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The Gospel of Luke Jeopardy. Co-PilotFishLukeTrinityAngels 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 The Gospel of Luke Jeopardy

2 Co-PilotFishLukeTrinityAngels 100 200 300 400 500

3 Double Jeopardy

4 PlatypusWIGIATHomeboyApplesWWJD 200 400 600 800 1000

5 Final Jeopardy

6 Name eight of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Final Jeopardy

7 Simon Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, Judas son of James, and Judas Iscariot.

8 Luke’s Gospel was written to this particular person. (1.) a. Matthew b. Theophilus c. Barnabas d. Emperor Claudius Jeopardy 300

9 b. Theophilus. (1.) Jeopardy 300

10 The town in which Jesus was born. (2.) a.Nazareth b.Jerusalem c.Bethlehem d.Capernaum Jeopardy 100

11 c. Bethlehem (2.)

12 The town in which Jesus grew up. (3.) a. Nazareth b.Jerusalem c.Bethlehem d.Capernaum Jeopardy 100

13 a. Nazareth (3.) Jeopardy 100

14 Jesus’ mother’s name. (4.) a.Mary b.Martha c.Elizabeth d.Salome Jeopardy 100

15 a. Mary (4.) Jeopardy 100

16 He was Jesus’ cousin who preached baptism for repentance and to prepare the way for the Messiah. (5.) a.Peter b.James c.John the Baptist d.Joseph Jeopardy 200

17 c. John the Baptist (5.) Jeopardy 200

18 This angel announced to Jesus’ mother that she would have a child. (6.) a.Gabriel b.Harold c.Michael d.Raphael Jeopardy 100

19 a. Gabriel (6.) Jeopardy 100

20 When Mary became pregnant she went to this relative’s house to visit. (7.) a. Mary Magdalene b. Betty of Bagdad c. Naomi d. Elizabeth Jeopardy 300

21 d. Elizabeth (7.) Jeopardy 300

22 These were John the Baptist’s parents. (8.) a.Joseph & Mary b.Zechariah & Elizabeth c.Abraham & Sarah d.David & Bathsheba Jeopardy 400

23 b. Zechariah & Elizabeth (8.) Jeopardy 400

24 This Old Testament King was born in Bethlehem. (9.) a.Solomon b.Jeroboam c.David d.Ahab Jeopardy 500

25 c. David (9.) Jeopardy 500

26 When Jesus was born, he was the Roman Emperor. (10.) a.Claudius b.Augustus c.Nero d.Samuel Jeopardy 400

27 b. Augustus (10.) Jeopardy 400

28 As a boy, Jesus went to Jerusalem with his parents for the Passover Festival. When they were ready to return home, Jesus was not around. This is where they finally found him. (11.) a.Stable b.Pool room c.Inn d.Temple Double Jeopardy 600

29 d. Temple(11.) Double Jeopardy 600

30 This was John the Baptist’s message. (12.) a.Repent and be baptized b.Jesus loves you c.Sin and Die! d.May the Force be with you! Double Jeopardy 200

31 a. Repent and be baptized (12.) Double Jeopardy 200

32 Just before Jesus was led into the wilderness and tempted by the devil, this man baptized him in the River Jordan. (13.) a.Noah b.John the Baptist c.Peter d.Simeon Jeopardy 400

33 b. John the Baptist (13.) Jeopardy 400

34 This is how Jesus told us to deal with our enemies. (14.) a.Avoid them b. Attack them c.Love them d.Punish them Double Jeopardy 200

35 c. Love them (14.) Double Jeopardy 200

36 In the sermon on the plain Jesus proclaimed this many beatitudes. (15.) a. 4 b. 8 c. 12 d. 16 Double Jeopardy 1000

37 a. 4 (15.) Double Jeopardy 1000

38 Jesus attracted many people with bad reputations. Some respectable citizens were surprised one day when a sinful woman came to Jesus and did this. (16.) a.Told a dirty joke b.Washed his feet w/ her tears c.Asked for a date d.Cooked him a meal Double Jeopardy 400

