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THE PAL PVA The Project of Apostolic Life

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1 THE PAL PVA The Project of Apostolic Life
IL PROGETTO DI VITA APOSTOLICA The Project of Apostolic Life El projecto de Vida Apostolica Le Projet de Vie Apostolique


3 The PVA - a historic moment
1876: Decree of Foundation of the first official Rule of the Pious Association. Don Bosco underlines the apostolic nature of the Association. : Vatican Council II calls for the revision and the revitalization of the original spirit of every Institution in the Church.

4 The PVA - a historic moment
1972: The new updated Rule of the Association is born. It seeks to recuperate its apostolic nature. 1976 :1st World Congress 1985: 2nd World Congress 1986: The Rule of Apostolic Life is born (RAL) Characteristic of it is its emphasis on the mission. (cooperatori salesiani*) 2001: The World Consulta is entrusted with the task of animating the updating of the “RAL”. *With this word order, the Italian puts emphasis on being Cooperators”.

5 The PVA - a historic moment
2006: 3rd World Congress 2007: The new Project of Apostolic Life (PAL) is promulgated ad experimentum. Characteristic of it is the charismatic identity in living the mission. (salesiani cooperatori*) 2012: 4th World Congress DEFINITIVE APPROVAL OF THE STATUTES AND REGULATIONS OF THE PROJECT OF APOSTOLIC LIFE (PVA) 2013: The Holy See approves the Project of Apostolic Life (PVA). Its distinguishing characteristic: the witness of a life lived within the Church, the Salesian Family, and the world. *With this word order, the Italian puts the emphasis on being Salesians.


7 The PVA is a: Charter of Identity in the Church, in the Salesian Family, and in society “Book of life” which must always accompany us Precious treasure occupying a privileged place Gospel project describing spiritual riches and our path to sanctity

The PVA has a structure: ONE DOCUMENT IN TWO PARTS THE STATUTES: define the vocational identity, the spirit, the mission, and the principles of the organizational structure of the Association. THE REGULATIONS: contain practical points which specify and regulate its actions, methodology, structure, and organization. (BEING) (DOING)

9 THE PVA has a SPIRIT: of unity: Sacramental: Christian
Charismatic: Salesian Specific: Membership

10 THE PVA has a SPIRIT: of family:
The experience of faith and communion: “United in one heart and one soul” The experience of being brothers and sisters, with the sharing of faith, hopes, dreams, ideas, and experiences: to grow together The experience of support in one’s vocation and the apostolate

11 THE PVA has a SPIRIT: of Co-responsibility: Life witness
Apostolic commitment Participation in the life of the Association and of the Salesian Family (sense of belonging)

12 for living the Gospel: The Beatitudes(Art. 7)
The PVA is a PROJECT: for living the Gospel: The Beatitudes(Art. 7) A PROJECT communicated by one’s LIFE with a vital, congruent, and meaningful language (adults who make a difference) which is lived in the every day. A PROJECT seeking to make the KINGDOM present listening to the life-giving language of Christ giving, in different forms but always within the same Mission, concrete responses to the needs of the poor.

REGULATIONS Norms “Doing” in the Assoc. Its workings Its functioning STATUTES Charter of Identity Being the Assoc. Foundation Essential nature

14 The PVA is a PROJECT A gift from God and a personal choice
that always go together We must: be aware of this discover that it is truly a path to sanctity know it ever better live it as a way that leads to love Making of it a way to be and to live together with others It is a free and conscious response to Don Bosco

15 in the Salesian Family (PVA, 5)
The PVA describes a (Ch. I) called to BE APOSTLES in the Church (PVA, 2) VOCATION in the World (PVA, 6) in the Salesian Family (PVA, 5)

16 The Mission(Ch. 2) Of the people youthful missionary

17 the poorest youth (PVA,8.11)
OF APOSTOLIC EDUCATIONAL COMMITMENT (Ch. II) giving privileged attention to the poorest youth (PVA,8.11) MISSION The PVA describes a in their family in their marriage in their workplace and where they live in their social, cultural, and political realities employing a method of goodness

18 With Don Bosco’s Preventive System

19 The Pedagogy of Goodness
is not just a pedagogical principle; it must also be recognized as an essential element of our spirituality is authentic love is love which generates the desire to be corresponded to is a love manifested in the language of simplicity is a love which is spread, creating a family atmosphere is a love which engenders trust is a love requiring great spiritual energies

20 simple attractive Salesian spirituality (Ch.III) because it’s about
Don Bosco took his inspiration from St. Francis de Sales for a SPIRITUALITY that is… simple because it’s about the essentials because it is open to everyone because it is laden with human values and, thus, particularly fitting to educational action of the people attractive

21 Spirituality Salesian prayer is an APOSTOLIC PRAYER LIFE PRAYER

22 In communion and collaboration with the Salesian Family of
St. John Bosco (Ch. IV) As time passed, numerous other Religious Orders and Lay Groups were founded in particular places, for particular needs, often by the Sons of Don Bosco, and sometimes in collaboration with his Daughters, and with the help of the Cooperators and other Friends so that today we have blossomed into a huge Family. At present, there are 30 Official Groups on the Salesian Family Tree – and while this is a wonderful reality, Don Chavez was concerned that “without real communion there is the danger of a progressive impoverishment of the project of Don Bosco even to the extent of being unfaithful to it.” AD 2014

