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Principles for Developing a Church Growth Vision By James A. Cress.

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1 Principles for Developing a Church Growth Vision By James A. Cress

2 Vision = More Than Sight! Some people see things as they are and ask why? Other see things as they could be and ask why not! -- Robert F. Kennedy

3 1. Intentionality God expects the church to grow (Acts 2). Growth is not a numbers game! But God is interested in numbers Church is not the church if it is not growing!

4 2. Dissatisfaction with Status Quo If all is okay, why still here? A great heritage and marvelous history 1949 1 million members worldwide 200920 million members worldwide But we are still here! What should we be doing differently?

5 3. Analytical Analysis Not salvation by number-crunching Who have you got? What is working? What is not working? 1. Unconscious ineffectiveness 2. Conscious ineffectiveness 3. Unconscious effectiveness 4. Conscious effectiveness 5. Naturalized effectiveness

6 4. Target Best Potentials = Positioning Youth vs. aged Win a youth, win a multiplication table No one power group controls On-going repositioning is essential Population demographics determine mission tactics (i.e. Paul’s different approaches).

7 5. Build on Strengths Slogan: The Caring Church Nobody believed – not even the members Seventh-day Adventists... When you’re looking for answers! ADRA - You can trust > than “they care” Build on strengths: Adventists not charismatics

8 6. Pastoral Tenure 21 years experience Live through and resolve problems vs. escape

9 7. Emphasize Spiritual Growth 1.Bible Study 2.Prayer 3.Fellowship 4.Witnessing 5.Obedience

10 8. Consistent Preaching Christ-centered No surprises Listener-focused Take home value Certainty – preach “as if” Study your questions, of course. Don’t take your questions into the pulpit!

11 9. Invitations Response cards Pew card summary Spiritual business Public invitations Invite “an appointment” Easy to say “Yes” I would like to be baptized I request a pastoral visit

12 10. Big Deals Baby Dedications Baptismal Services Anniversaries Friends’ Day Honor Teachers Visitor Recognition

13 11. Advertise Sabbath Worship Service – Advertise – Weekly newsletter, paper, radio, television Sermon series Best evangelistic opportunity Complimentary advertising Pastoral business cards for your leaders Announce: Open Communion Public Baptism Annual Homecoming Free Lunch

14 12. Dynamic Worship Creatively Dynamic Need not be radical! Timeliness Cut extraneous Time Czar Emphasize essentials Mail bulletins

15 13. Inclusive Reckoning as Outreach Method Believers Attending Believers Non-Attending Non-Believers Attending Non-Believers Non-Attending

16 14. Small Group Ministries Pastor’s Work = “work the members” Pastors Method = “lead the leaders!” Small Group Effectiveness Factors: –Word –Worship –Fellowship –Service

17 15. Leaders Who Lead! Not an enabler who says, Here I am, What do you want me to do? Not a facilitator who says, Figure out what you want to do and I’ll help you get there. Rather... A leader who says, “This is where God wants us to go... Follow me as I follow Christ! A.Assume responsibility for growth B.Work hard C.Share ministry D.Not paralyzed by pessimists – some members cannot be pastored E.Invest time, energy and money in training Self – continuing education Leaders – for responsible service Members – increased world view

18 16. Followers Who Follow A.Willing to follow the leader. B.Expect pastoral ranchers more than shepherds C.Pay the price for following D.Readjust fellowship patterns – assimilate new E.Open up leadership opportunities F.Intentionally include youth and newcomers –Rather youth not attend than sing

19 17. Administrators who value local congregation more than structure Tip O’Neill -- All politics is local Resource sharing Key Result Areas (KRA) as base for appropriations Performance Standards

20 18. Global Worldview = Mission

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