39 b. Washed his feet w/ her tears (16.) Double Jeopardy 400

40 Jesus raised this person from the dead. (17.) a.Lois b.Peter’s mother-in-law c.Jairus’ daughter d.John the Baptist Double Jeopardy 800

41 c. Jairus’ daughter (17.) Double Jeopardy 800

42 When Jesus drove the demons out of one man they entered this. (18.) a.A nearby camel b.An empty house c.A herd of pigs d.A fig tree Double Jeopardy 1000

43 c. A herd of pigs (18.) Double Jeopardy 1000

44 Jesus fed this many people with five loaves and two fish. (19.) a. 1000 b. 3000 c. 5000 d. 7000 Jeopardy 200

45 c. 5000 (19.) Jeopardy 200

46 Jesus told a parable about a good man who helped someone who had been beaten and robbed. The good man in the parable was this. (20.) a.A Priest b.A Levite c.A Samaritan d.A Marine Jeopardy 300

47 c. A Samaritan (20.) Jeopardy 300

48 At Ceasarea Phillippi, this disciple confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. (21.) a. Andrew b. John c. James d. Peter Double Jeopardy 800

49 d. Peter (21.) Double Jeopardy 800

50 One day Jesus took Peter, James and John with him on a mountain to pray. While he was praying, his appearance changed and his clothes became dazzling white. An event we named this. (22.) a.Rapture b.Ascension c.Transfiguration d.Cloroxation Double Jeopardy 800

51 c. Transfiguration (22.) Double Jeopardy 800

52 At Jesus’ transfiguration, these two men from Old Testament times suddenly appeared with Jesus on the mountain. (23.) a.Moses & Elijah b.Shadrach & Meshach c.Bob & Tom d.Abraham & Isaac Double Jeopardy 600

53 a. Moses & Elijah (23.) Double Jeopardy 600

54 Jesus often visited with these two sisters. (24.) a.Mary & Martha b.Joanna & Deborah c.Susanna & Elizabeth Jeopardy 500

55 a. Mary & Martha (24.) Jeopardy 500

56 This is one method of teaching which Jesus often used, similar to storytelling. (25.) a.Miracle b.Parable c.Lecture d.Psalm Jeopardy 100

57 b. Parable (25.) Jeopardy 100

58 Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like this. (26.) a. Flour b. Water c. Eggs d. Yeast Jeopardy 300

59 d. Yeast (26.) Jeopardy 300

60 Jesus said the kingdom of God is entered by this. (27.) a.A narrow door b.A wide door c.A golden gate d.A ladder Double Jeopardy 1000

61 a. A narrow door (27.) Double Jeopardy 1000

62 Jesus said it is much harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God than for this. (28.) a.A fish to walk b.Pigs to fly c.A camel to go through the eye of a needle d.Hell to freeze over Double Jeopardy 600

63 c. A camel to go through the eye of a needle (28.) Double Jeopardy 600

64 In this parable, Jesus lets us know how important people are to God. (29.) a.The Green Tree b.The Lost Coin c.The Broken Jar d.Goldilocks Double Jeopardy 400

65 b. The Lost Coin (29.) Double Jeopardy 400

66 In this parable, Jesus told about a young man who left home but later returned. (30.) a.The Prodigal Son b.The Happy Father c.The Great Banquet d.The Good Samaritan Jeopardy 500

67 a. The Prodigal Son (30.) Jeopardy 500

68 Of the ten lepers Jesus cleansed, this many came back. (31.) a.1 b.5 c.9 d.10 Jeopardy 200

69 a. 1 (31.) Jeopardy 200

70 In one of Jesus’ parables he talked about a poor man names Lazarus who went to heaven and a rich man who did this. (32.) a.Loved him b.Went to hell c.Never died d.Bought his way in Double Jeopardy 800

71 b. Went to hell (32.) Double Jeopardy 800

72 The short man who climbed a tree to see Jesus. (33.) a.Joseph b.Matthew c.Zacchaeus d.Judas Jeopardy 300

73 c. Zacchaeus (33.) Jeopardy 300

74 One day Jesus got mad and drove people out of the temple because of this. (34.) a.They were dancing b.They were thieving merchants c.They were drunk Jeopardy 500

