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2013 Holy Land Pilgrimage Information. Leave Wednesday, Jan. 23 Tickets should arrive 2-3 weeks prior to departure Depart from city of your choice Flight.

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1 2013 Holy Land Pilgrimage Information

2 Leave Wednesday, Jan. 23 Tickets should arrive 2-3 weeks prior to departure Depart from city of your choice Flight time of about 10-12 hours Arrive in Tel Aviv at mid-afternoon on Thursday

3 Met by E.O. reps Transported by custom motor coaches to hotel

4 Tiberius Valley of the Doves Korizim Mount of the Beatitudes Tel Hatzor Sea of Galilee Capernaum Tabgha Caesarea Philippi Mount Hermon Golan Heights Jordan River Cana Nazareth Beit She’an Meggido Jezreel Valley Caesarea Jerusalem (many sites) Bethlehem Shepherd Fields Herodium Jericho Qumran Masada Dead Sea

5 IF we follow the normal practice, our first two (perhaps three) days will be at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Tiberias. Might be considered comparable to a Hampton Inn in America.

6 Breakfast and Dinner are buffet meals served at the hotels Lunch is on our own while we travel Lunch will run $8 - $14

7 Each day’s touring will be roughly from 8am – 5:30pm Optional lectures will be available One while we are in Tiberias which focuses on the Galilee area Two while we are in Jerusalem One focused on the Judean area Second focused on the Jewish/Palestinian conflict











18 In Jerusalem we normally stay at the Olive Tree Hotel






24 This day can be a day of rest or shopping in Jerusalem or it can be used to tour Qumran, Masada and the Dead Sea.



27 Crime rate in Israel is lower than in a typical US city In 36 years, EO has never had a major incident In the last 45 years, no Christian Pilgrim from the USA has been killed in Israel

28 Packing Luggage 1 checked bag and one carry on bad Checked bag must be no more than 62 linear inches length + width + depth, can weigh no more than 50 lbs EO will send a bag tag, please make sure to attach it to checked bag If you are traveling as a couple, you may want to pack clothes for both in each suitcase. This way, if one suitcase is lost, each person will have clothing to wear. Dress Layers, layers, layers Temperatures can significantly Jan. is a “wet” month (umbrella or raincoat recommended) Jerusalem average 53 -39, rain average 5 inches Tiberias average 65-48, rain average

29 TIP: Before packing, select one major color (examples: black, brown, navy blue) and coordinate all pieces to that color. Make a chart of the days you will be gone and list (or sketch) the outfits you will wear on each day. 1) Pants and shorts: Bring two pair of pants. One should be of lightweight cotton and the other should be either heavier or lighter based on the season. Button-down wallet pockets are safest. In addition, bring a pair of Jeans. Shorts are optional as they are not allowed in religious sites. Woman may want to add a skirt. 2) Shirts: Bring three to four shirts (mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve) in a cotton/polyester blend. For winter, add one or two cotton long-sleeve turtle neck shirts to layer under these. 3) Accessories: Take just a few colorful scarves/ties, belts and sweater/shawls or vests to liven up your outfits. 4) Sweater: Summer or winter, take a warm sweater in a dark color. It will serve as a coat, making you instantly dressed up, plus it won’t show dirt! 5) Jacket: Bring a light weight, water proof windbreaker. The kind with a hood is the best. 6) Shoes: Wear one pair of well-broken-in walking/hiking shoes. A second pair (hiking sandals or second pair of walking shoes) is optional in case the first pair gets wet. For cruises, the second pair should be sandals or flip flops for the beach. 7) Underwear and Socks: Five of each is enough if you plan to wash/drip-dry in your room. Otherwise, bring a pair for each day.

30 8) Money Belt: This is usually a belt-like bag that clips around your middle or hangs around your neck. Whatever style you select, it is essential to have one. Keep your money, passport, airline ticket and other irreplaceable documents in your money belt. You should basically live in your money belt 9) Travel Alarm: For those days you want to get up earlier than the set wake-up call. Be sure to put new batteries in and try it out for a few days before your trip. 10) Camera: Now is the time to go digital if you haven't already! Be sure to put new batteries in and learn how to use it BEFORE your trip. 11) Rain Gear: Bring a collapsible umbrella and a Rain Poncho (you can buy an inexpensive folded travel version that takes up very little room in your day pack). 12) Day Pack: Bring a small shoulder bag or back pack that you plan to carry each day. It should have room for a water of bottle and any items you might need for the day, such as rain gear or a sweater, or medicines you need to take while out touring, etc. 13) Medicines: Keep in the original containers with prescription labels. Put in your carry on bag. Bring a list of the medicines with their generic equivalents (your pharmacist can give this to you) as the doctors in another country may not be familiar with the brand name. Bring a copy of the original prescription if you have it. 14) Eye Wear: Bring an extra pair of glasses, extra contact lenses, and your prescription if you have it. 15) Personal Kit: Try to keep this kit as small as possible... Remember, you are on a journey and want to pack light. Bring travel sizes of the following: Shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, shaving items, comb, hair brush. Other items you might want are ear plugs (hotels can have thin walls), sewing kit, first aid kit (including sore throat items and diarrhea remedy), sunscreen and sunglasses,

