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Vatican II We’ve Only Just Begun! …in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

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1 Vatican II We’ve Only Just Begun! …in the Archdiocese of Atlanta

2 │ The Vatican II Center Today Two goals: To convince you to teach about Vatican II in all your parish or school programs. 50 th Anniversary just beginning Year of Faith To talk about the Universal Call to Holiness How can we help parishioners hear the call? How can we help them respond to it?

3 │ The Vatican II Center Also Two sets of resources: The Vatican II Center materials Resources for every age and stage Affordable and mostly reproducible In English or Spanish Come to the Table │ Ven a la Mesa Small group faith formation Dynamite

4 │ The Vatican II Center Conversation What do you remember (or what have you been told) about the Church on the eve of Vatican II?

5 Always use an editor! Check it twice!

6 The Low Self Esteem support group will meet Thursday at 7 PM. Please use the back door!

7 When you arrive late for Mass, please wait in the vestibule. The Ushers will eat you.

8 The women’s Bible study meets Tuesday after the morning Mass. Breakfast will be served after the B.S. is over.

9 This being Easter, the members of the Rosary Society will each come forward… …and lay an egg on the altar!

10 Youth basketball program notes: Come and watch Mary, Mother of the Church kill Christ the King!

11 OK Let’s get to work…

12 Church history JCToday The Founding Period 3251517 Under Constantine The Reformation Carolingian reforms Lateran Councils Conversion Encounter with Christ A life of discipleship See how they love one another Catechumenate Enthusiastic faith! Baptism with no formation Less personal faith – decided by the local ruler More “membership” Rapid growth in ever-larger parishes Minimum “obligations” – threat of Hell Religious orders Movements among clergy & laity │ The Vatican II Center Your mission statement As disciples and believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we proclaim the good news and grow in faith, hope, love, and service to others.

13 Church history JCToday The Founding Period 325 John XXIII a new vision ecumenical in spirit & scope filled with hope 1959 │ The Vatican II Center

14 Blessed John XXIII The Council? I expect a little fresh air from it. We must become a church of pastors, not a society of rulers. We must shake off the imperial dust that has accumulated on the throne of St. Peter since Constantine. │ The Vatican II Center

15 Church history JCToday The Founding Period 3251517 1959 John XXIII Ressourcement: Return to the sources and let them teach you. Recovering elements of the Church which had been lost to history │ The Vatican II Center

16 Church history JCToday The Founding Period 3251517 1959 John XXIII Aggiornamento: Read the signs of the times and bring yourself up to date! │ The Vatican II Center

17 JCToday The Founding Period 3251517 1958 John XXIII Doctrine develops: Allow the development or evolution of church teaching Dei Verbum #8 How the Council worked: │ The Vatican II Center

18 JCToday The Founding Period 3251517 Ressourcement Aggiornamento Doctrine develops How the Council worked: │ The Vatican II Center

19 What was recovered? From the early centuries The Mass Baptism Scripture - People of the Word Church - People of God Ecumenism The Catechumenate (RCIA) Work for Justice And, the BIGGEE Personal experience of Christ It is a response to God’s summons to us – God’s call It is rooted in self-giving love, dying to ourselves as Christ did The Call to an Encounter with Christ 36 The Universal Call to Holiness

20 Pope John’s question: How could a church so completely entrenched in the model which emerged in the 4 th Century, a model retained by both the Council of Trent and the First Vatican Council renew itself for these times? │ The Vatican II Center

21 In the words of John XXIII “Our soul was illumined by a great idea which we felt in that instant and received with indescribable trust in the Divine Master. A word solemn and binding rose to our lips: ‘A Council!’” │ The Vatican II Center

22 Jan 25, 1959 At St Paul Outside the Walls Pope John & 17 Cardinals After Evening Prayer… 3 little announcements: A Synod for the Diocese of Rome A Commission to revise Canon Law An Ecumenical Council of the Universal Church, with all Christians invited as observers Basilica San Paolo Fuori le Mura │ The Vatican II Center

23 Jan 25, 1959 “Humanly we could have expected that the cardinals after hearing our allocution might have crowded around to express approval and good wishes… Instead there was a devout and impressive silence…” │ The Vatican II Center

