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The Scrambled States of America

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1 The Scrambled States of America
by Laurie Keller

2 Quote Matching “Do you want to become MRS.issippi?”
Nevada “In the middle of nowhere feelin’ lonesome and seasick, my guitar is soggy and I feel so blue…” Kansas “Eeeooo! Get it away! I’m lactose intolerant!” California

3 Quote Matching “It’s my pleasure to give you a ride, Washington, D.C. Are you o.k. in there Mr. President?” Maryland “Ouch, I’ll take you out as soon as we, ouch, get there, ok? Ouch. New Mexico talking to its cactus “Sorry to interrupt, but Virginia and I were just talking and we thought it might be fun if she and I switched places-you know-so we could see a new part of the country.” Idaho

4 Quote Matching “Hey, how do you spell Connecticut?”
Iowa “Let’s have a party and invite all the other states!” Kansas “I’m not feeling happy at all!” “Wake up sleepy heads.” Hawaii

5 Quote Matching “That’s a great idea. I wish I’d thought of it myself.”
Nebraska “I brought you some peaches from Georgia.” Maine “This is the third time I’ve dropped my fork.” Tennessee

6 Quote Matching “I know how to tap dance.”
Colorado “A big hug will make your sunburn feel better!” Vermont “Hey, Potato Head, scratch my back, will ya?”

7 Quote Matching “We have lots of ears!” “And we have lots of eyes!”
Iowa corn “And we have lots of eyes!” Idaho potatoes “If I jab you with one of my needles, I apologize in advance.” New Mexico cactus

8 Illustrations New York got Michigan a shirt. What does it look like?

9 Illustrations Describe the appearance of the narrator.

10 Illustrations Describe the picture of Laurie Keller at the end of the book. Toothless with pigtails Who are presidents on Mt. Rushmore so excited to be talking to? Lady Liberty How do they show that Mississippi and Nevada are in love in the picture of the entire U.S. when they are back in their places and sleeping?

11 Illustrations What food souvenirs did some of the states bring back?

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