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1 Courses and STAR Lab Research Yinhai Wang Sept. 26, 2012.

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1 1 Courses and STAR Lab Research Yinhai Wang Sept. 26, 2012

2 2 CEE 500E T & C Seminar Organizer: Yinhai Wang Meet weekly on Wednesday (2:30-3:20pm) at More 234 Required attendance Class mailing list: Class Web site:

3 3 Transportation & Construction Division Joe Mahoney Donald JanssenKamal Ahmed Professors in Construction Engineering Steve Muench

4 4 Transportation & Construction Division G. Scott Rutherford Yinhai Wang Professors in Transportation Engineering Linda Boyle

5 5 Transportation & Construction Division Professors in Transportation Engineering Anne Goodchild Cynthia Chen Ed McCormack

6 6 Course Schedule WeekDateTopicsSpeakerModeratorsNote 1 Sept. 26 Introduction to the Division and Courses PacTrans The STAR Lab Dr. Yinhai Wang, CEE Dept, PacTransYinhai WangCEE Dept PacTrans 2Oct. 3 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research Construction programs at UW Dr. Joe Mahoney, CEE Dept.Joe MahoneyCEE Dept. Chaofan and Sherry 3Oct. 10 Faculty Introduction – Courses and ResearchDr. Steve Muench, CEE Dept.Steve MuenchCEE Dept. Jerome and Huizhong 4Oct. 17 Faculty Introduction – Courses and ResearchDr. Cynthia Chen, CEE Dept.Cynthia ChenCEE Dept. Tianle and Carmen 5Oct. 24 External guest talk: Discrete Choice Analysis for Travellers: A Semi-parametric Approach Dr. Baibing Li, Loughborough UniversityBaibing LiLoughborough University Yinhai and Matt D 6Oct. 31 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research Dr. Ed McCormack, CEE Dept.Ed McCormackCEE Dept. Xiaoyi and Scott

7 7 Course Schedule WeekDateTopicsSpeakerModeratorsNote 7Nov. 7 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research Dr. Don Janssen, CEE Dept.Don JanssenCEE Dept. Shan and Mallory 8Nov. 14 External guest talk: Simulation Model Calibration Dr. Laurence Rillet, University of Nebraska - LincolnLaurence Rillet University of Nebraska - Lincoln Yinhai, Robin, and Jiang PacTrans Event, class at a different location 9Nov. 21 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research Valle Program Dr. G. Rutherford, CEE Dept.G. RutherfordCEE Dept. Matt P and Yingqian 10Nov. 28 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research HFSM Lab Dr. Linda Boyle, CEE/IE Dept.Linda BoyleCEE/IE Dept. Paul and Yixiao 11Dec. 5 Faculty Introduction – Courses and Research Washington State Trans Research Center Mr. Mark Hallenbeck, TRACMark HallenbeckTRACSigurdr and Su Submit Research Paper Abstract and References

8 8 Course Requirements There is no final exam for this class Grading is based on your class participation the assigned moderator job research paper/thesis abstract and references Student moderators need to introduce the speaker distribute a representative paper of the speaker to the class for reading before the speech raise questions and moderate the discussion

9 9 About Myself

10 10 Traffic Is Getting Worse Image Source:

11 11 Why? From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, National Transportation Statistics 2009

12 12 Countermeasures  Construct new roads  Reduce traffic  Increase capacity of the existing infrastructure by employing ITS technologies  Travel demand control  Improve transit service

13 13 Is It a Possible Approach? Do you think we can increase highway capacity by applying advanced technologies?

14 14 Data Is Crucial for the Success of ITS Quality Data Control Center E-Message Sign ATIS !!

15 15 Where Are the Data From? Traffic Detection Controller Sensors Data Archive Data Server

16 16 Details? CEE 579 Advanced Traffic Detection Systems 3 credits. Spring Quarter  General introduction to the following systems: Radar gun Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS) GPS based vehicle navigation Priority Vehicle Detection Weigh In Motion (WIM) sensors  In depth instruction on Inductive loop detection systems Computer vision based detection systems

17 17 Nationwide Network of Data To a nationwide network of dataFrom Spots of data A Public Private Partnership: shared risk shared benefit shared contribution

18 18 How To Handle These Data? If loop measurements are archived every 20 second, 4,000 single loop detectors require 24 * 3600 / 20 * 50 * 4000 = 864 MB storage space per day! Remember this is just data from loop detectors. We have also accident data, freight data, video data, …, to deal with! With these data in hand, how to manage and use them sufficiently to support our decision making?