24 The idea of the Council did not ripen in me as the fruit of long meditation but came forth like the flower of an unexpected spring. Blessed John XXIII │ The Vatican II Center

25 The Speech Oct 11, 1962 Opening Mass of the Council Tridentine Latin Mass Only a few received communion Most said “private Masses” that morning People were chatting, coming- and-going, feeling boredom & fatigue

26 Opening Speech of John XXIII Expressed optimism about how God is leading the Church Stepped away from those who wanted condemnations “We demonstrate the validity of our teaching rather than condemning others.” “We prefer to use the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity” │ The Vatican II Center

27 Opening Speech of John XXIII Drew a distinction between: Authentic traditions in harmony with the inner nature of the church and her sacraments and Dated routine added at some point in history │ The Vatican II Center

28 For example Authentic tradition Bread and wine at the Eucharist Water at Baptism The ancient prayers of the liturgy Assembling and praying on the Lord’s day Dated routine Latin Benediction Precise formulas of prayer or actions Praying devotions and rosaries during Mass The communion rail cloth │ The Vatican II Center

29 Opening Speech of John XXIII Doctrine develops over time Not all that the Gospel demands of us has yet been fully revealed to us (John XXIII) Distinction between: Revealed truth - which does not change The language in which we express it - which must change in every generation in order to remain true │ The Vatican II Center

30 Council procedures Latin would be the language Voting was by punch card Speakers were given 10 minutes But had to submit ahead in writing In Latin The Pope was not in the Hall Very few lay people & no women were present in the beginning


32 Turning Points The Cardinal Lienart intervention Oct 13 1962, the first full day Cardinal Frings seconded the motion Immediate and full applause! Daily liturgy in various rites of the Church Not all of them use Latin!

33 Turning Points The accidental seating plan in the hall By date of appointment The bishops interacting with each other Illegal rooftop parties Which followed evening lectures Including women religious, seminarians, the press, & non-Catholics The Dei Verbum intervention The majority exercised its will

34 Turning Points Nov 14, 1962 Test vote on Liturgy Passed with only 46 “no” votes A clear message that the majority was large and intent on recovering elements of the faith which had been lost to the centuries.

35 The Crowds in the Piazza Aware of the proceedings Prayer and singing Veni Creator Spiritus The whole church mingled together The world was watching The bishops knew this It brought them together

36 The Council The bishops of the world were the heroes of Vatican II 16 official documents 4 great constitutions 9 decrees & 3 declarations No one was condemned No new doctrines were defined │ The Vatican II Center

37 4 Great Constitutions Divine Revelation Dei Verbum Approved 2344 to 6 Liturgy Sacrosanctum Concilium Approved 2147-4 The Church Lumen Genitum Approved 2151-5 The Church in the Modern World Gaudium & Spes Approved 2309-75

38 │ The Vatican II Center Why teach about Vatican II? The Holy Spirit really moved the Church during the Council! We are living in the age when the Spirit is bringing new energy to us all We can’t ignore this This is what it means to be Catholic You really can’t skip it

39 │ The Vatican II Center Why teach about the Council? We all want our young learners to grow up Catholic To become active members of the Church The Council provides us with many tools This is how God is saving the world Our task is quite simple: Cooperate and do our part

40 │ The Vatican II Center How do you teach about it? 3 Principles This is only a unit in your existing program Don’t try to create a complete curriculum Help your learners see what happened It’s a great story And the outcomes are essential Teach the spirituality of the Council I’m gonna show this to you in my 2 nd half today

41 Vatican II Resources To teach about the Council & implement it more fully

42 For your own reading

43 The Documents Vatican Council II Austin Flannery OP Gender inclusive Easy-to-read translation Dominican Pubs │ The Vatican II Center

44 The documents Vatican II in Plain English Bill Huebsch The story of the Council A summary of each doc Available from │ The Vatican II Center

45 For the parish -- eResources Study Guide for Vatican II in Plain English 14 sessions eResource Each is its own handout Includes an outline of the history of the church culminating in the Council │ The Vatican II Center

46 The theology Richard Gaillardetz & Catherine Clifford Lit Press Strong reflection on each of 20 conciliar passages Gives historical background And the provenance of the doc Plus pastoral perspective │ The Vatican II Center