31 As You Pack: Passport: Make several copies of your passport. Leave one at home with your emergency contact person. Put one in your carry-on luggage in a safe location. Your passport should be in your money belt but accessible for use at the airport. Travel Documents: Make copies of your airline ticket (usually an e-ticket these days) and your itinerary. Leave one at home with your emergency contact person. Put copies in your carry-on luggage in a safe location. The originals should be in your money belt or secure pocket of your carry-on and accessible for use at the airport. Money: For shopping, bring cash (small, clean bills are best... in the Holy Land, you will need mostly one dollar bills), a couple of credit cards and as back up, a debit card. For emergencies, carry a couple of personal checks and emergency cash ($300 to $400 per person) which is not to be touch unless a true emergency arises (shopping does not count!). NOTES: If you plan to use your credit card and/or debit card more than once while overseas, call your card company BEFORE you leave to inform them of your itinerary. Otherwise, you will find your card privileges canceled in order to protect the card holder from fraud. If you prefer, you can bring your emergency cash in the form of Travelers Checks but you will pay a fee to buy them AND to use them, even is used in the USA.

32 Love Offering for Guide and bus driver Our suggested amount for the voluntary love offering is $4.00 per person, per day for your guide and $2.50 per person, per day for your driver. So this will be $6.50 X 8= $52 per person Your Bus Captain will pass an envelope for this collection towards the end of your trip. What about other "tips"? Prepaid gratuities have been collected for the following persons: hotel dining room staff, bell man/porters, housekeeping. You will not need to tip for standard services as all tips will be distributed by our company. If, however, you request any special services from the staff, additional gratuities would be appropriate. Money & Shopping E.O. will be very helpful in guiding shopping experiences. $800 per person can be brought back duty free New $1 and $5 dollar bills are a good idea

33 You will need a Power Converter with a Mediterranean/Middle East option. No vaccinations required, but a Tetanus booster may be helpful Medical assistance is available

34 We strongly encourage you to have some form of travel protection EO offers an excellent travel protection program If you have to cancel and do not have travel protection you will lose some, if not all, of your deposit. For more information regarding the EO travel protection plan visit the EO website.

35 Your Pilgrimage includes: 10 days of Biblical Discovery Deluxe Motorcoaches Guided sightseeing Entrance fees to sites visited 1 st and Superior 1 st class hotels Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily Online Bible Study Guide Airfare from one of 4 departure cities; Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Nashville Airline Fuel Surcharge Administrative Fee Price $2,998 Save when you register with a $300 deposit 11 month prior to departure $80 10 months prior to departure $70 9 months prior to departure $60 8months prior to departure $50 Register to travel at:

36 The EO website contains additional helpful information about scripture The website contains helpful tips to prepare you for your journey You can easily and quickly register for your journey via the website (directions are given later).

37 You will have the opportunity to: Walk in the footsteps of Jesus Worship with indigenous church communities Personally lay claim to the Land of the Bible as your homeland Experience worship services (communion, baptism, daily devotions, and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee)

38 You will gain an understanding of: What life was like in the days of Jesus (culture, customs, and traditions) The History of the Holy Land The “Fifth Gospel”, the Land itself How geography shaped biblical events

39 You will become excited about the Bible (reading/ hearing the Bible will never be the same) You will become more committed to the cause of Christ You will make new friends with whom you share a unique bond and strengthen existing relationships with fellow church members and your group leader / pastor You will have the opportunity to analyze your own personal relationships You will be enriched with memories to last a lifetime You will experience the meaning of Christ’s life in today’s world

40 Educational Opportunities has a hospitality desk at the hotel, manned by EOT personnel who will help care for your every need EO has the best overall dollar value and is considered to be the world leader in Christian travel



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