19 19 That’s Why We Offer CEE 412 CEE 412: Transportation Data Management and Analysis Store and retrieve transportation data efficiently become increasingly important Optimal decisions should be made based on computation results from these available data This course will help to build up fundamental knowledge and skills for database design, data management, and basic skills for transportation analysis.

20 20 Intelligence Requires Data With good traffic data, we can make our control systems smarter than this. Image Source:

21 21 Provide the Best Traffic Operations CEE 590 Traffic System Operations (Traffic System Control and Simulation) Traffic Control Systems Traffic Operations Simulation Application Software Vissim

22 22 Check the Course Websites for Details Details of my courses are available on line at: CEE 412: CEE 579: CEE 590:

23 23 PacTrans Introduction  Oregon State University  University of Alaska Fairbanks  University of Idaho  University of Washington (lead)  Washington State University Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans)

24 PacTrans Theme and Goals PacTrans theme: Safe and sustainable solutions for the diverse transportation needs of the Pacific Northwest. 24 Safety and Sustainabili ty Users Vehicles System Networ k System Networ k Roadwa y Environ -ment

25 PacTrans Theme and Goals Strategic Goals: PacTrans shall serve as Region 10’s Research Engine Applied Technology Showcase Workforce Development Base Education Leader Collaboration Platform Communication Node Information Center 25

26 Student Support Student organized professional events PacTrans Fellowship Student travel to conferences Student of the Year award BBQ coming up soon. 26

27 Management Structure Management Team Consortium Universities Committee and Taskforces Board of Directors Research Committee Education and Workforce Development Committee External Advisory Board Director Program Manager Outreach and Technology Transfer Committee Student Leadership Council OSUUAFUIWSUUW USDOT RITA

28 UW PacTrans Staff Yinhai Wang, DirectorLinda Boyle, Associate Director in Research Anne Moudon, Associate Director in Education Mark Hallenbeck, Associate Director in Outreach Meghan MacKrell, Assistant Director Wanjiku Gitahi, Program Assistant Eva Lu 28

29 Other PacTrans Staff Chris Bell, Associate Director at OSU Billy Connor, Associate Director at UAF Karen DenBraven, Associate Director at UI Dave McLean, Associate Director at WSU 29

30 30 STAR Lab Smart Transportation Applications and Research Laboratory (STAR Lab): More 101

31 31 STAR Lab Is Dedicated to Innovative Research Image Source:

32 32 STAR Lab Research Interests Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS); Traffic Detection Technologies; Traffic Simulation; Traffic Safety Traffic Operations; Traffic Flow Theory; Environmental Impacts of Traffic Operations; and E-Science of Transportation.

33 33 STAR Lab Facilities

34 34 STAR Lab Facilities

35 35 STAR Lab Facilities

36 36 Star Lab Research Projects Area-Wide Ramp Meter Control

37 37 Star Lab Research Projects Incident-Induced Daley Estimation Lane blocking incident Upstream loop station Downstream loop station Vehicle Queue Caused by a Lane-Blocking Incident Driving direction TdTd Time V3V3 V1V1 V2V2 Cumulative Traffic Volume Queuing Diagram for Incident-Induced Travel Delay TrTr

38 38 Star Lab Research Projects


40 40 Pedestrian Detection and Tracking BIC(k=1)=2022 BIC(k=2)=1887 BIC(k=1)=2511 BIC(k=2)=3182

41 41 Star Lab Research Projects BT v 2.0 Sparkfun 60 MHz ROM-based 6 D cells – 5 days BT v 1.0 Gumstix 600 MHz Linux system 8 D cells – 40 hrs BT v 2.1 LiFE Cell – Faster charging time Weatherproof Omni Antenna BT v 2.2 GSM - Online data retrieval GPS – Automated synchronization Solar Panel – Continuous operation 07/200909/200910/200912/2009 Hardware-level design allows for: Antenna power control Less heat generation Significant power consumption reduction Bluetooth-based Travel Time Data Collection System

42 42

43 43 Star Lab Research Projects ALEDA

44 44 Star Lab Research Projects HOT Lane Simulation

45 Star Lab Research Projects 45 Image sources: and What is the best toll rate? What is the best design?

46  Well distributed  Each “spy” found over 100 unique devices in 30 minutes* BT GSM Mobile Device Based Data Collection and Knowledge Discovery Star Lab Research Projects

47 Large Scale Network Analsys China’s High Speed Railway Links vertex = 312 edge = 330 Star Lab Research Projects

48 48 Star Lab Research Projects Source:

49 49 Star Lab Research Projects

50 50 Star Lab Research Projects

51 51 Travel Time Data Collection Bluetooth-Signal-Based Vehicle Tracking Bluetooth signal MAC Address Matching

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