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Robert D. Owen Alabama “I set high standards and tell my teachers that I expect very little of them- they only need to do whatever it takes to make Rockwell.

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2 Robert D. Owen Alabama “I set high standards and tell my teachers that I expect very little of them- they only need to do whatever it takes to make Rockwell Elementary School the best school in our school system.”

3 Barbara Pile Alaska “We are discovering that the time and effort that have gone into restructuring our school has resulted in a continuous climb in student achievement.”

4 Lee K. Nelson Arizona “I also believe in ‘data of the heart,’ which could include ‘a student’s smiling face, tear- streaked cheeks, brand new shoes, skinned knee, or forgotten lunch money. All types of data are needed to positively impact student achievement’.”

5 Sherrie D. Bayles Arkansas (E) “Each educator in our building has the responsibility to be the best instructional leader possible, and it’s my job to provide them with the staff development, resources, and support.”

6 Michelle Owens Hayward Arkansas (M) “As a classroom walk-through trainer, I participate in reflective dialogues with teachers as I visit every classroom every week.”

7 Richard S. Judd California “We make decisions together and all share a common goal in serving students. This includes a successful behavior management program that each month recognizes students for displaying good character.”

8 Holly M. Hultgren Colorado “When a school has many diverse programs and populations, including English- language learners, struggling readers, and special education students, it is essential to work together to support all learners.”

9 Norma M. Fisher-Doiron Connecticut “There is a clear commitment to develop in every child respect for and appreciation of others, a positive attitude toward learning, academic skills, reflective thinking, and coping skills.”

10 Richelle F. Talbert Delaware “My job is to ensure increased rigor and fidelity to the curriculum as our educational standards need to keep pace with worldwide change.”

11 Wayne Ryan District of Columbia “Parents enjoy a high place of distinction in the Noyes school community.”

12 Jean Preston Miller Georgia “Today, we have a true community school with a staff that always puts children’s needs at the forefront.”

13 Ruth L. Silberstein Hawaii “Instead of seeing the shortcomings of the students, the focus became, ‘How do we help our students succeed?’”

14 Deborah K. Long Idaho “Our school’s roadmap for success is not based on a hope and a dream, but rather on a systematic plan of action.”

15 William C. Barney Illinois “The teachers’ greater involvement in school leadership has improved their job satisfaction and the school climate.”

16 Glenda Sue Reis Indiana “We have transformed into a true professional learning community with a shared vision, goals, and communication for the benefit of our children.”

17 Nancy Hayes Gardner Iowa “I have faced numerous challenges, but the academic achievements and pride of our dual-language students have made all my efforts worthwhile.”

18 Sandy K. Almos Kansas “Fortunately, I was blessed with an amazing staff. We jumped into school improvements with everything we had. Everyone was involved.”

19 Jo Price Craven Kentucky “A school could have all the materials and fiscal support in the world, but without qualified personnel to implement the program, students would not succeed.”

20 Nancy D. Rials Louisiana “I am honored to be an advocate for the importance of an administrator’s role to ensure that every child has a quality teacher and meaningful learning opportunities.”

21 Gary P. Oswald Maine “My philosophy is don’t take yourself too seriously and always use common sense when dealing with all avenues of education and life in general.”

22 Carol L. Leveillee Maryland “I firmly believe that character should be a top priority in a school’s purpose. If my staff and students aren’t feeling and showing respect, the school cannot reach the highest level of success.”

23 Leslie J. Clark-Yvon Massachusetts “I never lose sight of my primary responsibility and the job title ‘principal teacher’ because I am first and foremost a teacher.”

24 Stephen A. Anderson Michigan “Our school atmosphere provides an environment of collaboration, community, and commitment to learning.”

25 Gail M. Swor Minnesota “Providing us with an opportunity to reflect on the best practices used in our teaching was a cooperative effort of our staff, parents, and community.”

26 Lisa B. Lucius Mississippi “If I am helping to make a child’s life better, then it is worth every minute of my time.”

27 Donna L. Jahnke Missouri “Taking a systems approach to professional development, I initiated building-wide training that includes writing workshops, behavior intervention teams, and strategies for closing achievement gaps among different student populations.”

28 James H. O’Neill Montana “Students must be handled with care and polished with praise.”

29 Jerry A. Bergstrom Nebraska “Engaging with our diverse community to address issues of social justice is, to me, the essence of my life’s work.”

30 Lisa H. Primas Nevada “I led a team comprising of teachers, other staff members, parents, and the school’s new business partner to create what I call ‘a neighborhood school for all in the community to take responsibility for and pride in.’”

31 Daniel J. LaFleur New Hampshire (E) “I have found that being respectful and a good listener is imperative to the overall success of our new school community.”

32 William J. Tirone New Hampshire (M) “The citizens of Ashland face many difficult socioeconomic challenges. Yet, the parents and community members continue to value education and support the school.”

33 Effie S. Jenkins-Smith New Jersey “I promote the philosophy of teaching to the standards and not to the order to close the achievement gap.”