75 b. They were thieving merchants (34.) Jeopardy 500

76 This is how much money the widow put into the temple treasury. (35.) a.Five dollars in silver b.Ten dollars in gold c.Two copper coins Jeopardy 300

77 c. Two copper coins (35.) Jeopardy 300

78 Some of the most respected citizens of Jesus’ day were members of this Jewish group who lived by every Jewish law. (36.) a.The Goodytwoshoes b.The Gentiles c.The Pharisees d.The Saducces Double Jeopardy 400

79 c. The Pharisees (36.) Double Jeopardy 400

80 On “Palm Sunday” Jesus rode this into Jerusalem. (37.) a.A chariot b.A bicycle c.A colt d.A Harley Double Jeopardy 200

81 c. A colt (37.) Double Jeopardy 200

82 Another name for the Jewish Feast of Unleavened Bread. (38.) a.The Passover b.The Okra Strut c.Pentecost d.Tabernacles Double Jeopardy 200

83 a. The Passover (38.) Double Jeopardy 200

84 The chief priests gave 30 pieces of silver to this disciple who betrayed Jesus. (39.) a. Peter b. James c. Paul d. Judas Jeopardy 200

85 d. Judas (39.) Jeopardy 200

86 When they came to arrest Jesus, one of the disciples took out a sword and did this. (40.) a.Yelled “Charge!” b.Stabbed the betrayer c.Dropped it and ran d. Cut off someone’s ear Double Jeopardy 600

87 d. Cut off someone’s ear (40.) Double Jeopardy 600

88 Jesus often went here to pray. (41.) a.On top of Old Smokey b.The Mount of Olives c.Mt. Arafat d.Mt. Sinai Double Jeopardy 400

89 b. The Mount of Olives (41.) Double Jeopardy 400

90 This disciple denied that he knew Jesus three times. (42.) a. Peter b. James c. Paul d. Judas Jeopardy 400

91 a. Peter (42.) Jeopardy 400

92 Pontius Pilate gave the people a chance to set Jesus free, but instead they asked for this criminal. (43.) a.Barabbas b.Barnabas c.Bartimaeus d.Barjonah e.Spike Jeopardy 400

93 a. Barabbas (43.) Jeopardy 400

94 The man who helped Jesus carry his cross. (44.) a.Simon Legree b.Simon Sez c.Simon of Illinois d.Simon of Cyrene Double Jeopardy 600

95 d. Simon of Cyrene (44.) Double Jeopardy 600

96 The name of the location where Jesus was crucified. (45.) a.Gideon b.The Place c.The Skull d.Gabbatha Double Jeopardy 1000

97 c. The Skull (45.) Double Jeopardy 1000

98 Jesus was crucified on this day. (46.) a.Easter Sunday b.Manic Monday c.Maundy Thursday d.Good Friday Double Jeopardy 200

99 d. Good Friday (46.) Double Jeopardy 200

100 This man who took the body of Jesus from the cross and laid him in a tomb. (47.) a.Joseph of Arabia b.Joes Barngrill c.Joseph of Arimathea Double Jeopardy 800

101 c. Joseph of Arimathea (47.) Double Jeopardy 800

102 This is when the woman came to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus with spices. (48.) a.Saturday night b.Sunday morning c.Monday afternoon d.Thursday Jeopardy 500

103 b. Sunday morning (48.) Jeopardy 500

104 After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to two disciples as they walked along the road to this city. (49.) a.Bethlehem b.Emmaus c.Scranton d.Philadelphia Double Jeopardy 400

105 b. Emmaus (49.) Double Jeopardy 400

106 After Jesus had ascended into heaven, the disciples returned to this city. (50.) a.Sender b.Jerusalem c.Nazareth d.Capernaum Double Jeopardy 1000

107 b. Jerusalem (50.) Double Jeopardy 1000

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