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Presentation on Holy Thursday By Joseph Koh, OFM.

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2 Presentation on Holy Thursday By Joseph Koh, OFM

3 Content 1. Introduction 2. Biblical Reference 3. History & Tradition 4. Liturgy 5. Thoughts & Reflections

4 1. Introduction Lent Holy Week, –Follows upon Lent –Reenact, Relive, Participate in the Passion of Christ –Palm Sunday, Easter Triduum i.e. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday

5 Introduction Holy or Maundy? From the Latin word of Mandatum – Command –A new Command I give you: Love one another (John 13: 34)

6 Introduction True Climax – The Lord’s Supper The Three principal mysteries: –The Institution of the Eucharist –The Establishment of Christian Priesthood –The Commandment to Love One Another

7 2. Biblical Reference The Last Supper: Mt 26:20, Mk 14:17, Lk 22:14 The Washing of Feet: Jn 13:1-17 Institution of the Eucharist: Mt 26:26-29, Mk 14:22-25, Lk 22:15-20 The Agony & the Arrest: Mt 26:50-56, Mk 14:46-52, Lk 22:49-54, Jn 18:10-11

8 3. History & Tradition Approximately began in 7 th Century Celebration of 2 Masses survived: –Chrism Mass –Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

9 History & Tradition Medieval Times –Also known as “Shere Thursday” –Men sheared (shaved) beard and cut hair –Performed penances throughout Lent –Baptism on Thursday

10 History & Tradition Origin of Chrism Mass –Blessed Oil already used for Baptismal ritual in 3 rd Century –Blessing reserved for bishops –Baptism on Easter Vigil. Practical to consecrate oil on Holy Thursday –In 13 th Century, priests began to join in prayers of blessings with bishops

11 History & Tradition –By 20 th Century, became a renewal act whereby the priest dedicated himself to Christ and promised that he would carry out his priestly duties, as "an expression of the communion between the priests and their bishop."


13 Liturgy A. Chrism Mass B. Mass of the Lord’s Supper

14 Liturgy The Chrism Mass

15 Liturgy 1.The role of the bishop as the high priest of his flock, and source of unity for the ministers of the entire diocese. 2.The blessing of oils for liturgical use, namely, Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. 3.A celebration of the institution of priesthood.

16 Liturgy 4.The renewal of commitment to priestly service. 5.The priesthood of all believers. 6.The gathering of the diocese in the cathedral.

17 Liturgy The Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

18 Liturgy a.Readings b.Washing of Feet c.Reposition of Blessed Sacrament d.Stripping of Altar e.Adoration of Blessed Sacrament

19 Liturgy Readings

20 Liturgy First Reading Ex 12: 1-8, 11-14First Reading Ex 12: 1-8, 11-14 –The establishment of the first Passover meal –Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh repeatedly to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt to pray to their God in the desert for three days, but was refused –The work of the Lord in the Passover

21 Liturgy First Reading (Con’t)First Reading (Con’t) –The command of the Lord for the Israelites to keep this feast –To be observed as an ordinance forever

22 Liturgy First Reading (Con’t) Important point to note A memorial feast is the type of sacrifice that is repeated on a regular basis. A memorial feast DOES NOT simply recall what was once done. It makes the participants in the memorial PRESENT as participants in the original sacrifice

23 Liturgy Second Reading 1 Cor 11: 23-26Second Reading 1 Cor 11: 23-26 –The Proclamation of the Lord’s Death –Participation in the memorial sacrifice that makes the participants present at the first institution –“This cup is the New Covenant in my Blood” –Fulfilling the Old Covenant

24 Liturgy Second Reading (Con’t)Second Reading (Con’t) –By proclaiming the death of the Lord, we are UNITING ourselves with Him as He celebrates the Last Supper, is tried, and is crucified on Calvary

25 Liturgy Gospel Jn 13: 1-15Gospel Jn 13: 1-15 –The perfection of Love –To serve and NOT to be served –Jesus showed by example what love is all about, even to the point of dying on the cross

26 Liturgy Washing of FeetWashing of Feet –It shows both the worth God ascribes to the humility of service, and the need for cleansing with water (a symbol of baptism) in the Mandatum, washing, in Jesus' washing the feet of His disciples –The hymn Ubi Caritas is usually sung at this time

27 Liturgy Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament –witnesses to the Church's esteem for Christ's Body present in the consecrated Host –it will remain "entombed" until the communion service on Good Friday –No Mass will be celebrated in the Church until the Easter Vigil proclaims the Resurrection

28 Liturgy Stripping of the Altar –recalls the Agony in the Garden, and the arrest and imprisonment of Jesus –altar bared, crosses removed or covered, symbolising the moment in the Passion of Christ when He was stripped of His garments –is transformed from the communion table into the tomb slab of Good Friday

29 Liturgy Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament –Eucharist placed in an altar of repose –Silent adoration –answer Christ's invitation "Could you not, then, watch one hour with me?" (Matt 26:40)

30 Summary Importance of Holy Thursday History and Traditions Liturgies –Chrism Mass –Mass of the Lord’s Supper Washing of Feet Stripping of Altar, Reposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

31 Thoughts & Reflections


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