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Beginners – Things You Should Know and Do FAMILY HISTORY TIME TO START A Commandment An Adventure A Hobby A Spiritual Experience.

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1 Beginners – Things You Should Know and Do FAMILY HISTORY TIME TO START A Commandment An Adventure A Hobby A Spiritual Experience

2 Many Ways to do Family History Write your own or an ancestor’s life story Write in a journal Scrapbook Take photos Share photos Do a Family Web Site, Blog or Skype Share stories and photos of ancestors

3 Many Ways to do Family History Continued Keep your children’s mementos in a file folder, scrapbook or box Plan/or Attend a Family Reunion Register on Attend a family history class on Sunday or at a family history center Research names to take to the temple Attend the Temple Make Happy Memories each day of your life -- for each day of your life is FAMILY HISTORY

4 Are You Doing Family History ? I compliment each one of you. As you look at the prior list you will realize you are already doing ‘something’ in family history. Today you are here in this class -- so it shows your want to learn and do more. Invite your family members to join with you in learning this new information about the Church’s new way with family history by complimenting them on any of the ways they are already doing family history.

5 Never has there been a more exciting time to do temple and family history work. Many more temples are being built worldwide than ever before. Technological advances continually increase our ability to locate and search records and to communicate with others. People around the world are researching, compiling, and publishing family histories in print and on the Internet. Introduction Page v “Member’s guide to Temple and family History Work”

6 So---Welcome! You are about to embark on a fascinating journey that will take you back into history and forward into the eternities.

7 What You Will Need To Learn and Do Gather and Organize Your Family History Register for New FamilySearch Have a Personal Family History Program on Your Own Computer Learn How to Take Names to the Temple Ways to Research for Names You Do Not Have

8 The Three Step Process in doing Family 1.Gather 2. Record 3. Perform the ordinances You repeat this process with each new goal

9 No 1. Gather “Get a cardboard box. Any kind of a box will do. Put it some place where it is in the way, perhaps on the couch or on the counter in the kitchen—anywhere where it cannot go noticed. Then, over a period of a few weeks, collect and put into the box every record of your life, such as your birth certificate, your certificate of blessing, your certificate of baptism, your certificate of ordination, your certificate of graduation. Collect diplomas, all of the photographs, honors, or awards, a diary if you have kept one, everything that you can find pertaining to your life; anything that is written, or registered, or recorded that testifies that you are alive and what you have done.” Don’t try to do this in a day. Take some time on it… Gather all these papers together and put them in the box”. Boyd K. Packer, The Holy Temple, pg. 232-33) ‏

10 Gather Family History Information From Family Members Write letters Write emails Make phone calls Visit family members Conduct oral interviews with parents, grandparents, or other older relatives

11 Examples of What to Look For and Find Birth Certificates Marriage Records DeathCertificates Family – Photos & Stories Family History -- Books Household Items School Records Health Records Artifacts-Samplers, Quilts Military Service Records Licenses Employment History Citizenship Papers Religious Activity

12 Organize and Develop a Filing System Large 3-ring binder Divider Tabs Plastic sheet protectors Marking pen Pencil

13 Ways to Organize Paper Trail Folders – color code by family Multi pocket folder for each family/person File box or cabinet Computer – (Your Personal FH Program) PAF with Family insight Roots Magic Ancestral Quest Legacy

14 How to enter Names, Dates and Places When typing male names – type first, middle and last names on the same line - John Lee Smith When typing female names – type the first, middle and maiden name – Mary Brown Dates – day, month (first three letters) and four numbers for the year – 11 Nov 2008 Place – smallest to largest with commas Example: Logan, Cache, Utah, United States. (Name of cemetery can be put in the burial information along with the name of the town) (If you do not know the name of a county, type the town, state with the word “county” into Google)

15 Visit A Family History Center Choose a Goal for your visit! Remember to take with you the following: Your personal pedigree chart and important information about the ancestor/ancestors you are looking for Notebook/Research Log Flashdrive (flash stick, thumb drive) Your membership number if you have not registered in new FamilySearch

16 Research Log No matter which way you choose to organize having a ‘Research Log’ is most important. You need to record: Who When Where What Why How

17 Study and Learn Record on your Research Log: Who – you are looking for and who came to America or Utah When – dates you found the information When – dates pertaining to the ancestor’s information Where – book, film & number, place (Library or relative) Where - the places ancestors were living What – places of residence, Parishes Why – did they come to American or move to another place How – did they travel

18 Record ALL Results! If you don’t find what you’re looking for in a particular source, record a “nil” search result on your Research Log!

19 To Print Family History Forms go to Click Learn In search box type FamilySearch downloads > click search > then click FamilySearch downloads Scroll down and click on Research Log Click the printer icon NOTE: other blank forms such as Pedigree Chart or Family Group Record can also be printed if you desire to do so.

20 Ways To Learn Family History Classes Family History Center September Conference Sunday School Tutorials One-on-One with Ward FH Consultant Staff member at the Family History Center

21 LDS Church Internet Sites -- (must use to prepare names to take to the temple) -- (important to use in doing research) -- (Pioneer Ancestor Information)

22 LDS Church Internet Sites

23 Register for New Family Search Derwin Merrill 2010 Birth

24 Register for New Family Search Derwin Merrill 2010 Birth Date

25 How to Learn new FamilySearch Sign In > Look for the words “Learn How to Use Family Search.” These words on the first screen (home page) appear under welcome and your name. Click here > Seven Tutorials are listed for home study. Attend a class at the Family History Center Questions you may have call the Logan Family History Center 435-755-5594 As you get more advanced you can also call Family Support 1-866-406-1830. A Family History Missionary will help you.

26 How to Research Names Type ancestor’s name and info Browse by Location – click on States/Countries and follow instructions to find names, original documents etc. Click on the words at the top of the FamilySearch Screen to learn more about this site. (The words are: Learn, FamilySearch Centers, Give Back, and Blog) Also, notice the word Help where you can click for assistance in learning about this site.

27 Steps: > Menu > The Church-Places to Visit > A-Z Index > H > Historical Resources > Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel > Search on a Name

28 3. Perform Temple Ordinance Print a FOR (Family Ordinance Request) to take to the temple In the temple you will go to the family name desk area (across from the clothing rental) and give them the FOR paper They will print the cards for the names of your ancestors. Give enough time for this to take place if you plan to attend the temple that day to do the work

29 Derwin Merrill 2010

30 Present Ordinance Request Form to Temple Ordinance Cards will be printed and given to you Derwin Merrill 2010

31 Logan Temple Photo Derwin Merrill 2010

32 Set a New Goal Check for names of ancestors in new FamilySearch that need their temple work done Research for new names of ancestors that are not found in new FamilySearch Return to the Temple often

33 What You Can Do at Home a.Place Photos in photo books, scrapbooks, or scanned on computer b.Typing family history information into your personal computer program c.Contact relatives and share information d.Register on new FamilySearch e.Prepare a FOR (Family Ordinance Request) of names to take to the temple

34 What You Can Do at The Logan Regional Family History Center a.Register on new FamilySearch (remember to bring your membership number) b.Prepare a FOR (Family Ordinance Request) of names to take to the temple c.Receive one-on-one help d.Attend classes e.Access free family history programs

35 Let’s review Three Step Process in Family History Work 1. Gather 2. Record 3. Perform Ordinances Register for new FamilySearch Home Study – Seven Tutorials Organize Your Personal Family History Research in Continue taking photos, writing in your journal, or working at other Family History items on the list

36 Your Goal?

37 Join people all over the world in one of the most important experiences you can ever have. Thank You for coming! Have a wonderful week! You are off to a great adventure!

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