47 The theology What Happened at Vatican II? John W O’Malley Harvard Univ Press Brief, readable account of what happened in Rome during the Council Tells “the story” very well │ The Vatican II Center

48 The History of Vatican II Edited by Giuseppe Alberigo and Joseph Komonchak Orbis books 5 volumes, each about $80 A basis for scholarship today But a tough read │ The Vatican II Center

49 The story of the Council From Xavier Rynne Francis Xavier Murphy Redemptorist priest Reporter inside the Council The inside story (the gossip?) of Vatican II │ The Vatican II Center

50 What I’m reading right now Yves Congar’s Journal A key (the most influential and effective?) theologian at the Council Penetrating insights Paul Philibert’s essay on the intégristes – worth the price of the book │ The Vatican II Center

51 From David Haas Be Love - the prayer used each day at the Council Abide, O Spirit of Life – from John XXIII’s opening speech By David Haas │ Published by GIA

52 How to teach about… Teaching about this in the parish The Story & Promise of Vatican II │ The Vatican II Center

53 eResources – K-8 Lesson plans for young Catholics Ages 6-8 Ages 9-11 Ages 12-14 Older students use the Workshop kits │ The Vatican II Center The resource includes: Reproducible lessons A teacher’s guide

54 eResources – youth & adults Three workshop kits* on Vatican II: The Story & Promise of the Council The Documents & Outcomes The Reform of the Sacraments │ The Vatican II Center También en español The kits include: PowerPoint (optional) Talking points Handouts Prayer service & full outline

55 eResources – youth & adults Study Guides for the 4 Constitutions eResource Each with 5 small group sessions in it Works with any translation of the Documents │ The Vatican II Center

56 For the parish -- eResources 52 Did you Know…about Vatican II? JPG files Quick facts Use them throughout the parish all year! │ The Vatican II Center También en español

57 eResource Handouts 12 Handouts on themes of the Council eResource To accompany workshops Or to use in meetings Excellent for classroom use │ The Vatican II Center También en español

58 For the parish -- eResources Communal Prayer 16 in the words of John XXIII 18 in the words of the Council Ready to reproduce and use in the parish or school! │ The Vatican II Center También en español

59 9 Implementation Worksheets Hand to committees or the Council Ask them to come back with new ideas Universal Call Participatory Liturgy Ecumenism Baptism Domestic Church Justice & peace Conscience Mary & the saints Church as the People of God eResources – for parish leaders │ The Vatican II Center

60 For the parish -- eResources Vatican II Syllabus with 16 PowerPoints For high school, college, or grad level Ideal for use with O’Malley’s book + Plain English │ The Vatican II Center

61 In sum Teach about Vatican II For parishioners of all ages Don’t make it complicated Avoid handing out books The best way to teach about the Council is to implement it This is our time

62 Pause

63 │ The Vatican II Center Spirituality of Vatican II At the Council This theme emerged… The Universal Call to Holiness Chapter 5, the Constitution on the Church But what does this mean? How can we live in holiness? How can we lead others to holiness?

64 │ The Vatican II Center Constitution on the Church Lumen Gentium – chapter 5 We are called to holiness by Christ We transform the activities & events of every day life into holy moments Everyone is called to be holy (#40)

65 │ The Vatican II Center The Call to Holiness We’ll consider 3 aspects of holiness as the Council saw them Knowing Christ as a person Learning how to join in his dying & rising Becoming the Body of Christ for the world Also: How can we invite parishioners to deepen their own holiness?

66 Your Mission First

67 │ The Vatican II Center Spirituality of Vatican II Dei Verbum 2 Constitution on Revelation We meet the Person of Jesus Christ

68 │ The Vatican II Center Dei Verbum 2 Constitution on Divine Revelation Article 2: God reveals God’s own self to us Calling us to draw near to God Addressing us as his friends Living among us Revealing an intimate truth: Jesus Christ

69 │ The Vatican II Center A shift in focus God did not reveal a theology system Or a moral code God revealed God’s own self In the very person of Jesus Christ God comes to us as a person And this requires a relationship to a person Not merely the ability to recite creeds or know theology

70 │ The Vatican II Center A shift in focus It’s the difference between knowing about someone and actually relating to him or her If you saw someone across the piazza Even if I told you who they were And even if you could see them at that distance…

