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Unit 4 The Redemptive Nature of Christ’s Earthly Life (BLUE pgs.)

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1 Unit 4 The Redemptive Nature of Christ’s Earthly Life (BLUE pgs.)
Section 2 Part 2 Pages 72-92

2 Where we have been… God ‘s plan to SAVE us in the OLD Testament.
Covenants God’s plan to save us in the NEW Testament. The INCARNATION. JESUS the WORD of GOD…becomes HUMAN!

3 Where we are going… God’s plan to SAVE us continues in the
REAL LIFE of Christ on EARTH. God’s plan to SAVE us reaches a climax with Jesus’ DEATH and RESURRECTION…




7 The NEW LUMINOUS Mysteries – by Pope JP II
Baptism of Jesus Wedding Feast at Cana The Proclamation of the Kingdom The Transfiguration The Institution of the Eucharist

8 Each mystery reveals the KINGDOM OF GOD
Not a place At the end of time when God’s plan is complete People’s hearts are healed A new social order Based on unconditional LOVE. At the end of time, but starting now

9 7 sacraments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

10 The BAPTISM OF JESUS Why baptize someone who was SINLESS?
Jesus shows his CLOSENESS With us, identifying with Sinners.

11 Do you remember your BAPTISM?

12 redemption transfiguration chastity Cash crops eucharist exorcism
Sermon on the Mount redemption chastity Baptism transfiguration eucharist Cash crops exorcism rosary paschal conscience passover legalistic WEDDING AT CANA synoptic

13 Definition: SYNOPTIC Gospel
There are 4 gospels: Matt.,Mk.,Lk.,Jn. 3 are SYNOPTIC SYN = SAME OPTIC= EYES SYNOPTIC gospels view Jesus from the same (or similar) point of view

14 The LUMINOUS Mysteries – by Pope JP II
Baptism of Jesus Wedding Feast at Cana The Proclamation of the Kingdom The Transfiguration The Institution of the Eucharist

15 PASSOVER God ‘passes over’ the homes where lamb’s
Blood marks his ‘chosen’ people…saved from death… Chosen people are Delivered from SLAVERY to freedom. Jesus at the LAST SUPPER says “I am the LAMB of GOD…who takes away the sins of the world… “

16 Jesus institutes theEucharist
Lamb of God…


18 Jesus reveals the Paschal Mystery 2 ways:
Words (PARABLES) for example: LOST SHEEP Actions – (MIRACLES) Jesus feeds people with loaves and fish

19 Parables Rather than EXPLAIN the Reign of God, Jesus uses PARABLES.
From the Greek word “PARABALLO” meaning “to place things side by side” Parable is an ANALOGY (comparison) using everyday examples We need to use our IMAGINATION to understand the parables.

20 PARABLES cont’d Jesus’ listeners understood the examples
Jesus’ parables often had an UNEXPECTED TWIST!


22 IS God FAIR? What does Jesus want us to understand about the Kingdom or Reign of God from this parable? Will God be overly generous with us in the Kingdom? “What you do to the least…”

23 The POVERTY of Christ pg 78
Redemption Center poverty emphasized in LUKE’s gospel.

24 Elites and NON-ELITES Elites= rich people Non-elites= poor people
Cash crops- $ for land owner, not for food Subsistence crops – food to eat Jesus’ message…work hard, get ahead.. ……….NOT!

25 In what way might WEALTHY people be less HAPPY?

26 Poverty of Recognize our deep need for GOD, more than $
Salvation not achieved thru material wealth.

27 Anyone like to OBEY!

28 OBEDIENCE SCHOOL We train DOGS to obey… but people….?

29 Obedience of Christ p.82 ADAM’s disobedience
Jesus’ perfect obedience to his Father In the Our Father we say… “Thy will be done…”

30 Obedience of Christ pg 82 Redeeming Adam’s Disobedience
Obedient to his earthly parents Obedient to his heavenly Father “Not my will, but YOUR WILL BE DONE”(…do we really mean it?)

31 When we OBEY someone… Do they CONTROL us…
Or tell us What is BEST for us…

32 4 Kinds of MIRACLES 1. HEALING Miracles- ex. Healing of the paralytic
(from video) 2. EXORCISMS – casting out demons 3. RAISING PEOPLE from the DEAD- widow’s son 4. NATURE MIRACLES- calming the sea

33 Jesus HEALINGS (miracles)
Jesus is MORE than just a miracle worker… Miracles are a SIGN of God’s plan of redemption. SIGNS of the KINGDOM already here. “The Kingdom is NOW!” SIGNS of WHOLENESS

34 SICKNESS and HEALTH in the Bible
Someone is sick Go to the doctor

35 In Biblical times… Someone is Sick A spiritual cause. Priest?
Illness is a punishment for Sins?

36 In Biblical times… Illness & disease A sign of DEMONIC POSSESSION
Jesus performed EXORCISMS. Pg 91

37 exorcism Definition:- the act of freeing someone from demonic possession.

38 Is RELIGION still into HEALING?
LIJ Long Island Jewish Hospital Mount Sinai Hospital Columbia Presbyterian Hospital St. Francis Hospital, St. Catherine, Mercy Hospital (600 Hospitals) Shiner's Hospital

39 Christ’s Moral Preaching p85
Beyond the letter of the OLD LAW. Purifying our CONSCIENCE. LEGALISTIC – strictly by the LAW.

40 The Sermon on the Mount OLD LAW (on Mt. Sinai) Sort of a mini-gospel
Summary of the KEY teachings OLD LAW (on Mt. Sinai) 10 Commandments Don’t Kill… Don’t commit adultery… Love your neighbors (family & friends)…

41 The Sermon on Mount OLD LAW NEW LAW Don’t kill
Don’t have thoughts or attitudes of anger, hatred, revenge.

42 The Sermon on the Mount OLD LAW NEW LAW Don’t commit adultery
Don’t hang on to sexual fantasies or thoughts…

43 Chastity p.87 Definition: virtue where people are able to successfully integrate sexuality into their whole self.

44 The Sermon on the Mount OLD LAW NEW LAW Love your neighbors…
Love those who are not like you…different language… religions… countries… culture…

45 Why was Jesus Baptized? Jesus was baptized in order to identify with human sin. He did not need to be cleansed of any sin.

46 Who was present at his Baptism?
John, and the crowd who had come to hear him were present at Jesus’ Baptism.

47 What occurred when he was baptized?
The spirit of God descended on him in the form of a dove, a voice from heaven said: “This is my son with whom I am well pleased”.

48 What did Jesus’ baptism signify for him and others at that time?
Jesus baptism signified his readiness for his ministry and the coming of the son of God to the people.

49 What does Jesus Baptism signify for us today?
Today, Jesus’ Baptism signifies for us an entrance into new life. We also share in his death and rising to new life.

50 Reading between the lines

51 Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

52 Chapter test on THURSDAY
Pages 72-92 The Redemptive Nature of Christ’s Earthly Life REVIEW ON WEDNESDAY

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