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Early Years Year 1. Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5.

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1 Early Years Year 1

2 Year 2 Year 3

3 Year 4 Year 5

4 Year 6

5 Big Questions

6 Domestic Church Why am I precious?

7 Domestic Church Why do we have a family and who is my family?

8 Domestic Church Who made the world and everything in it?

9 Domestic Church What makes a house a home?

10 Domestic Church Where do I come from?

11 Domestic Church Who am I?

12 Domestic Church Do you have to earn love?

13 Baptism/Confirmation Why is welcome important?

14 Baptism/Confirmation What does it mean to belong?

15 Baptism/Confirmation Are signs and symbols important?

16 Baptism/Confirmation Why make promises?

17 Baptism/Confirmation What does it mean to be called and chosen?

18 Baptism/Confirmation Is commitment important?

19 Baptism/Confirmation What is commitment in life?

20 Advent/Christmas Why do we celebrate Birthdays?

21 Advent/Christmas Is waiting always difficult?

22 Advent/Christmas Do we need to prepare?

23 Advent/Christmas Are visitors always welcome?

24 Advent/Christmas What’s so special about gifts?

25 Advent/Christmas What does it mean to live in hope?

26 Advent/Christmas Should we have expectations in life?

27 Local Church What and why do people celebrate?

28 Local Church What makes a person special?

29 Local Church Why do we need books?

30 Local Church Is life a journey?

31 Local Church What makes a ‘community’?

32 Local Church Do we all have a mission in life?

33 Local Church Are books enriching?

34 Eucharist Why do people gather together?

35 Eucharist What makes some meals special?

36 Eucharist Why should we be grateful people?

37 Eucharist What’s so important about listening and sharing?

38 Eucharist What’s more important- giving or receiving?

39 Eucharist Why do we need memories?

40 Eucharist Why are we happiest when we are united?

41 Lent/Easter How and why do things grow?

42 Lent/Easter How and why do things change?

43 Lent/Easter How does each day offer opportunities for good?

44 Lent/Easter What makes some people give everything for other people?

45 Lent/Easter Is self-discipline important in life?

46 Lent/Easter Why do we need to make sacrifices?

47 Lent/Easter Can any good come out of loss and death?

48 Pentecost What is good news?

49 Pentecost Do we need holidays and holydays?

50 Pentecost Why should we spread Good News?

51 Pentecost What’s the use of energy?

52 Pentecost What’s so important about new life?

53 Pentecost How can energy transform?

54 Pentecost What do I want to witness to in my life?

55 Reconciliation Is it good to have friends?

56 Reconciliation Why should we be sorry?

57 Reconciliation Do we need rules?

58 Reconciliation What helps me to choose well?

59 Reconciliation Why are bridge- builders important in life?

60 Reconciliation How do rules bring freedom?

61 Reconciliation Who needs healing?

62 Universal Church What makes our world so wonderful?

63 Universal Church Who is my neighbour?

64 Universal Church Is the world a treasure?

65 Universal Church What makes a place special?

66 Universal Church Why do some people do extraordinary things?

67 Universal Church Can I be a steward of creation?

68 Universal Church How can we work together to build a just and fair world?

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