71 │ The Vatican II Center Before the Council Our faith was in theological ideas Memorized answers in catechism books We believed in the rules And sometimes in a sort of magic We had faith in the Church Today we are invited to have faith in Christ himself, who leads us to the Church

72 │ The Vatican II Center A story… (for example) Herman Catholic his whole life Mass every Sunday $2 in the collection Paid for a new window His wife – Alzheimer’s When he told his story, he saw the miracle

73 │ The Vatican II Center In parish life How can a parish help people encounter Christ? Small group faith formation Including Scripture, prayer, and sharing Parish-based retreats Group reflection on shared experiences Called mystagogia Teach people to pause and be conscious

74 │ The Vatican II Center Meeting Christ Certainly textbooks can help… But sometimes you have to just put down the book. What’s needed is not there It’s in your heart How does someone meet Christ?

75 │ The Vatican II Center Meeting Christ By meeting YOU & others: Your generous spirit with them They see you being forgiving They can tell that your faith is important Recently some friends… Live your faith convincingly

76 │ The Vatican II Center The Question is… When you meet Christ in another, what is it you really see? What are the SIGNS that Christ is present in someone’s life?

77 The research is in Helping members of the parish learn to really LIVE their faith requires small group faith formation │ The Vatican II Center

78 Living Christ retreats Thursday & Friday evening and Saturday morning Or another schedule format About 30 folks per retreat Leaders and host team from parish Deepen communion with Christ Grow in your ability to “die in Christ”

79 Living Christ retreats Use YOUR leaders Do not make this complicated Start with those in your parish who are already evangelized through Cursillo or other retreats Provide follow up Questions of the Week Mini-Course gatherings Be ready with follow up pastoral care

80 Small group faith formation Come to the Table y Ven a la Mesa Conversations about faith - with a heart for folks from other faith traditions Welcoming and engaging!

81 Talking about faith We don’t really like to do it But it is the way we grow So this helps people do it without irritating or frightening them The design is brilliant: │ The Vatican II Center

82 Come to the Table No books to buy No major training is needed to do this People sign up for 3 or 6 week sessions I know this is the TOUGH PART Each participant gets one worksheet for each small group session The leader gets a full guide │ The Vatican II Center

83 How to invite A lot of people in today’s world are talking about religion Shouldn’t we Catholics be among them? An hour per week: happiness for the rest of your life We have to have Great Expectations With apologies to Mr. Dickens

84 Higher Expectations Parish life Come to Mass now and then A little in the collection plate Possibly more at Easter Start asking for more Don’t quit or take “no” for an answer In 2 years, you will have a new parish People will expect to participate more fully But do this without annoying people

85 What works Use a resource that expects participation No one wants to listen to a lecture Let people express their true beliefs Make it fun How did religion get to be so grim? Keep it short – about an hour Make it part & parcel of parish life

86 7 themes: Come to the Table Catholic Liturgy and Ritual Catholic Beliefs that Guide us Living a Deeply Fulfilled Life – morality The Amazing Gift of Prayer How God Speaks to us The Mystery of God How we Become the People of God │ The Vatican II Center

87 Out to the Highways & Hedgerows A plan for the parish Ask the active members to speak of their faith to the inactive PowerPoint, handouts, everything needed Includes a flier: “How to Speak about Faith (without being annoying)” The new evangelization made plain & practical! │ The Vatican II Center

88 Setting the Table A kick-off event for the Year of Faith Set in the context of a meal Includes a demo of a small group session Also one for young adults Plus: training to reach out & welcome the inactive using Highways & Hedgerows Get off to a great start! │ The Vatican II Center

89 Tidbits from the Table For busy parents to help them talk with their own kids about faith One-fold fliers which you print Quick, attractive, practical and full of “coaching for young parents” │ The Vatican II Center

90 All of these resources Very affordable All are in eFormat Meaning you get the files And you print your own Changeable and flexible Full of faith – from a team that wants only to help you do this well. │ The Vatican II Center

91 Your Mission Second

92 │ The Vatican II Center Spirituality of Vatican II Sacrosanctum Concilium 6 Constitution on Liturgy We are “plunged into” the Paschal Mystery

