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MERRY CHRISTMAS. Poland Culinary Polish culinary literature states that the number of visitors during the Christmas Eve should be even (plus one plate.

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2 Poland Culinary Polish culinary literature states that the number of visitors during the Christmas Eve should be even (plus one plate for the absent / dead / unexpected visitors / Child). However, there is disagreement as to the number of dishes: according to some sources, it should be 12, while the other emphasizes that must be odd, generally 13 in magnates, 11 of nobles, 9 in the middle class. These 13 dishes is the upper limit. But, according to Prince Radziwill JO, you can try all the fish, which are counted as one dish.

3 midnight mass At night, usually at midnight, in the churches of the Roman Catholic Mass begins with the solemn midnight mass called. The next day (25 December) is called Christmas, and December 26 in Poland, the second day of the holidays celebrated in memory of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Christian faith. During the liturgical color of Christmas is white. In countries with a tradition of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Christmas Day is a day off from work. In most countries (including Poland) off from work is also the second day of Christmas (in the UK known as Boxing Day).

4 In the nineteenth century, the Christmas tree has arrived in England and France, and then to the countries of Southern Europe. Since that time, is the most recognized symbol of Christmas. Moved it to the Polish, German Protestants at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (the period of the partitions) and initially encountered was only in the cities. From there until the habit is moved to the countryside, most of displacing traditional Polish decoration, which was podła ź niczka and replacing much older, Slavic custom (yet known celebration of the mating season) decorating beam of grain, called CHRISTMAS TREE

5 Most of the symbols of Christmas is rooted in the beliefs poga ń skic. A Christmas tree for centuries has been the various trinkets hanging Christmas. Followers of Mithra and the Roman Saturnalia circumventors bestowing gifts. In Poland, most families is celebrated as a festival gathering many relatives. Typical attributes are: wafer Christmas carols Christmas tree and Nativity scene often gifts figure bestowing gifts of children and adults: this role is usually completely fictional Santa Claus (the prototype of which was, however, a genuine character), but depending on the region may be this: Infant (Upper Silesia), Angel (Galicia)

6 Nativity is a Christmas show inspired by the mysteries of the medieval Franciscan. The author shows Christmas is regarded St. Francis of Assisi. Their content was the story of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and Herod's plot. Initially figure Child, Mary, Joseph, the Three Kings and the rest of the drama was still. Through the Franciscan religious orders and bernardine introduced in place of puppets. In the first half of the eighteenth century, the Polish bishops banned nativity display in churches. The reason was the increasing penetration of the content of representations of scenes and characters of a ludic. Texts Nativity, the most common dialect, were mostly anonymous. It was processed several times, among other things due to the fact that they contain threads that relate to current events. The well-known literary studies include nativity play written by Lucjan Rydel Fri Polish Bethlehem. For drawing on the traditions of Polish nativity cribs today the Dominican in Poznan with lyrics Jack Smith, issued by the Theater Friendly.

7 Originally called Bethlehem Ephratah as reported in Genesis, of Bethlehem came Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and their sons. He was also a resident of Boaz (Ruth). Bethlehem was also called Ephrath or Bethlehem in Judah - to distinguish the other cities of the same name (Bethlehem of Galilee, in the territory of Zebulun). After the birth of Jesus on the orders of King Herod killed all the boys were in Bethlehem and its vicinity, with two years or less. Already in the second century mention the Justin Martyr. In the Nativity Grotto 132-135 Roman temple rebuilt Adonis. Basilica of the Nativity was built in 326 by Constantine the Great, through the foundation of St. Helena, in 529 was destroyed by the Samaritans in 550 years reconstructed by Justinian the Great, in 614 years they went to Bethlehem, the Persians, and from 637 the Caliph Omar, who built a mosque next to the church. In Bethlehem 1099 years took the Crusaders, the Basilica of the Greek clergy were removed, a city surrounded by a wall, and in the twelfth century basilica was built by the Crusaders), under which the Nativity Grotto. In the years 1187- 1229 the city once again found themselves in the hands of Muslims, in 1250 the town walls were demolished, Grotto Christmas came under the common control of Orthodox, Catholics and Armenians, and now under the control of Greek Orthodox Church and the Catholics.

8 JESUS CHRIST According to all the NT Gospels, the beginning of Jesus' public life came when he was about 30 years (cf. Lk 3:23), it was probably at the end of 27/28 AD [1] Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Some how, E. Haenchen, casts doubt on the actual existence of the event, suggesting that, as you can see major differences in the message of these two characters, it could have been only a theological picture [24]. As noted by J. Gnilka, this argument is not sufficiently serious to deny the historical dimension of this story. The event was difficult to interpret the Christian community. Matthew cites the objections of John (cf. Mt 3:14). In the story Luke baptism is mentioned only in passing (cf. Lk 3:21). John the Evangelist, describing the meeting between Jesus and John, in general, not talking about him (cf. John 29-34) [25]. According to the Gospel of Luke, John was a relative of Jesus. Completing the sayings of the prophets (Isaiah 40.3, Ml 3.1), on the banks of the Jordan River calling for repentance, repentance and confession of sin, and baptized as a sign of inner purification (cf. Mark 1:4-5, Isaiah 1.16 ). John said publicly that Jesus is the Messiah expected by the Jews, and at the same time the Son of God. At the time of Jesus' baptism in the Holy Spirit descended like a dove.

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