23 Supreme Moderator of the ASSCC Center of Unity of the Entire Family
Under the Leadership of the Rector Major of the Salesian Congregation, who guarantees fidelity to the Charism Rector Major Successor of DonBosco Supreme Moderator of the ASSCC Center of Unity of the Entire Family It will be Don Angel that we will look to for ultimate direction and guidance in the coming 6 years – especially through his Strenne, the easiest means to promote unity within the Family. (2015’s is “Like Don Bosco , with the Young, for the Young”) Don Angel Fernandez Artime, SDB Art. 13

ENTRANCE MEMBERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES FIDELITY TO COMMITMENTS (Ch. V) PERSONAL FREE GRADUAL MOTIVATED CHOICE The SC is the first responsible for his own human, christian, salesian an professional formation The Association promotes and supports personal and group formation ( PVA, 29 ) 24

25 THE THREE “dimensions” of the formation
THE MAN THE CHRISTIAN THE SALESIAN THE THREE “dimensions” of the formation

26 The Structure of the Salesian Cooperators Association (Ch. VI)
WORLD COUNCIL: SEM + 11 Regional Councilors in union with the Rector Major PROVINCIAL COUNCIL REGIONAL CONSULTA LOCAL COUNCIL COUNCILL LOCAL CENTER MINIMUM NUMBER OF MEMBERS: 6 Now we move to the reality of the Cooperators Since the Cooperator Association is a “public juridical ecclesial person,” it has a definite structure of animation and government, divided into three levels: CLICK the World, CLICK the Province (which usually mirror SDB or FMA Provinces) and the CLICK Local. In addition to the three official levels of government, a non-governmental body, the Regional Consulta, was added to each Region to: help foster the animation of the Association within its Region, in keeping with the Rector Major’s directives, aid in the communication between Rome and the Provinces, and keep the Rector Major abreast of the how the Association is doing around the world. Thus, the 11 Regional Consultae CLICK were established, one for each of the Cooperator Regions of the world, which mostly mirror those of the SDB. Our Regional Councilor, Herman Lopez, converses at least monthly with the Provincial Coordinators/Representatives/Delegates of our Region.

27 To be at the service of the Local Center.
The PVA: details the organization of the Association, beginning with its service (Ch VI) It is divided into three areas of governance and animation which guarantee autonomy while fortifying the bonds of union: Local: fundamental nucleus of the Association Provincial: spirit of unity among the Centers World: universality of communion Purpose of the entire structure: To be at the service of the Local Center.

28 The Local Center “Base of operations” Nucleus and Foundation
Vital unit to reach objectives The vitality of subsidiarity within the Association depends on it The bodies at higher levels (Provincial, World) are at its service, are respectful of its autonomy, and foster its ecclesial communion

29 Solidarity in the Association: Local, Provincial, World
UNITY Animation Local Center Fraternity Formation Sharing AUTONOMY Governance SOLIDARITY Functioning Normative Institutional

30 The PVA describes our way of BEING:
Our style of acting (Art.17) Our style of praying (Art 19) Our style of our community relationships in the Center, the Province, and the Association (Art.18) Our process of discernment and vocational growth (initial and on-going) Our identity and mission in the Salesian Family, in the Church, and in civic society Our internal organization as Association

31 The Association’s Autonomy
is based on the principle of Apostolic, Spiritual and Economic Subsidiarity constitutes one of the pillars of the Social Justice Doctrines of the Church The term is derived from the Latin «subsidium afferre» (to lend aid). is meant to help the members of society - not to «destroy or absorb them».

32 The Profile of the Salesian Cooperator
Someone rich in humanity - Typical element of the humanism of St. Francis de Sales A baptized person bearing an immense love for the Church, a Disciple of Jesus who lives in temporal realities with a clear identity, practicing a Christian lifestyle A Salesian-in-the-world, per Don Bosco’s original vision: He wanted the Cooperator to be a passionate collaborator with God through making important choices as regards the Salesian Mission: family, youth, education, Preventive System, and responsibility in society and in the political arena

33 Holy Salesian Cooperator = Friend of God & Friend of Man
THE FORMATIVE JOURNEY OF THE SALESIAN COOPERATOR Holy Salesian Cooperator = Friend of God & Friend of Man In sighted policy In social realities In the family In marriage In Salesian works VOCATION MISSION SANCTITY apostolate Christian animation in temporal commitments “social liberation” daily life professionalism SALESIAN SPIRIT – P.S. SALESIAN SPIRITALITY

34 Holy Salesian Cooperator Friend of God & Friend of Man
Attilio Giordani = Friend of God & Friend of Man ATTILIO GIORDANI

35 Visibilità ecclesiale
challenges Visibilità ecclesiale Ecclesial visibility Autonomia Autonomy Visibilità sociale Social visibility Formazione Formation Comunicazione Communication

36 Grazie! Danke! Merci! Gracias Thank you!

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