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1 Depart of Energy RE/FIMS Workshop 2011 REAL ESTATE.

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1 1 Depart of Energy RE/FIMS Workshop 2011 REAL ESTATE

2 2 DOE’s Real Estate Landscape  DOE Real Property Portfolio o 50 Major Sites o Total Number of Assets 19,411 o Land Acres 2.3 million (1.5 million is withdrawn Public Domain land) o Total Building Area 129 million GSF o Number of Buildings 10,920 o Number of Structures 7,793 o Total Property Value $96.8 billion o Leases(next slide)

3 3 DOE’s Real Estate Landscape ( continued)  Leases Lease Type 10,000 SF TOTAL GSA 8 5 7 20 GSA owned 10 2 17 29 DOE Leased 1010 21 41 Contr Leased13537 136 308 TOTALS16354 181 398 Pct. Total40%14% 46%

4 4 What Is Real Estate ?  Includes: Land, Improvements, Infrastructure, Rights that exist in real estate  Is NOT: Personal Property  39 persons engaged in real estate activities; 21 professional certified realty specialists across DOE complex (13 are level 2 certified)  HQ: Senior Real Property Officer, Senior Realty Officer (MAI), Senior Realty Specialist (RPA & FMA – BOMA), Realty Specialist (JD)

5 o Provides expertise to DOE and its operational components, including contractors, in these areas: o Real Estate Program Management -- Community Affairs o Policy Development o Project Reviews o Recognized disciplines in DOE real estate: o Acquisition-- Management and Disposal o Lease Acquisition o Real estate interfaces closely with OGC, CFO, Program Offices, OMB, GSA o Conducts instructional sessions for Certified Realty Specialists across complex and provides general guidance o Due to personnel shortages, Senior Realty Officer is the Certified Realty Specialist for these site offices: o Savannah River-- NETL o Idaho-- NREL What Does Real Estate Do ?

6 6 Recognized disciplines in DOE real estate  Acquisition o Fee Simple Purchase o Fee Simple Donations o Acquisition by Eminent Domain  Lease Acquisition o Acquisition by Lease o Permits and Licenses  Easements and Right-Of-Way Acquisitions

7 7 Recognized disciplines in DOE Real Estate (continued)  Management and Disposal o Oversee M & O Contractor Lease Acquisitions IAW published guidelines o Oversee and manage DOE Lease Acquisitions outside of NCR IAW published guidelines o Oversee development of GSA Occupancy Agreements for leased and federally-owned space outside of NCR o Monitor process for out-leasing of DOE Site real estate o Disposal for Economic Development o Disposal for Sale o Disposal for Public Body Use o Disposal By Lease

8 8 How can we optimize use of Real Estate assets ?  Institute Space Standards  Consolidation of Space Within and Among Programs  Facility Sharing (with other Federal Agencies and with Private Sector (lease/rent))  Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL)  Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)  Public/Private Ventures (PPV)  Asset Reutilization Initiative  Energy Parks

9 9 How can we reduce the costs of Real Estate ?  Modernization of Existing Facilities and Infrastructure  Sustainability of Facilities’ Operations  Reduce Carbon Footprint  Smart Design for New Facilities (avoids Obsolescence)  Space Standards  Leed/Green buildings  Smart Leases  Recompete less favorable leases  Optimize size, function, utilities/energy  Leed/Green buildings  Dedicated D&D budget

10 10 How can we reduce the costs of Real Estate ? (continued)  Co-locating with Private Partners/Education Partners  Mixed Use  Smart Lease Acquisition to replace Existing (size, functionality, sustainability, energy efficiency)  Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)  Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESC)  Merging similar facilities from different sites (data centers, laboratories, etc.)  Synergy vs. Competition

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