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Greece and Olive Tree Tradition-Health-Religion Greece.

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2 Greece and Olive Tree Tradition-Health-Religion

3 Greece

4 A field with Olive Trees-A picture on the walls of Minoan Palaces of Knossos

5 Collection of the olives using sticks and hands The cultivation of Olive Tree in ancient times

6 Huge clay containers were used for the storage in appropriate places of olive oil. Whoever has wheat,wine and olive oil in the jar is rich and blessed by god Legend from the island of Crete




10 Centrifugation: Spinning the paste round at high speed to separate oil

11 Competition between God Poseidon and Goddess Athena. Panagia the Elaiovritissa

12 Greek athletes use olive oil on their skin.

13 Use of the instrument strigil for cleaning.

14 Soap made out of oil for cleaning.

15 Lamp for lightening.

16 Bless the ground that feeds olive tree Bless the rain that comes from heaven and is watering the olive tree Bless three times more the product of the olive tree, the olive oil, because it is lightening in front of icons and feeds poor people free translation from a poem of Ioannis Polemis

17 Olive oil is used as a therapeutic agent in ancient years.

18 Good Samaritan (Jesus Christ) treats wounded person (people). Luke, ι΄, 34

19 To the courteous and honorable from God human being was given the excellent food; bread, wine and olive oil. Bread to support and strengthen the heart, wine to delight the soul and olive oil to please and cure the body from the painful hardening. Efsevios, On the inscriptions of psalms ……23, 1273,47-55

20 Olive oil is used in the sacrament of baptism. The new baptised is released from the power of devil.

21 In 1830, Michaud in his visit of the island of Cyprus realizes that the crowns of people to be married are made with branches of olives. People of Cyprus are calling the Sunday before the Resurrection, the “Sunday of Olive Tree” because according to their custom they bring branches of olive tree to be blessed.


23 “The collection of olives in the island of Mytilini” Theofilos, 1933 Olive Tree and Art

24 Olive Tree …I am not a fair, sweet-smelling rose or citron-tree I blur the eyes of soul… Kostis Palamas Knossos, Crete 1600-1425 π.Χ.

25 “Your age, does not prevent you from becoming richer and richer every year!” Aristos Kampanis

26 Olive tree and labour

27 Jesus Christ before crucifixion prayed under the shadow of olive tree. Agony in the garden El Greco

28 Olive tree loves the blue sky.

29 Olive tree filters the light and it is a shady tree. Olive trees Olive trees G. Zoumpoulakis

30 The pigeon returns to Noah with a branch of olive tree and brings the message that the storm is ended.


32 The olive oil is the magic golden natural fruit which as the umbilical cord joins the tradition of the past of our existence, with the sacred symbols of our civilisation. It feeds us and introduces us to its supreme, simple, pure and dismantle taste.

33 Molecular Analysis Lab. Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry National Hellenic Research Foundation Laboratory personel: Errika Zervou, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis (Narrator), Agni Kapou (Narrator), Ioanna Kyrikou, Ioanna Ntaliani, Eleni Siapi Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Mavromoustakos

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