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Record of Faith Journey Venture in Discovery Prepared by The General Board of Discipleship in consultation with Staff of The General Council on Finance.

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1 Record of Faith Journey Venture in Discovery Prepared by The General Board of Discipleship in consultation with Staff of The General Council on Finance and Administration

2 Salvation Is a Lifelong Journey Lifelong process rather than a once and done event Ways we understand grace –Prevenient –Justifying –Sanctifying

3 Rebirth and Baptism Baptism for Wesley…was a part of the lifelong process of salvation. He saw spiritual rebirth as a twofold experience in the normal process of Christian development -- to be received through baptism in infancy and through commitment to Christ later in life. Salvation included both God’s initiating activity of grace and a willing human response. From the Introduction to By Water and the Spirit (Copyright © 1996 The General Board of Discipleship. Used with permission.)

4 Called to Mutual Care in Community The risen Christ calls us to live this love out in all relationships We promise to “…surround these persons with a community of love and forgiveness…that they may grow in their trust of God, and be found faithful in their service to others…” Practical tool: we keep records as reminders of who God has given into our care.

5 Record of Faith Journey (RFJ) New Called for in 2004 General Conference legislation Session(s) to explore and experience the form as an opportunity for ministry and pastoral care.

6 Stories That Connect Us to One Another

7 Stories Begin with Basic Facts Fill in the top part of the form

8 Stories Begin and Continue in Relationships Paul closes his letter to the Romans with a list of people he knows (Rom. 16:1-16) What do we know about Paul and these individuals he remembers and greets from the reading? What could be put on their journey of faith form?

9 Our Heritage of Mutual Care “Watched over one another in love” Mutual accountability by –Weekly meeting in small groups –For prayer, inquiring about the absent, and reporting on keeping of very basic rules: doing no harm, doing good and using the means of grace We are still expected to practice mutual accountability

10 Living Around the Cross Baptism: our entrance into the faith community — the church Profession of Faith: our response in professing the Christian faith Change : ways of leaving the relationship with the local faith community (Transfer, Removal/Withdrawal, Death and Restoration)

11 Baptized into Membership Fill out the “Baptism” section What can you recall? Baptism is a sacrament: God’s gracious act and initiative toward us, no matter the age or capacity. In it, God claims us to live with in a covenant of relationship

12 Profession of Faith: Our Response

13 1.Salvation always involves cooperation between humans and God. 2.Professing faith is an ongoing and grateful response to the gift of grace and inclusion in the the body of Christ to be witnesses to the coming reign of God. 3.With profession of faith, we become Professing Members and are held accountable by the life and discipline of the church.

14 A Break for the Chronological Number Record of Faith Journey Permanent Church Register

15 Journey Always Brings Changes

16 Membership begun in baptism Lifelong relationship and… We may change Our circumstances may change God is always faithful Recall changes that tested or even broke relationships with the church.

17 “Significant Moments in Spiritual Formation”

18 “Significant Moments”…. Optional—not required by the Discipline …but you might not want to miss it? A doorway…opportunity to discover God’s action in our lives… You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

19 One person’s moments My mother reading from Hurlbut’s Stories of the Bible before naps Baptism—age 12 Summer camp in 1958 Invitation to discipleship in 1962 A summer morning when my whole life changed The birth of my children The Daily Office book I found in the library The “Solitude and Survival” retreat in 1983

20 What Did You Experience? Imagine how this and the rest of the form could be used to strengthen spiritual depth and pastoral care, mutual ministry, and enriched storytelling.

21 Additional Records and Previous Church Membership/Affiliation

22 Additional Records/Previous Church Membership In these sections, the exterior aspects of one’s life can be recorded. Note there are connections here with other records in the United Methodist record-keeping system –The Record of Baptisms – Family/Household Roll, –Constituency Roll, –Record of Marriages –Record of Death

23 Racial Ethnic Identity This line appears here on the RFJ and on the Permanent Church Register.

24 Uses, Reporting and Filing (Optional: This is a section primarily for pastors, membership secretaries, and church secretaries)

25 Uses, Reporting and Filing continued Certain items are required Some are not Keep the focus on the opportunity

26 Credits and Copyright This presentation and related study outline was prepared by Daniel Benedict, Worship Resources Director, The General Board of Discipleship, in consultation with Beth Babbitt Borst, Peggy Sewell, and Scott Brewer of the General Council on Finance and Administration and Gayle C. Felton. “Record of Faith Journey: Venture in Discovery” copyright © 2005 The General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church, PO Box 340003, Nashville TN 37203-0003. Worship website: This resource may be printed, copied, distributed, reprinted in church bulletins or newsletters, or otherwise used for nonprofit local church worship or education with the inclusion of the copyright citation and General Board of Discipleship Worship website as its source. It may not be used for profit or republication without prior permission. It may not be reproduced on another website, though other websites are welcome to link to it. Record of Faith Journey form is copyright © 2004 The United Methodist Publishing House. Used with permission.



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