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5fld0716_Template1 The View From Washington Frank Kelly Managing Director Head of Government Affairs – Americas.

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1 5fld0716_Template1 The View From Washington Frank Kelly Managing Director Head of Government Affairs – Americas

2 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Everything you wanted to know about Washington and the world… But didn’t want to make a campaign contribution to find out…

3 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital The Overview Where is Congress now and what are they doing and can they get it done? How will the White House Respond? ’08 Elections Update. Key Global Flashpoints…

4 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital The Legislative Agenda for the Rest of ’07 and ‘08 The Frame of Reference: Campaigns now coloring all issues… “Pay Go” Makes EVERYTHING difficult… Less Time on Legislative Calendar than you may think… Drive for 60 seat Democratic majority in Senate; Little chance of Republican recovery in House.

5 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Legislative Agenda’07 / ’08 (cont’d.) Appropriations Bills - 12 needed; One finished. Continuing resolutions and veto threats; Eats the clock. SCHIP - Problems seem to be multiplying and becomes more controversial by the day; Bush vetoed. Will remain a political sore point in 2008. Tax Reform Bill- The “Mother of All Tax Bills” has arrived…But is not going anywhere…

6 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Life in Congress: Sub Prime, Chinese Currency & Iraq

7 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Sub prime is Prime Time… Multiple Bills in motion, including… Re-open Bankruptcy bill to help stave off foreclosures (Durbin) Tax break for those facing foreclosure (Rangel) Raise caps on GSE portfolios (Frank, Schumer) FHA Reform (Frank) Massive Reform of Sub prime Market (Dodd, Frank) Treasury’s SIV - What is it, who’s in, and will it work? But idea of federal bailout is still remote.

8 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital We’re All Feeling the Squeeze…

9 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Energy/Climate Change Legislation Energy Bill - Stalled as Dems in House and Senate bicker.  White House Veto pen armed and ready.  Senate moving a major Climate Change bill.  Will combined bills get Cap-and-Trade?

10 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Taxes: “The Mother of All Tax Proposals” A mega-political food fight? House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) wants to “strategically” overhaul the US tax code. Chances of getting it done in 2008 are remote – but this clearly is the opening skirmish of a larger battle in 2009. What does Rangel want to do? AMT Reform – Patch it for `08; Completely eliminate it in `09. Capital Gains/Dividend Taxes (in 2009) – Raise them (Cap. Gains = 28%; Div. = 28% +) to help offset national health care plan. Estate Tax (in 2009) – Raise them.

11 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital The “Mother of All Tax Bills” Includes 4% surcharge on all joint taxpayers earning $200k or more. Rises to %4.6 for couples earning $500k or more. Eliminates the AMT (almost $1 trillion hit to revenues). Carried Interest on investment partnerships taxed as ordinary income. Limiting itemized deductions and personal exemptions to pre- 2001 EGTR Act levels for taxpayers earning above $500k. Goodbye Cap Gains / Div. tax cuts! Corporate taxes - Corporate rate goes from 35% to 30%

12 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital “The Temporary Tax Relief Act 2007” One year extension of AMT Patch. Basis Reporting by brokers of securities transactions. Carried Interest on investment partnerships taxed as ordinary income. Eliminate investment managers offshore deferred compensation Removes tax on discharge of mortgage indebtedness and extends for 7 years mortgage insurance deduction. Time Running Out: Tax forms needed to be printed by November 7 th.

13 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Financial Services Again in the Spotlight 401(k) Reform - Push for tough new disclosures from plan advisors. Four separate congressional committees investigating. Federal Insurance Regulation - Moves being made to create “opt-in” federal regulatory structure (and escape tough state oversight”. Rating Agencies - SEC and Congress putting them on hot seat; Watch for hearings and new regulations.

