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Ko^lo^si Mienh Goiv Hnyouv Nyei Jauv.

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1 Ko^lo^si Mienh Goiv Hnyouv Nyei Jauv.
The Conversion Of Colossians. Ko^lo^si Mienh Goiv Hnyouv Nyei Jauv. Colossians 1:21-23 Ko^lo^si 1:21-23 Sunday/April 3, 2011

2 21 Zinh ndaangc meih mbuo zoux nyei caux hnamv nyei waaic sic bun meih mbuo leih Tin-Hungh go, caux ninh zoux win-wangv mi'aqv. 21 Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior.

3 22 Mv baac ih zanc Tin-Hungh bun meih mbuo caux ninh horpc hnyouv se weic Giduc nyei orv sin zuqc daic, weic dorh meih mbuo mingh yiem Tin-Hungh nyei nza'hmien cing-nzengc nyei, maiv maaih uix, maiv maaih dorngx daanh. 22 But now he has reconciled you by Christ's physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation—

4 23 Mv baac meih mbuo oix zuqc gan longx meih mbuo sienx nyei doz, liepc gorn-ndoqv wuonv, yaac maiv dungx bungx guangc dongh bun meih mbuo maaih lamh hnamv nyei kuv fienx. Naaiv se meih mbuo haiz nyei kuv fienx. Naaiv kuv fienx zungv zunh buangv lungh ndiev bun maanc mienh muangx. Yie, Baulo, yaac zoux kuv fienx nyei bou. 23 if you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.

5 Biux Mengh Waac Introduction
1. Mbuo duqv buatc Baulo porv mengh taux Giduc se dongh longx jiex nyei jauv mi’aqv. We noticed in the previous lesson that Paul was describing the pre- eminent Christ.

6 2. Nqa’haav-laai wuov nyungc Baulo gorngv taux Giduc bun maanc muotc caux Ninh horpc daaih wuov dauh. The last point made by Paul was that Jesus was the reconciler of all things. 3. Hnangv Baulo gorngv jiex daaih wuov nzunc nor, Ninh tengx Ko^lo^si Zingh nyei Jiu Bang mienh jangx taux, Giduc Yesu tengx ninh mbuo duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv daaih. As a case in point, Paul reminds the Colossians they too had been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

7 4. Yiem naaiv ginc kauv hoqc nyei jauv, mbuo oix zaah mangc taux Ko^lo^si Zingh nyei Jiu Bang hnangv haaix nor bieqc hnyouv taux Giduc tengx ninh mbuo, bun ninh mbuo duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv daaih nyei jauv, caux ninh mbuo hnangv nor laengz zingh taux Giduc tengx ninh mbuo nyei jauv. In this study we will examine the conversion of the Colossians as described in this passage, with a view towards understanding and appreciating our own reconciliation with God

A. ZINH NDAANGC MAENGX NINH MBUO MAIV GAENGH GOIV HNYOUV NYEI ZIANGH HOC. BEFORE THEIR CONVERSION 1. Baulo gorngv, ninh mbuo leih go Tin-Hungh, yaac benx Ninh nyei win-wangv. Paul said they were alienated  and enemies of God.

9 a. Leih go naaiv joux waac nyei eix-leiz se hnangv yietc dauh mienh zuqc mienh gaatv dangx fai pitv dangx maiv bun maaih caux jiu tong wuov nyungc eix-leiz. The word alienated means to be shut out from one's fellowship and intimacy. b. Dongh gorngv win-wangv wuov joux waac, eix-leiz se biux mengh taux. The word enemies describes that which is:

10 (1) Maaih nzorng, maaih nzouz nyei jauv (hated, odious, hateful)
(2) Nzorng, qiex jiez, caux maiv oix mangc nyei mienh (hostile, hating, and opposing another); (3) Weic mienh zoux nyei zuiz caux Tin-Hungh benx win-wangv (used of men as at enmity with God by their sin).

11 2. Ninh mbuo weic haaix diuc hnangv naaiv nor? Why were they this way?
a. Weic zuqc yiem ninh mbuo hnamv nyei jauv caux zoux nyei sic i nyungc jauv zungv bun ninh mbuo benx zuiz-mienh. Because in both THOUGHT and DEED they were sinners! b. Hnangv Baulo fiev nor: win-wangv nyei jauv se yiem mbuo nyei m’nqorngv-famv hnamv cuotv daaih nyei jauv ziouc zoux cuotv orqv sic. As Paul writes: enemies in your mind by wicked works.

12 B. MV BAAC IH ZANC NINH MBUO DUQV CAUX TIN-HUNGH HORPC HNYOUV DAAIH AQV. BUT NOW THEY ARE RECONCILED! 1.Hnangv haaix nor? Maaih i nyungc jauv yiem naaiv douc Ging-Sou nyei korn^taekv. How so? Two things are mentioned in the context of this passage. a. Yiem jiex gorn 20 wuov yiemc, Baulo gorngv weic Giduc liouc cuotv yiem ziepc nzaangc jaax nyei nziaamv. Earlier, in  verse 20, Paul mentions the blood of His cross.

