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Anglican Churches of Pictou County. St. Alban’s, Thorburn.

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1 Anglican Churches of Pictou County


3 St. Alban’s, Thorburn

4 Parishioners describe their history St. Alban’s, Thorburn, is the youngest congregation historically of A.C.P.C. Anglican services began in Orange Lodge Hall, with the rector of New Glasgow, the Rev. Abbott, ministering. In 1950, Freeman and Everett George designed and erected the church building. Men of the church completed the interior. Church wardens, Vestry, Ladies Guild, Men’s Club, and Sunday School became a reality. In 1979 – thanks to a government employment programme, and a loan and grant from the Anglican Foundation, as well as through the Ladies’ Guild fundraising – a basement, vestry, church entryway and porch were added and the interior was remodeled. The mortgage was paid in full in 1985 and the Church building was consecrated. In 2007, St. Alban’s joined to be part of the of the parish of Stellarton. St. Alban’s is a modest-sized congregation, but continues to be a faithful witness to Thorburn and the surrounding area. (Submission for Photo Directory, 2009)

5 St. Bees’, Westville

6 St. Bees’ Describes Its History St. Bees’: Ministry in Westville began in 1888. The rector of Stellarton was responsible for services and pastoral care; one early rector is remembered for coming to Westville using snowshoes in the winter time. St. Bees’ became a separate parish in early 1898. The original Church building was destroyed by fire, and the present St. Bees’ was built in 1911. (“St. Bees’ ” is the name of a parish in northwestern England, and is attributed to a princess, originally from Ireland, known for her compassion and kindness.) The Todd Memorial hall, named after a former long-time rector, was completed in 1965. Since 1967, St. Bees’ and Christ Anglican Church have shared a rector.

7 Some members of St. Bees’ choir & layreaders

8 Christ Church, Stellarton

9 Christ Church Describes Its History Christ Anglican Church began its formation on July 1849, when plans were made for Albion Mines (now Stellarton) to have an Episcopal (Anglican) Church. 175 pounds was raised locally, the General Mining Association gave 125 pounds and the site. In 1851, coal miners were given a day off to help erect the Church building frame. Miners later supported the church through weekly pay deductions. The name “Christ Church” was chosen by the bishop. In 1945, the construction of the hall began and was completed in 1951. The church was raised and miners dug the hall out by hand. In 2001, Christ Church celebrated its 150 th anniversary was celebrated with a concert by the Men of the Deeps and children from G.R. Saunders Elementary School. Christ Church continues to be active today, ministering to the town of Stellarton and the surrounding area.

10 St. James’, Pictou

11 St. James’ Describes Its History St. James’ Anglican Parish had its beginning in 1767 and expanded in 1812. A friend in Halifax deeded where the first church was to be built. In 1824, the construction of the first church began, which was completed and consecrated in 1829. The Rev. Charles Elliott was inducted as the first rector of St. James’ and faithfully carried on the work of this huge parish (Pugwash to Cape Breton) for over 32 years. In 1879, the second church building was built on Denoon Street overlooking Pictou town. The church hall and the original churchyard cemetery and the former rectory surround the church. St. James’ continues to be an active parish, ministering to the town of the Pictou and the surrounding area.

12 A few ladies, & interior of St. James’

13 How do these congregations work together?

14 A.C.P.C. The Anglican Churches of Pictou County (called A.C.P.C.) was formed in 2002 with the union of St. James’, Pictou, Saint Bees’, Westville, Christ Church, Stellarton, St. George’s, New Glasgow, and St. Augustine’s, Trenton. (St. Augustine’s was closed and deconsecrated in May 2007. St. George’s later withdrew its membership and in 2008 St. Alban’s, Thorburn joined by becoming part of the parish of Christ Church, Stellarton.)

15 Federation & Parish Structure, 2002 Parishes New Glasgow - St. George’s, New Glasgow - St. Alban’s, Thorburn - St. Augustine’s, Trenton Christ Church, Stellarton St. Bees’, Westville St. James’, Pictou

16 Federation & Parish Structure (con.) St. Alban’s, who voted to remain with ACPC, are part of the parish of Stellarton.

17 Back to ACPC… St. James’ Christ Church St. Bees’ St. Alban’s

18 ACPC Lay Administrative Governance Structure ACPC Executive (establishes agenda, makes smaller decisions) ACPC Council (for all decisions that affect each other) St. James’ Parish Council Congregational Committees e.g., Spiritual Development & Outreach St. Alban’s Christ Church Parish Council Congregational Committees e.g., Spiritual Development, ACW St. Bee’s Parish Council Congregational Committees e.g., Helping Hands ACPC COMMITTEES Spiritual Development Action (to live out Vision Statement) Finance Property ( Members accountable to ACPC Council )

19 ACPC Clergy

20 Rector (from ACPC Covenant) The office of rector is a particular calling which is specifically responsible for providing leadership and oversight, undertaking the necessary administrative and communication responsibilities, some practical liaison with the wider Church, and overseeing the provision of good pastoral care, liturgical leadership, teaching, and other ministries.

21 Priests  The ministry of a priest is described within the ordination service as the work of a "pastor, priest and teacher", which includes "to proclaim by word and example the gospel of Jesus Christ, to fashion life in accordance with its precepts, to pronounce God's blessing, to preside at the administration of holy baptism, and at the celebration of the mysteries of Christ's Body and Blood, and to perform other ministrations."  Practically speaking, the priests officiate at worship services, exercise a teaching ministry, provide pastoral care, and spiritual nurture, serving the local Church within the diocese and the universal Church, according to our gifts, talents, time, abilities and energy, as servants of Jesus Christ, throughout the Confederation.

22 Clergy + Clergy and lay chair of ACPC Council meet weekly (opening devotions; review week; items for decision; items for discussion; service schedule, etc.) + Parishioners may ask for a particular priest for a funeral or a wedding + Baptism preparation steps are agreed to in common; lay support sought (through ACPC SDC)

23 LAY MINISTRIES There are an active group of 12 layreaders. +assist at services +occasionally take Morning Prayer & preach +have helped in other parishes +take the sacrament to seniors’ homes monthly (clergy take a turn about 3 times a year) +on rotation for home communions

24 ACPC Office Mary Reid is presently the part-time office manager (23 hours a week). Her office is in the old Westray mine building, just outside Stellarton. Mary’s primary responsibilities are the bulletins, agendas & minutes, phone inquiries, etc.

25 ACPC Men’s Choir & Director Julie Wyands

26 Lay Ministries There are the regular ministries one finds in most parishes in the diocese. ACPC is in the midst of sponsoring a refugee family.

27 An ACPC Float (Action Committee initiative)

28 ACPC Covenant excerpt:  Lay people have a calling to contribute to ministry of Christ's Church. These particular ministries include administrative work, pastoral care, teaching, worship, evangelism, mission, and outreach, and other ministries, according to our talents, gifts, time and energy. We all support those who are undergoing a process of ministry discernment.

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