /ST13 /SM21

6 6 Key pain points – User Maintenance  User statistics  User validity statistics  Inactive users statistics  Batch jobs owned by inactive/locked users  Transport ownership by inactive/locked user  Management reporting

7 7 CTS Manager – Road Map 20142014201320132015201520162016  Transport Simulation / Proactive error check before migration  Handhelp device enabling  Transport analysis  Transport import status  Object Import history  Critical object monitoring  Remote system monitoring  Dashboard – System Indicators  Custom development inventory  Transport sequencing  Locked user analysis  System health check  BDC/IDoc Aging  Auto queue build & Import  Stabilization  Obsolete Object – Clearing analysis  Dashboard upgrade  Object inventory – Duplicate objects  Check object dependencies  Open source – Incident Management tool  Auto open/close remote system.  Weekly Dump analyzer  Stabilization  BW transport maintenance  Database growth projection  Transport verification/ release auto sequencing / import functionality  Web enabling  Integration with other reporting tool

8 8 CTS Manager – Value Proposition Cost Reduction  Auto monitoring will improve response time  Clearing analysis will help identifying obsolete objects. Less objects means less time to manage.  Auto queue build and import functionality will reduce migration time by 70% and will improve import accuracy by 95%  Preventive process will ensure no issues after transport import due to object dependency. Design & Usability  SAP look and feel requires no major learning curve.  Easy to install / implement / customize.  SAP Standard authorization concept used.  No modification to any SAP standard object hence no effect during upgrade. Business Value  Quck analysis utilities reduce manual search/ analysis time by 60-70 %  Transport sequence activity time will be reduced by 40-50% during copy back/ support pack / upgrade.  Dashboard will help in monitoring system resources at one place will reduce activities monitoring time by 20 %.  Process improvement by giving insight on dumps, BDC, IDOC and other ignored areas  By provide auto monitoring email notification on critical system activities, response time will be reduced.  Aging data details eliminate chances of accidently processing business critical data which eliminates hours/weeks of analysis/clearing work.

9 9 CTS Manager – Q&A / Next Steps SUMMARY  Utilities that can be used for WHAT IF analysis  Can be used during support pack implementations, Copy backs, upgrade. Gives transport sequencing details by objects.  Eliminates manual effort to build transport queue and import.  Highlights areas of concerns and provide details to enforce/ implement business processes.  Helps in reducing TCO and increase ROI

10 10 Thank You

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