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technology centre at the service of industry Technology Centre Our organization contributes to the economic and social development, supporting and driving.

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2 technology centre at the service of industry

3 Technology Centre Our organization contributes to the economic and social development, supporting and driving all the processes of innovation and technological development. our legal status is that of a private non-profit association: our profits are reinvested in order to achieve our goals. technology centre at the service of industry / technology centre

4 we are the technology allied for the food industry we identify and understand the real needs and expectations of our associates and clients, having them participate in the search for new ways of working together we carry out applied research and take action to provide customized solutions, according to the needs of our clients, whatever their size or activity. acquired technological skills and abilities, and human and technical resources join multidisciplinary teams to provide integrated solutions. At the service of industry centro tecnológico al servicio de la industria / al servicio de la industriatechnology centre at the service of industry / at the service of industry

5 Our mission defines our character

6 our mission Our mission is to give support and add value to companies, by leading innovation and technological development in a responsible and committed way.

7 organizational structure

8 General Assembly All of ainia’s associates : 1.100 The General Assembly selects the Board of directors 26 members Technical team 192 professionals organizational structure

9 members D. Daniel Moragues DIRECTOR GRAL. IMPIVA D. Juan Manuel Sanmartin IMPIVA D. Bernardo Sorribes MIELSO, S.A. D. Roberto Sánchez HEINEKEN ESPAÑA, S.A. D. Eduardo Sos SOS CUETARA, S.A. D. Manuel Laínez CONSELLERIA DE AGRICULTURA D. José Joaquín García MERCAVALENCIA, S.A. D. Eduardo Pallé JESUS NAVARRO, S.A., “CARMENCITA” D. Manuel García Portillo TECNIDEX, S.A D. Luis Ignacio Plá MERCADONA, S.A. D. José Enrique Garrigós ENRIQUE GARRIGOS MONERRIS, S.A. D. Manuel Escolano CONSELLERIA SANIDAD Y CONSUMO D. Luís Liró Portabales CÍTRICOS Y REFRESCANTES, S.A. D. Alfredo Alberola LA ESPAÑOLA ALIMENTARIA ALCOYANA, S.A. D. Salvador Samper ORG. INTERPROFESIONAL DEL HUEVO Y SUS PRODUCTOS – INPROVO D. Abelardo Serrano CÁRNICAS SERRANO, S.L. D. José Granell Pascual FED. EMPRESARIAL AGROALIMENTACIÓN C.V. D. Fernando Martín AZUCARERA EBRO, S.L. Dña. Rut Aranda GRUPO SIRO, S.A. Dña. Lourdes Brugera COMSUM, S. COOP. V. D. Sebastián Subirats DIRECTOR ainia President D. Damián Frontera Roig ACUICOLA MARINA, S.L. First Vice-President D. Bruno Broseta CONSELLERÍA DE INDUSTRIA COMERCIO E INNOVACIÓN Second Vice-President D. José Luis Navarro NATRA S.A. Third Vice-President D. Federico Félix Real SADA, P.A. VALENCIA Secretary D. José Vte. Pons Andreu NATRACEUTICAL GROUP, S.L.U. 14/67 organizational structure / board of directors

10 technical team


12 an organization with human capital

13 Multi-disciplinary equipment Food technicians, agronomists, pharmaceutics, chemists, physicists, industrial and telecommunications engineers, biologists and other disciplines (lawyers, psychologists, economists, etc.). Continuous training in the best centres and universities in the world Our professionals are trained in the technologies that are most important for us, in the principal centres and universities in the world. 192 professionals in the staff 70 % Ph D. and University Graduates and 30 % trained technicians human capital 200420052006 20072008 Ph D 141517 1817 University Graduates 9699100 106109 Technicians 414360 6566 TOTAL 151157177 189192

14 ainia: projects and services for the industry

15 Projects carried out directly and exclusively with companies, associations or institutions, through cooperation agreements, implementation of technological solutions or joint development of techniques and knowledge. Arranged with companies that have access to funding from public programmes. Exclusive or cooperative strategic projects, via official, national or international programmes. R&D projects: our main activity R&D projects

16 proyectos I+D 22 62% of total income R&D PROJECTS DEVELOPED DURING 2008 R&D projects: our main activity EuropeanNationalRegionalCompanyTOTAL Food and Health2633546 Quality and Food Safety51445780 Design and Industrial Production 2822840 Sustainability4831732 TOTAL133612137198