13 b. Yiem wuov yiemc gorngv, ninh mbuo weic Giduc nyei sin daic bun ninh mbuo duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv daaih. In verses 21-22, they were reconciled in the body of His flesh through death. c. Yiem naaiv deix i ginc Ging-Sou nyei waac gorngv Yesu zuqc siouc kouv yiem ninh nyei sin, mv baac yiem wuov deix ziangh hoc nyei mienh maaih deix maiv laengz zipv naaiv deix waac – 2 Yo^han 1:7; Hipv^lu 2:9,14. Both of these phrases emphasize that Jesus suffered IN THE FLESH, but some people in those days denied – 2 John 1:7; Hebrews 2:9,14.

14 2. Weic Yesu nyei ciev ziec jauv, ninh nyei sin caux ninh nyei nziaamv, ninh mbuo ih zanc duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv daaih aqv. Through the offering of Jesus' body and blood, they were now reconciled to God; they are now presented to God as: a. Cing-nzengc, saax cing-nzengc daaih, weic bun Tin-Hungh longc. Holy - sanctified, set apart for God's use.

15 b. Maiv dorngx nqemh - maiv dorngx dorngc fai nqemh nyei jauv
b. Maiv dorngx nqemh - maiv dorngx dorngc fai nqemh nyei jauv. Blameless - without being guilty of anything worthy of blame c. Maiv maaih dorngc nyei dorngx – maiv maaih haaix nyungc dorngx ziqc duqv guai fai gorngv nyei jauv. Irreproachable - guilty of nothing that can be called into to account; unreproveable, unaccused, blameless. d. Jangx jienv longx haic nyei jauv Tin-Hungh hnangv haaix nor mangc buatc naaiv deix mienh yiem ninh nyei m’zing. Note that this wonderful condition is how GOD viewed them (in His sight)!

16 C. NINH MBUO DUQV CAUX TIN-HUNGH HORPC HNYOUV NYEI JAUV SE GORNGV NINH MBUO ZANC-ZANC. THEIR RECONCILIATION TO GOD AND EXALTED CONDITION CONTINUES IF:  1. Maaih sienx fim (They continue in the faith) 2. Sienx wuonv yiem ninh mbuo sienx nyei jauv (They remain grounded and steadfast) 3. Ninh mbuo maiv tuix bouc guangc ninh mbuo sienx nyei kuv fienx (They are not moved away from the hope of the gospel).

D. YIEM KO^LO^SI JIU BAANG GOIV HNYOUV NYEI JAUV MBUO BAUTC. IN THE CONVERSION OF THE COLOSSIANS, WE HAVE SEEN: (1) Ninh mbuo daic yiem zuiz, benx Tin-Hungh nyei win-wangv yaac leih go Tin-Hungh. That they had been grave sinners, enemies and alienated from God. (2) Mv baac, ninh mbuo corc aengx duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv daaih. Yet, they had been reconciled to God (a) Yangh Yesu daic yiem ziepc nzaangc jaax nyei jauv daaih (Through Jesus' death on the cross).

18 (b) Mv baac ih zanc ninh mbuo benx cing-nzengc nyei mienh daaih aqv, maiv lamh guaix dorngx yiem Tin-Hungh nyei m’zing mangc (Such so they were now holy, blameless, and irreproachable in His sight). (c) Mv baac ninh mbuo duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv nyei jauv se yiem ninh mbuo ziepc zuoqv hnyouv yiem ninh mbuo nyei sienx fim caux maaih lamh hnamv dorngx yiem Giduc Yesu nyei jauv (But their reconciliation appears conditional, dependent upon their continued faithfulness and steadfast hope!)

A. KO^LO^SI NYEI JIU BAANG CAUX TIN-HUNGH HORPC HNYOUV NYEI JAUV MAIV FIH HNANGV NZENGC. THE COLOSSIANS' CONDITION PRIOR TO RECONCILIATION WAS NOT UNIQUE 1. Zien nyei, ninh mbuo se benx orqv nyei zuiz-mienh, benx Tin-Hungh nyei win-wangv, leih go Tin-Hungh (True, they had been wicked sinners, enemies, and alienated from God)

20 2. Mv baac mbuo yietc zungv yaac fih hnangv nyei – E^fe^so 2:1-2; Tidatc 3:3 (But so were we all!  Ephesians 2:1-3; Titus 3:3). 3. Haaix dauh yaac zeiz, daanh faanh hnamv taux maiv oix doix-dekc taux. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant of: (a) Orqv nyei zuiz aqv (The terribleness of sin) (b) Dongh cing-nzengc nyei, baengh fim nyei jauv se benx Tin-Hungh oix mbuo zoux nyei jauv. (The awesome holiness and justice required of God's character).

