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Frontier Fellowship Cell Church

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1 Frontier Fellowship Cell Church
Cell Church Models with Pastor Julie Jacobs In the next few minutes, we will develop the concept of Cell Church, and describe several of the models currently being used in Cell Church Ministry.

2 At Frontier Fellowship, our vision is the world, our goal is souls
At Frontier Fellowship, our vision is the world, our goal is souls. Julie Jacobs, Senior Pastor, and her husband Robb, are graduates of Christ for the Nations School of Missions and Cross Cultural Ministry. Julie is ordained through Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches and is a Presbyter and regional representative for this organization. Frontier Fellowship is in St. Paul, MN.

3 Frontier Fellowship Cell Church
Based on Acts 2:42-47 From house to house Doctrine, Cell, bread, prayer 2 Timothy 2:2 Teach them to teach The basic model for Cell Church is in Acts 2: Frontier also incorporates 2 Timothy 2:2 into our Discipleship strategy.

4 The Old Paradigm of “How To Do Church”
In the old paradigm, Cell groups or small groups were one of many departments in the church.

5 The New Paradigm In the new paradigm, the cells are the church. Every aspect of the five fold ministries are present in the cell, with the goal of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. (Ephesians 4:12)

6 The Multiplication of the Cell
As in biologic cell multiplication, there is a natural point at which cells multiply. We begin by seeking the Lord regarding who He would have us disciple, and then allow the Holy Spirit to direct us in the development of the cell within a structured learning environment until it is ready to multiply.

7 Frontier Discipleship Plan
For Every Believer Begins with salvation Water Baptism/Baptism in the Holy Spirit New Beginnings/Christianity 101-What it means to believe in Jesus Christ Encounter Retreat-Deliverance from spiritual bondage Spiritual Parenting Class- learning to disciple others New Steps /New Choices-Discipleship 201-Basic Christian doctrines Discovery Seminar-Spiritual gifts and personality inventory CareCell Leader’s Training New Calling/Leadership 301-Foundational principals of leading a ministry Champion’s Retreat-Laying on of hands; sending service Cell leadership- part of an apostolic team Leadership CareCell-Becoming a Person of Destiny The Discipleship base path is a systematic process that allows wholesome development and discipleship to take place with the expectation that every believer is to be trained to become a spiritual parent and learn to do the work of the ministry. The Cell Leader Training Track is based on the model of discipleship used by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry, and as described in Acts 4:12 is designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edification of the body of Christ.

8 Examples of Cell Models
Bethany Cell Church Network Baker, LA G12 Vision Bogotá, Colombia Global Leadership Network, Singapore House to House Lancaster, PA Frontier uses the “best of the best” approach to Cell Church resources. Listed here are a few of the most prominent Cell Church models we draw from.

9 Bethany Cell Church Network
Cell Group Meetings Different from Discipleship Base Path Meet in homes Doctrine, Cell, bread, prayer Cell lessons are Bible based and God focused. Not a “teaching,” but a group discussion Everyone takes a turn leading New groups usually form in January Champion’s Retreats are usually held in November. A “cell meeting” is a weekly or bi-weekly gathering of 12 or fewer believers, usually in a home, and is actually, the main meeting of the church. Twice a month, all of the cells gather for worship and celebration, on the First and Third Sundays. These meetings resemble a more traditional “church service” but are actually just corporate gatherings for a very specific aspect of church life. The more formal church gathering is in the cells. Discipleship base path classes, which are different from the cell group, occur before or after cell meetings, or before First or Third Sunday corporate gatherings.

10 G12
G12 stands for the ‘government of 12’ concept developed from scripture by Caesar Castilanos of Bogota, Columbia.

11 Win Consolidate Disciple Send The Ladder of Success
The principals of G12 include winning souls to Christ, consolidating the victory in the life of the believer, extensive discipleship and finally, sending to the work of the ministry, to win, consolidate, disciple and send others. Cell multiplication occurs at approximately 12 believers, and occurs along homogenous lines (similarities, such as geographic location or interests)

12 The School of Leaders Extremely successful among Hispanic believers, the School of Leaders materials begin with the basic family unit and extend to the church family worldwide.

13 GLN Cell Church Model The Global Leadership Network is lead by Pastor Naomi Dowdy of Singapore, and is very successful in Asian cultures as well as in the US. This model focuses on spiritual parenting, and developing leaders. A care-cell model is used.

14 GLN- A Culture of Evangelism
Multiplication of Carecells Church growth Everyone has an ‘oikos’ or sphere of influence. It is from this sphere of influence that God will present opportunities for evangelism.

15 A Culture of Nurturing Spiritual Growth Fruitfulness
The GLN CareCell model recognizes the need in every believer for nurture, spiritual growth and fruitfulness in the Kingdom of God.

16 A Culture of Leadership Development
Ever increasing leadership base Enables the Church to fulfill its God-given mission and vision As believers develop into leaders, the church grows.

17 A Culture of Pastoral Care
Results in spiritual care for every person Pastoral care is encouraged as one of the five fold ministries most needed for spiritual development.

18 GLN Leadership Development Track
As with other cell models, Care cells occur simultaneously, but on a different track than training.

19 Carecell Track Open Carecell-For everyone
Evangelism-Reaching out together to pre- believers (family and friends) Nurturing-helping everyone hear from God Pastoral Care and community life-everyone is connected Discovering our Spiritual Gifts through serving. Care cells are open to everyone.

20 Nurturing Series Features :
Bible-centered: Discover what the Word of God says. Progressive: Bite-sized modules for easy "digestion” Cutting-edge: True to the Word, relevant to life in the 21st century. Practical: Emphasizes obedience and practical application of the Word of God. Versatile: Ideal for personal study and small group discussions!

21 Nurturing Series Resources
Life is about relationships! Based on relationship rather than rules. It revolves around a Person rather than a philosophy. And so, the Nurturing Series is about relationships.

22 Leadership Carecell For Spiritual Parents and Teachers
Leadership Development Community Life-receiving peer support and encouragement from other leaders Apostolic Team- functioning in the gifts of the Holy Spirit Leadership training occurs in cells developed for this purpose. To be in leadership training, one must be a spiritual parent, having lead someone to Christ.

23 Leadership Development Resources
Disciple leaders for the Kingdom Helps the leader encounter biblical truths on calling, destiny and values Emphasizes the importance of character transformation and obedience to God Provides a God-centered, long-term perspective on leadership experiences and setbacks

24 Training Track For everyone-complements the Carecell Track
Imparts Kingdom vision, values and skills Pulpit ministry Courses and seminars Leaders Community Empowerment meetings. Everyone has the opportunity to be in Training for leadership. Courses and seminars are offered widely and attendance is encouraged in the church.

25 Global Leadership Network
“To empower churches to transform the harvest field into a harvest force. We do this by providing training, consultancy, mentoring and cutting edge resources for nurturing, training and leadership development. The focus of GLN is Community Transformation.

26 D.O.V.E Christian Fellowship
Pastor Larry Kreider House to House Publications DOVE Christian Fellowship offers a variety of publications and resources to support Cell Church ministry and is widely recognized as an effective international Cell church, with origins in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

27 Let’s GO!!! So there you have it! Several models for advancing the kingdom of God through Cell Church ministry. So what are we waiting for? Pick a model, and Let’s Go! Matt 28:19-20 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen. NKJV

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