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Death Penalty is it Right By: Dalton Homme and Jairo Martinez.

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1 Death Penalty is it Right By: Dalton Homme and Jairo Martinez

2 Death penalty meaning Some serious criminal offenses are punishable by death, most often violent homicides where it is, determined by the jury that the convicted offender lacks remorse. Capital punishment, commonly referred to as the death penalty, remains controversial and has been outlawed in some states.

3 States for exactions Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wyoming

4 Texas Facts Texas is number one in the nation since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976 There are 361 inmates on death row there are also 10 women serving death row In Texas crimes punishable by the death penalty are capital murder

5 Capital murder are the crimes listed below murder of officer or firefighter murder during the commission of kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated sexual assault, arson, obstruction or relation, Murder for remuneration Murder of a correctional employee Murder by a state prison inmate who is serving life sentence Multiple murders Murder of an individual under six years of age

6 Crime scene Man Stabbed to death

7 Crime Scene Man shot

8 Exaction methods

9 Texas History In Texas the death penalty started out as hanging

10 Then the electric chair came along

11 Lethal injection

12 Lethal injection is now used in current times

13 Process of lethal injection First injected Sodium thiopental is an ultra short acting barbiturate which was used widely as an anaesthetic and causes unconsciousness very quickly if injected into a vein. Second injected Pancuronium bromide (Pavulon) is a muscle relaxant that paralyses the diaphragm and thus arrests breathing whilst potassium chloride finishes the job by causing cardiac arrest. It is used in cardiac surgery to stop the heart. In most cases, the inmate is unconscious in less than half a minute after the sodium thiopental is administered

14 Criminals

15 In Texas there are 364 men and 10 women on death row. The majority of people on death row have prior offenses and have murdered more than one person or have been in some other series criminal offense

16 Case not receiving the death penalty Larry Delon Casey went on a rampage, shooting five people at random three of them fatally. With the Death Penalty not an option Casey received 99 years in prison In 2006 Mr. Casey was denied parallel because he attempted to hirer a murderer to kill the prosecuting judge.

17 Should Mr. Casey have received parole having shoot and killed 3 people?

18 Human rights and the death penalty The main problem is the cruel and unusual punishment which is death Another problem that faces the death penalty is the fact that the government can issue the death penalty meaning that the government can control who gets the death penalty in some cases

19 I am for the death penalty

20 I view the death penalty as a natural deterrent

21 I also think that if someone takes a life through the process of murder they should face the full punishment.

22 In general I think murder is the top crime and the only way to fight murder and to make an impact on people is to enforce the death penalty as capital punishment

23 The End

24 References m m 2009/02/20/death-penalty-the-overview/ 2009/02/20/death-penalty-the-overview/ opolitan/2415353.html opolitan/2415353.html

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