21 4. Yietc nyungc jauv bun mbuo ganh haih bieqc hnyouv longx jiex se Tin-Hungh nyei cing-nzengc caux mbuo nyei zuiz (To better understand how the opposition of sin and God's holiness). (a) Hnamv taux yietc YIETC NYUNGC zuiz zoux nyei jauv: bun mbuo dorngc nzengc yietc zunv Tin-Hungh nyei leiz-latc nor – Yaagorpc 2:10. (Consider what ONE sin will do: make us as guilty as though we have broken the entire law! James 2:10).

22 b. Hnamv taux Tin-Hungh zuoqc mbuo yiem zuiz nzuonx nyei jaax-zinh jauv- Ninh nyei Dorn-Hnamv daic weic mbuo (Consider the price necessary to redeem us from sin - the death of God's Beloved Son!) c. Yietc joux waac biux mengh taux Giduc siouc kouv weic mbuo nyei zuiz yiem ziepc nzaangc daic wuov zanc, Ninh gorngv, “Yie nyei Tin-Hungh aac, Yie Tin-Hungh, Meih weic haaix diuc guangc Yie? - Matv^taai 27:46. (Contemplate the words of anguish uttered by Jesus as He bore our sins upon the cross (My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?) -  Matthew 27:46.

23 B. MBUO DUQV CAUX TIN-HUNGH HORPC HNYOUV NYEI JAUV SE KUNGX MAAIH NDUQC NYUNGC DONGH YESU DAIC YIEM ZIEPC NZAANGC JAAX NYEI JAUV HNANGV. OUR RECONCILIATION WITH GOD IS MADE POSSIBLE ONLY THROUGH JESUS' DEATH ON THE CROSS: 1. Kuv gong maiv haih dorh mbuo nzuonx caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv. Good works cannot reconcile us back to God. a. Nyungc zeiv se hnangv jiu baang zoux nyei jauv, zoux kuv sic tengx mienh korh lienh mienh, zoux longx bun mienh nyei jauv lo haaix (Such as church-going, acts of mercy and kindness, etc).

24 b. Se gorngv haih nor, Ko^li^niou zungv duqv njoux lauh aqv (If so, then Cornelius would have been saved by them). (1) Ninh se benx yietc dauh kuv mienh – Gong-Zoh 10:1-2. For he certainly was a good man - Acts 10:1-2. (2) Mv baac ninh zungv oix zuqc bangc Bide, fin-mienh mbuox Ko^li^niou oix zuqc mingh buangv Bide, ninh gorngv mbuox meih hnangv haaix nor zoux cingx duqv njoux – Gong-Zoh 11: But as recounted by Peter, the angel told Cornelius that he still needed to have Peter tell him what to do to be saved – Acts 11:13-14.

25 2. Kuv gong se benx mbu’ndongx-fim nyei jauv, nyungc zeiv s hnangv Yesu nyei sai-gorx mbuo zoux nor (Tidatc 2:14; 3:1,8, 14), longc jienv jauv se hnangv naaiv. Though good works are essential as disciples of Jesus Christ ( Titus 2:14; 3:1, 8, 14), the bottom line is this: a. Mbuo duqv fungx benx caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv ( maiv fungx benx zuiz-mienh se weic Giduc nyei nziaamv – Lomaa 5:9. We are justified (declared not guilty) by Christ's blood – Romans 5:9.  

26 b. Kungx Yesu nyei buh nziaamv hnangv haih nzaaux duqv mbuo nyei zuiz cing-nzengc – E^fe^so 1:7; 1 Yo^han 1:7. Only the blood of His cross can cleanse us from sin! -  Ephesians 1:7; 1 John 1:7. 3. Longc jienv jiex nyei waac-naaic, wuov nyungc haaix dauh haih duqv Yesu nyei nziaamv tengx ninh? The crucial question, then, is how can one benefit from the blood of Jesus?

27 a. Da’yietv, se oix zuqc longc sienx fim ziepc zuoqv hnyouv nyiemc mbuo nyei zuiz yaac jiex wuom nyei leiz sienx kaux Giduc – Gong-Zoh 2:38. At first, through a penitent faith when we are baptized into Christ - Acts 2:38. (1) Jiex wuom nyei leiz bun cing mbuo caux Giduc Yesu juangc daic –Lomaa 6:3-8. For in baptism, we are united with Christ in His death - Romans 6:3-8. (2) Yiem jiex wuom nyei leiz, mbuo duqv Giduc buang jienv mbuo – Gaa^laa^tie 3:27. And in baptism, we are clothed with Christ -Galatians 3:27.