14 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital ’08 Elections Update

15 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Presidential Campaigns…And They’re Off! *Source: ABC/Washington Post Poll 11/18/07 Iowa Democrats Obama- 30% Clinton- 26% Edwards- 22% Richardson- 12% New Hampshire Democrats Clinton- 36% Obama- 22% Edwards- 13% Richardson- 12% Republicans Romney- 28% Huckabee- 24% Thompson- 15% Giuliani- 13% McCain- 6% Republicans Romney- 33% McCain- 18% Giuliani- 16% Huckabee- 5% Thompson- 4%

16 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Presidential Campaigns…And They’re Off! Republicans Giuliani- 32.8% Romney- 16.3% Thompson- 14.3% McCain- 11.3% Huckabee- 8.3% Republicans Romney- 21.8% Giuliani- 19.8% Thompson- 16.8% McCain- 11.3% Huckabee- 8.5% Florida: Democrats Clinton- 47% Obama- 20.4% Edwards- 11.6% South Carolina: Democrats Clinton- 41% Obama- 27% Edwards- 12.3% Source: 11/18/07

17 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital *source - AEI Political Report

18 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Primaries Remain In Play… JANUARY 2008 January 3: Iowa* (caucuses) January 5: Wyoming (R) January 8: New Hampshire January 15: Michigan January 19: Nevada, South Carolina (R) January 29: Florida, South Carolina (D) FEBRUARY 2008 February 1: Maine (R) February 5: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado (D), Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah February 9: Louisiana February 10: Maine (D) February 12: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia February 19: Hawaii (D), Washington, Wisconsin

19 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Primaries Remain In Play… MARCH 2008 March 4: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Texas, Vermont March 8: Wyoming (D) March 11: Mississippi APRIL 2008 April 22: Pennsylvania MAY 2008 May 6: Indiana, North Carolina May 13: Nebraska, West Virginia May 20: Kentucky, Oregon May 27: Idaho JUNE 2008 June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota

20 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Will Voter Turn Out be Bigger in 2008? American voters are showing higher interest in the 2008 elections than in previous campaigns: Followed news about candidates for the presidential election very/fairly closely* September 198748% August 199547% September 199946% September 200342% August 200750% *Source: ORC/Pew Research Center

21 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital A Veto Proof Democratic Majority in Senate in ‘09? Currently: 49 Democrats, 2 Independent 49 Republicans 2008 Elections: 33 seats up for re-election; But key Republican retirements are opening the door to big Democratic wins (Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Texas…and others to be named later…)

22 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital “America’s Greatest Geopolitical Challenge.” Congressional concern is intensifying: –20% YOY growth of PLA –Growing global demand for natural resources. –Electronic espionage in US and among NATO allies. CITIC/Bear Stearns, Huawei Tech/3Com, others to come… Taiwan crisis in March? China

23 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Iran – Iraq as A Proxy War Current Intelligence Assessment: 2-5 years from nuclear weapon. Grand Bargain: US Missile Defense for Russian Vote? US preemptive attack unlikely but odds are rising.

24 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital “Surge” is working Blackwater Incident sign of success and Iran frustration. But how to deal with Iran? Saudi Arabia and Gulf States are increasingly worried about “spill-over.” Iraq

25 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Venezuela For now, bark is worse than bite. But Nationalizations, Russian weapons deals, Iran relationship worrisome to U.S. Chavez needs U.S. money from oil sales and we need his oil. Recent grab of TV station and resulting riots show instability.

26 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital White House / Congress Spending $9.1 billion FY ’07 for planning. Even more in ’08. Watch China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Nigeria for outbreak areas. Huge boost to biotech globally. Where there is a will, there’s a way. Avian Flu – The Ultimate Market Mover

27 5fld0716_Template1 Legal, Risk & Capital Important Note: The opinions and analyses expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Deutsche Bank AG or any affiliate thereof (collectively, the "Bank"). Any suggestions contained herein are general, and do not take into account an individual’s specific circumstances or applicable governing law, which may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and be subject to change. No warranty or representation, express or implied, is made by the Bank, nor does the Bank accept any liability with respect to the information and data set forth herein. The information contained herein is not intended to be, and does not constitute, legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice; it is also not intended to offer penalty protection or to promote, market or recommend any transaction or matter addressed herein. Recipients should consult their applicable professional advisors prior to acting on the information set forth herein.

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