93 │ The Vatican II Center Sacrosanctum Concilium 6 Constitution on Sacred Liturgy Article 6: Christ sent his followers to preach the Gospel Which is that we are set free by the dying of Jesus Christ willed that the work of salvation would continue through sacrifice & sacrament Hence, by baptism, we are immersed in the dying and rising of Christ

94 │ The Vatican II Center Who wants to die? We avoid dying, don’t we? And yet… nothing else makes us happy. Very strange One might even say mysterious We may put too much value on life Jesus gave up his life, after all

95 │ The Vatican II Center Psalm 63: 1, 3a O God, you are my God, I seek you, my soul thirsts for you; My flesh faints for you as in a dry and weary land where there is no water… Because your steadfast love is better than life…

96 │ The Vatican II Center Better than life? The one thing more important than life is giving your life away in love Sacrifice Shedding one’s own self (John XXIII) Paschal Mystery Paschal = sacrifice of the lamb Mystery = how Jesus taught us this would happen

97 │ The Vatican II Center This is “healthy” dying Personal sacrifice on behalf of another Aware that human suffering is part of the picture But letting that lead us to really DONATE ourselves God acts in our sacrifice As God acted in Jesus’ sacrifice

98 │ The Vatican II Center The power of story One of the gifts of the restored RCIA Stories “reveal” the hand of God in our lives We usually see this “after the fact” Stories are communal by their nature There is a teller And a listener

99 │ The Vatican II Center Back to Herman When he finally told his story A miracle happened It happened to Herman But it also happened to you today To implement Vatican II We help people tell their stories In a setting which leads to meaning

100 │ The Vatican II Center Conversation What miracles have you witnessed? (Name something from the very recent weeks.)

101 │ The Vatican II Center In the parish How can we help folks understand this? grow in their ability to die to self? Especially for households for the sake of marriage │ friends │ families? and just for the sake of being happy?

102 │ The Vatican II Center Your Mission Third

103 │ The Vatican II Center Spirituality of Vatican II Lumen Gentium 7 Dogmatic Constitution on the Church We are the Body of Christ

104 │ The Vatican II Center Lumen Gentium 7 Constitution on the Church Article 7 By joining us to himself Christ changes us into a family We see ourselves as the Body of Christ We become what we receive We become ever-more the Body of Christ Called from every nation

105 │ The Vatican II Center These people – who are they? They belong to us… …because they belong to Christ. They are our sisters and brothers What we believe

106 │ The Vatican II Center A key dimension of Christian theology The Incarnation God is in the flesh We don’t like this It makes us uncomfortable We prefer to keep God at a safe distance Up in heaven Or over in Wisconsin… Having flesh is messy The Incarnation

107 │ The Vatican II Center But this is the core of our belief The Incarnation did not end at the Resurrection It was not a 33 year divine experiment God is still among us in the flesh Christ still lives within and among us The body of Christ

108 │ The Vatican II Center To make religion more pure To try to dwell among the angels To spend our time tinkering with rubrics …the formula of words we pray … who gets to play what role in our rituals This takes us away from the nitty-gritty of real faith Real faith is in the flesh… or it’s not of Christ (1 John 4:1-2) There is always a temptation…

109 │ The Vatican II Center This is the core of all spirituality We are the Body of Christ At Mass, we accept & internalize The Body of Christ: Who is the body of Christ?

110 │ The Vatican II Center …is hungry today …can’t get a good education …has a high infant mortality rate …has AIDS and cancer …lives in poor housing and drinks bad water …is treated with injustice We act because we believe. We have no other choice. The Body of Christ… There is a lot of personal sacrifice involved here.

111 │ The Vatican II Center Conversation What does receiving Holy Communion call us to do for the world?

112 │ The Vatican II Center In sum… We encounter Christ We join in his paschal mystery We hear his voice echo in our depths And we become his Body today feeding the poor loving the vulnerable and being Christ for the world

113 │ The Vatican II Center The Call to Holiness Dei Verbum 2 Constitution on Revelation The Person of Jesus Christ Sacrosanctum Concilium 6 Constitution on Liturgy The Paschal Mystery Lumen Gentium 7 Dogmatic Constitution on the Church The Body of Christ

114 Finally Thank you for all you are doing We are the Church of the Baptized And you share in the priesthood of Christ Teach about Vatican II Help people live out the holiness to which each is called Amen. │ The Vatican II Center

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