28 (3) Hnangv naaic mbuo caux Giduc ziangh jienv, yaac duqv Ninh buang jienv mbuo, mbuo ziouc duqv zipv nyungc-nyungc lingh wuonh nyei fuqv yiem ninh daaih, liemh jienv ninh nyei buh nziaamv zuoqc mbuo nzuonx nyei jauv – E^fe^so 1:7. So united with Christ and clothed with Him, we enjoy all the spiritual blessings to be found by being in Him, including redemption through His blood! -  Ephesians 1:7. (4) Liuz, hnangv mbuo qiemx zuqc nyei ziangh hoc, mbuo yaac maaih Yesu nyei nziaamv tengx mbuo, yangh mbuo goiv hnyouv nyiemc zuiz caux daux gaux nyei jauv – 1 Yo^han 1:9; Gong-Zoh 8:22. Then, as needed, we have access to the blood of Jesus through repentance and prayer -  1 John 1:9; Acts 8:22.

29 (5) Kungx yangh naaiv diuh jauv hnangv, mbuo haih duqv benx cing-nzengc nyei mienh, maiv lamh nqemh dorngx, yiem Tin-Hungh mangc. Only in this way can we be holy, blameless, and irreproachable in God's sight! C. MBUO CAUX TIN-HUNGH HORPC HNYOUV NYEI JAUV SE BENX LONGX NYEI JAUV. OUR RECONCILIATION IS CONDITIONAL!

30 1. Baulo gorngv oix zuqc zanc-zanc gan longx meih sienx nyei Doz – Ko^lo^si 1:23. Paul says YOU MUST CONTINUE in your Faith – Colossians 1:23. 2. Duqv njoux liuz (mbuo ziouc duqv caux Tin-Hungh horpc hnyouv mi’aqv). Once we saved (we were reconciled to God). 3. Wuov nyungc, Giduc Mienh nyei njoux en nyei jienv dorngx ni? What about the security of the believer?

31 4. Ging-Sou gorngv dongh mbuo zipv buoz laengz nzuih sienx kaux Yesu wuov zanc, Tin-Hungh bun Singx Lingh daaih gunv mbuo hnangv dingc zinh nor dingc jienv mbuo, bun cing mbuo benx duqv joux nyei mienh mi’aqv – E^fe^so 1:13-14. The security of the BELIEVER comes when they accepting Christ. Bible says, “when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, 14 who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God's possession—to the praise of his glory.” (Ephesians 1:13-14).

32 (a) Ninh mbuo haih guangc Yesu ziouc maiv duqv njoux aqv
(a) Ninh mbuo haih guangc Yesu ziouc maiv duqv njoux aqv. They might leave Christ and lost Salvation - Hebrews 6:4-8; 10:26-31). (b) Haih mingh ndortv njiec jaav leiz nyei jauv. Error or false doctrine – 2 Peter 3:17. (c) Haih ndortv njiec zuiz nyei jauv. Temptations to sin – 2 Peter 2:20-22. (d) Haih buangh zuqc kouv naanc nyei jauv. Trials and hardships in life – Revelation 2:10.

33 Setv Mueiz Waac – Conclusion
Mbuo hoqc taux haaix nyungc jauv yiem Ko^lo^si Zingh nyei Jiu Baang nyei nyungc zeiv? What have we learned from the conversion of the Colossians? (1) Bun mbuo jangx taux dongh yietc zungv sienx Yesu nyei mienh. First, a reminder to those who are Christians: (a) Zinh ndaangc ninh mbuo benx haaix nyungc mienh. Of where they once were.

34 (b) Ih zanc ninh mbuo duqv zipv njien-youh orn-lorqc nyei fuqv yiem Giduc. Of the blessings they now enjoy in Christ. (c) Ninh mbuo oix zuqc zanc-zanc ziepc zuoqv hnyouv sienx Yesu taux setv mueiz nyei hnoi. Of the need to remain faithful to the end. 2. Mv baac aengx maaih hoqc nyei jauv bun taux dongh maiv ziepc zuoqv hnyouv sienx nyei mienh wuov deix. But also, a lesson to those not faithfully believe.

35 (a) Ninh mbuo haih guangc Yesu ziouc maiv duqv njoux aqv
(a) Ninh mbuo haih guangc Yesu ziouc maiv duqv njoux aqv. They might leave Christ and lost Salvation - Hebrews 6:4-8; 10:26-31). (b) Ninh mbuo yaac haih mingh ndortv njiec taux jaav leiz nyei jauv. Error or false doctrine – 2 Peter 3:17. (c) Ninh mbuo yaac haih mingh ndortv njiec yiem zuiz nyei jauv. Temptations to sin - 2 Peter 2:20-22. (d) Ninh mbuo yaac haih buangh zuqc kouv naanc nyei jauv. Trials and hardships in life –Revelation 2:10.

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