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Baptism and Confirmation

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1 Baptism and Confirmation

2 In Groups You are a group, team, gang or organisation
and they are new members who would like to join. In our groups come up with an initiation for these members to go through.

3 Can you think of the initiation that we go
through to become a member of the Catholic church? Baptism and Confirmation are two of the three sacraments of initiation. Most people are baptised when they are babies, so the decision and vows are made for them. As young adults you are offered the choice yourself and you renew your baptismal vows

4 The anointing with Chrism that takes place
in Confirmation also strengthens you for your work as a young Christian adult. Confirmation also deepens our baptism because in confirmation we are given a task a vocation.

5 We are called to be witnesses to the gospel
and servants of all we meet in our daily lives. Confirmation is our way of saying yes to God and our vocation


7 Right Judgement Understanding
Wisdom Courage To help us Judge in to give us the strength the way God does to do what is right no matter how hard this may be Knowledge Reverence To let us see the To give us the power to world as it really is love God and each other as we should Right Judgement Understanding To help us to know what To help us to understand to do especially in difficult all that God has told us Situations Wonder and Awe To give us the power to remember and appreciate the greatness of God and to help us to want to love God and reject sin

8 What does the phrase Sacrament of initiation mean?
How do we receive in our vocation in Baptism? What do we receive in Confirmation to help us carry out our vocation? Give an explanation of the similarities and differences in Baptism and Confirmation? Copy the diagram of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

9 Homework Create a poster to remind all Christians of
their calling from God.

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