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Redemption and the Paschal Mystery

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1 Redemption and the Paschal Mystery
Chapter 4

2 Introduction p

3 What events constitute the Paschal Mystery?
1. Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Passion? His suffering

4 What does paschal MEAN? early 15c., "of or pertaining to Easter," from Old French paschal (12c.) and directly from Late Latin paschalis, from pascha "Passover, Easter," from Greek pascha "Passover," from Aramaic pasha "pass over," corresponding to Hebrew pesah, from pasah "he passed over."  Pasche was an early Middle English term for "Easter". Must understand within the context of the 1st Passover The Paschal lamb of the Israelites prefigures Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of all.

5 Why do we call it a mystery?
Realities that are beyond our ability to fully comprehend How God could die? How man could rise from the dead?

6 The Baptism of Jesus Mt. 3: 1-17
John the Baptist: prepares the way for Jesus. The Kingdom of heaven(God) is at hand: God rules as King. JBap: portrayed like Elijah (2 Kgs. 1:8), leather belt, camels’ hair. Jews believed Elijah’s return would signal the coming of the Messiah. What does this reveal about Jesus’ identity? -He is the Messiah. The Baptism of Jesus Mt. 3: 1-17

7 The baptism by john is for repentance.
Repent- change of heart and conduct Calls the Pharisees to produce good fruit as a sign of their repentance. Symbolism of fruit- good deeds The good(wheat) will be separated from the bad(chaff).

8 The Baptism of JEsus “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”- for the forgiveness of sins, gift of the Spirit. “John tried to prevent him.” Why? -Jesus had no sins to repent. -Why was he baptized?

9 Partner work: Articulate 3 points about the meaning of Jesus’ baptism.

10 What Jesus’ baptism means?
Acceptance of his mission Inauguration(beginning) of his mission Identified himself with sinners Anticipates his death, baptism of his bloody death. At baptism, we enter into the Paschal Mystery, in which we die to the old life of sin, and rebirth/resurrect into a new life as a child of God, equipped with his grace and free of OS.

11 The Wedding at Cana Read John 2

12 How do we understand this story?
2 appearances of Mary in John- at the wedding and at the cross Woman? Reminds us of Eve. The offspring of the woman will crush Satan (protoevangelium) “My hour has not come”? hour of his passion, death and resurrection Water became wine? Jesus shed water and blood on the cross. Finer wine, blood of Jesus

13 Do whatever he tells you.
Love always, Your Mother

14 The Passion in Luke Chapter 22: Partner Talk What is one aspect of this story that stood out to you? 2. What is one question you have about this story?

15 What is one aspect of this story you like?
Luke 23: Partner Talk What is one aspect of this story you like? What is one aspect of this story that bothers or disturbs you?

16 The Transfiguration Mt. 16:27-28; 17:1-13
What elements of the Transfiguration reveal the divinity of Christ? -light made his face shine like the sun and his garments bright white -appearance of 2 OT figures: Moses and Elijah -voice of the Father -cloud, like on Mt. Sinai and in the desert

17 The Transfiguration (Cont.)
Christ’s divinity was veiled by his humanity throughout the hidden years and his public life. The Transfiguration gives the disciples confidence that will carry them through the passion and cross of Christ, to the hope of the resurrection. It is a foretaste of Christ’s future glory and their own.

18 The Last Supper- Washing of the Disciples feet- Jn. 13
“I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” Jn 13:34-35

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