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Spirituality & Marriage The Covenant …Marriage in Christ.

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2 Spirituality & Marriage

3 The Covenant …Marriage in Christ

4 Why is marriage preparation important? Divorce Rate National - 36% Georgia - 46%

5 The Key to Sacramental Marriage is Commitment Commitment to other Commitment to marriage Commitment to commitment

6 Marriage as a vocation Marriage is part of the created, natural order. It is inherently good and pleasing to God. It's clear purpose is the begetting of children and mutual companionship and help. Marriage existed before the Fall. It was part of God's original plan for mankind that was thwarted by Adam and Eve's sin.

7 Our Marriage Covenant with God Mystery of God’s plan for salvation of the world God if faithful whether we are or not Husband and wife give each other sacramental sign of faithful commitment Partnership for the whole of life (ccc1601) Exchange of consent between bride and groom – they are ministers of sacrament

8 What is a sacrament? "Sacrament" then, is an effective sign which imparts Grace instituted by Christ. It is a channel between our souls and the graces poured forth by Our Lord on the Cross. It infuses the soul with God's Grace.

9 The 7 Sacraments SACRAMENTSIGN BaptismWater and Oils ReconciliationWords of Absolution (of forgiveness) EucharistBread and Wine and Words of Priest at Consecration ConfirmationAnointing and Formulas MatrimonyWords of the Vows, asked for and received by the Bishop, Priest or Deacon (and Minister of Spouse’s Faith) Holy OrdersImposition of the Hands by the Bishop Anointing of the SickAnointing with Oil

10 COVENANT The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant by which a man and a woman establish in the presence of God and His Church a lifetime partnership, which by nature is ordered for the good of the spouses and the procreation of children.

11 SIGNS OF THE SACRMENT The outward signs of Marriage: - The couples public exchange of vows and rings - The witnessing and acceptance of the couples vows by a priest or deacon and two witnesses who do not have to be Catholics - The blessing of the couple by a priest or deacon

12 REQUIREMENTS FOR SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGE The ideal situations for a Catholic marriage are: - Adequate preparation by priest or deacon - Pre-Cana instruction - Marriage between a Baptized Catholic man and a Baptized Catholic woman, who are free to contract marriage and who freely express their consent during a nuptial Mass

13 REQUIREMENTS Being confirmed is preferred but not mandatory - To be free means: ** Not being under constraint ** Not impeded by any civil or Church law ** Without free consent there is no marriage ** Consent must be free or coercion or grave external fear ** No one has the right to force a person to get married against their free will for any reason. Being in love is the only reason for getting married

14 Marriage is a free consented, indissoluble covenant by which a man and a woman commit themselves before God and a priest or deacon, to love each other to accept and to raise children God sends them, to educate and raise them in the Catholic faith, not for a day, not for a year, but "until death do us part".

15 LIFETIME COMMITMENT When entering marriage, the couple must realize that the marriage covenant they are making before God is a lifetime commitment. "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder" (CCC #1614-1616; Mt 19:6,8,11; Mk 8:34) Don't enter marriage with the idea if it works fine, if not too bad, I can change my spouse any time.

16 II. IMPEDIMENTS TO MARRIAGE (Dispensation Required to Marry Validly) Age Impotence (Note: Sterility is not impotence) Prior Bond of Marriage Disparity of Cult/Worship Holy Orders Public Perpetual Vow of Chastity in Religious Institute Abduction Crime Consanguinity Affinity Public Propriety Adoption (Legal Relationship)

17 III. CASES REQUIRING THE BISHOP'S PERMISSION TO MARRY LICITLY Transients, i.e. those who have no domicile or quasi- domicile Marriages that cannot be recognized or celebrated according to civil law Those bound by natural obligations towards another party or towards children from previous union, e.g., financial need or serious illness A person who has notoriously rejected the Catholic Faith A person bound by censure, i.e., excommunication and interdict A minor (under 18) A proxy as provided in Canon 1105

18 BLESSINGS St Augustine teaches that there are three "blessings" of marriage, or in Natural Law terms, three "goods": fecundity, fidelity and indissolubility. These three goods apply to all true marriages, even marriages that are not sacramental. The Church also teaches that marriage has two main purposes: the more important is procreation, the begetting and education of Children, raising them to worship God; the second, is the consortium vitae, the companionship and union of married love.

19 Vows Vows are a solemn promise between God and the married couple. Once given to God, the marriage belongs to God. Your vows and marriage make the community strong. Your marriage belongs to the whole community.

20 The Five “T’s” gratitude to God for sending this family and spouse. Thanking him or her, not taking each other for granted THANKS thinking of each other during the day or when separate, maybe just a quick call THOUGHT hugs, kisses, hand-holding, non-sexual affection TOUCH dependability and fidelityTRUST with each otherTIME

21 A happy, healthy marriage is not one of perfect partners, but the triumph of love over imperfections.

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