34 Raul C. Sanchez New Mexico “I like to point out how good coaches (principals) use data to create winning strategies and make necessary adjustments to be victorious.”

35 Thomas P. Komp New York (E) “Student learning data are used effectively, consistently, and objectively to drive instruction. This is how we continue to reshape our programming to meet the needs of all students.”

36 Jeffrey S. Craig New York (M) “The trick is to take care of managerial responsibilities as invisibly as possible. What the principal should be seen doing is leading the school on its continuous journey toward instructional improvement.”

37 Lori D. Howard North Carolina “I can boast of having one of the top teacher retention rates in the county; a distinction I have achieved by addressing their individual needs, providing opportunities for their professional growth, and advertising their strengths so that they can assist others in areas of need.”

38 David M. Hanson North Dakota “Once children feel safe and important, then the important task of educating them to their fullest potential can begin.”

39 M. Beth Johnson-Christoff Ohio “We are teaching our students the importance of democratic participation, that problem- based learning is an effective way to reach goals, and that it does make a positive difference.”

40 Sandra L. Kent Oklahoma “Recognizing a need for change, I have adopted an approach of working closely with staff members and families to help each child be successful not only for today, but for a lifetime.”

41 Anita M. Harris Oregon “My planning team and I set five priorities that continue to guide the work of this suburban K-5 school: having a shared vision for student success; having teachers act as leaders; having parents act as partners; having a school climate that promotes learning; and having a coherent, effectively delivered curriculum.”

42 Patrick M. Graczyk Pennsylvania “I credit efforts that have helped transform the school culture from one of anger and blame to one of celebration and understanding.”

43 Michael A. Lazzareschi Rhode Island “I paved the way for shared responsibility and the creation of what I call ‘a collaboration between all community stakeholders’, to create equal educational opportunities for all students, to encourage the development of an innovative and responsive school environment, and to reverse the myth that the public school in our community could not be considered a choice.”

44 Michelle A. Wilson South Carolina (E) “We have a productive work environment where students are encouraged to believe and achieve, and staff members are supported in their professional development.”

45 Nancy L. Turner South Carolina (M) “Good enough isn’t! I don’t want to be satisfied…I want to be amazed!

46 Norman C. Graham South Dakota “Empowering teachers to take leadership positions within the staff has helped build a culture of ownership and responsibility for the success of all our children.”

47 Barbara Corso Ide Tennessee (M) “I continue to focus my energy on cultivating a school climate that supports optimal teaching and learning, while maintaining a commitment to modeling enthusiasm and hard work to reach student achievement goals.”

48 Michelle M. Aube-Barton Texas “As the instructional leader, I consciously have been instrumental in supporting others to form effective teams who are self-directed learners and deliver quality instruction.”

49 Helene H. Van Natter Utah “It is important to me that I meet the needs of my teachers so that they can focus on meeting the needs of their students.”

50 Wayne T. Cooke Vermont (E) “Fair Haven Grade School has become a vibrant center of the rural community. In fact, the school has developed such a strong reputation for its welcoming and student-centered environment that it attracts families to settle in the area.”

51 Jacquelyne W. Wilson Vermont (M) “I believe that our success is largely due to three major factors: a commitment to reading, teacher-driven interventions to address student learning needs, and the formation of a vibrant parent/community partnership.”

52 Linda S. Hayes Virginia “I am grateful for the ability to inspire and motivate others to take the steps necessary for positive change.”

53 Paula Crews Bond Washington “What makes me most proud are the times when I have witnessed the joy and engagement students have experienced when involved in real self-directed work.”

54 Michael D. White West Virginia “Holden Central belongs to students, staff, parents, and the community. We all have a stake in its success or failure.”

55 Nanette L. Bunnow Wisconsin “Schools need their communities, and communities need their schools.”

56 Vesta E. Demester Wyoming “I created positive changes in the school atmosphere by demonstrating a strong and sincere commitment to trust and honesty in my relationships with staff and community.”

57 Cheryl Wells Collins Illinois (Private) “My students understand that they must always strive to do their best so that their futures will be filled with possibilities.”

58 Patricia E. Brady Missouri (Private) “I ensure that the children see me pray, see me serve, and see me share with them what I believe.”

59 Janet B. Leet Missouri (Private) “I have exercised effective school leadership through what I call a ‘ministry of presence.’ This includes being highly visible and available to the families of my suburban K-5 school.”

60 Linda M. Cotellessa Freebes New York (Private) “My school family is an extension of my own family. Through this climate, Catholic values and doctrine flourish.”

61 Susan M. Ahart Kentucky (DoDEA) “Our teachers have become proficient in using data from student assessments to monitor and support the children’s academic progress. Likewise, our students have learned to become proficient in understanding their own assessments and applying data to improve their learning.”

62 Marcene L. Pareja Bolivia (DOS) “A principal must choose between doing it all, not necessarily well, or providing others with leadership opportunities. I use the latter approach and believe we all benefit by sharing leadership.”

63 Mary E. Russman The Netherlands (DOS) “I do what it takes to make certain that [health and social] issues are minimized so learning can take place.”


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