17 1 2 34 a b c d 5 R&D projects areas of application and technologies 1.- nutrition and health 2.- quality and food safety 3.- design and industrial production 4.- sustainability a.- biotechnology b.- food technology c.- electonics and communications d.- chemical 5.- nanotechnology

18 Other Bussiness Units

19 Lines of work: Quality and food safety (food hygiene, systems, crisis management, traceability, product, quality control) Sustainability and environment (water, residues, clean production, management, energy) Industrial design and production (packaging, technological studies, applications, process automation) Legislation Information technologies las asistencias tecnológicas (ATE) son servicios orientados a un resultado a corto plazo, en los que ponemos nuestros conocimientos y experiencias al servicio de la empresa asistencias tecnológicas: soluciones rápidas y eficaces technological assistance Technological assistance is a service aimed at short-term results, in which we put our knowledge and experience at the disposal of companies technological assistance: fast and efficient solutions

20 Laboratories with the most advanced equipment. The activities are aimed at perfecting the fastest, most efficient and precise analytical techniques, that guarantee food safety. servicios analíticos: referencia en el sectorasistencias tecnológicas: soluciones rápidas y eficaces analytical services 400 companies using the services / 80.000 analytical assays a year + 300 analytical techniques offered, and more than 100 accredited by ENAC analytical services: a reference for the sector Lines of work: Contaminants (micotoxins, heavy metals, residues, pesticides, antibiotics) Chemical characterization (nutritional composition) Physical characterization of food (water activity, cloudiness) and packaging (permeability) Microbiological characterization Spoilage microbes Food pathogens

21 ainia’s training activities are certified by AENOR according to the criteria of the norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000. training 1400 trainees/year 500 companies/year 1500 teaching hours/year 80 courses/year training plays a decisive and strategic role in the development of the food industry in an increasingly competitive and dynamic, national and international environment training for the industry

22 areas of the world that we work in: Latin America Asia Arab Countries ainia is present in the international environment in technical assistance projects, technology transfer and training, with particular emphasis on the areas of legislation and food safety. international ainia includes amongst its clients multilateral agencies, governments, regional development agencies, business associations, organizations and private companies. ainia in the world

23 Consumolab: consumer study

24 consumolab’s activity is specialized in: - investigation and consumer perception: acceptance and preference. concept investigation, packaging, positioning, brand image, etc.. mystery shopping, assisted shopping, etc. social tendencies, etc. - development of new products : selection of prototypes. optimization of formulations. comparison competitors’ products. map of preferences. - quality control : sensorial specifications, useful life, lowering of costs. consumolab Consumolab has a strategy aimed at giving coverage to the business sector in the analysis and study of consumer behaviour and consumption tendencies

25 we create technology-based companies

26 It can offer a wide range of applications by using supercritical CO2 for advanced extraction and purification processes Altex : ainia’s spin-off Designed to meet industry needs in different sectors such as food, pharmaceutics and cosmetics Altex is a leading supercritical carbon dioxide plant, multipurpose and versatile Altex is a technology based company promoted by ainia and constituted as a society with two other companies.

27 we have a position in the market

28 sectors We work for all agri-food subsectors, in all applications and food industry technologies And we do it with all kinds of companies: National and multinational big industries SMEs Collective clients (enterprise associations, Originating from…). Public Entities and Organisms (universities, administrations, public companies).

29 companies trust us

30 las empresas confían en nosotros more than 1100 associates and 1400 clients from all food sectors and other related ones work with us we are committed, we assume technological risks and we provide efficient solutions we are the food technology centre with the greatest business and social representation in our country we are backed by 20 years of experience, sustained growth and constant improvement distinguishing elements distinguishing elements:

31 our track record is backed by our results

32 TRAINING ACTIVITIES ANALYSIS AND ASSAYS ASSOCIATES CLIENTS results companies: 20042005200620072008 ASSOCIATES 10221049107410971119 CLIENTS 14701418131214121420 Private Income Public Income

33 nuestra trayectoria viene avalada por los resultados YEAR THOUSANDS OF EUROS INCOME EVOLUTION R&D PROJECTS QUOTAS INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE ANALYSIS AND ASSAYS TRAINING results distinguishing elements: 2004 2005 2006 2007 20048274 20059106 200610286 200713070 200814341

34 infrastructures and equipment

35 infraestructuras y equipos Our infrastructures are prepared to provide solutions for the technological needs of the 21st century Average annual investment about 10 % of total income 12000 m2 facilities 4 laboratories 16 pilot plants Researchers’ room (100 people) 5 training rooms Assembly hall (120 people) 59/67 infrastructures and equipment Infrastructures and equipment:

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