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Basin Commision Meeting November 20, 2013 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho EPA and DEQ Team Represented by Bill Adams.

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1 Basin Commision Meeting November 20, 2013 Coeur d’Alene, Idaho EPA and DEQ Team Represented by Bill Adams

2 Summary of 2013 Work Property remediation – 130 Properties
Paved roads in Box and Basin - 8 Miles Remedy protection & unpaved roads Repositories Lower Burke Canyon – 60% design complete Ninemile WCA – ready for Interstate Waste in 2014 CTP and CIA design work at 30% Lower Basin pilot projects – Selected two projects working on design of one. Basin Environmental Monitoring Plan (BEMP)

3 Property Remediation 130 properties completed
PHD Lead Health Intervention Program outreach Over 360 children participated in testing this year (92 in Basin and 276 A total of 15 of those children had blood-lead levels above 5 µg/dl.

4 Commercial Property Remediation by the Trust
Property Remediation - 2 Parcels Shoshone county yard – Osburn (approx. 490,00 sq ft) – Out to Bid will start soon US Silver parking lot – Silverton (approx. 130,00 sq ft) Work being conducted by Ferguson Construction

5 Paved Roads Program Smelterville Pinehurst Mullan

6 Ninemile Cemetery Unpaved Road Project

Grouse Creek in Smelterville Sierra Nevada in Wardner completed Little Pine Creek in Pinehurst 2014 Third Street Area in Mullan Dewey Street Area in Mullan Unnamed Creek in Silverton Shields Gulch in Osburn 2014 (some work started in 2013) 

8 Remedy Protection Projects Completed!
Grouse Creek Sierra Nevada Wardner

9 3rd St. in Mullan Remedy Protection Project

10 Repositories Lower Burke Canyon Design WCA under construction
Big Creek and EMF in operation

11 Lower Burke Canyon Repository

12 LBCR Schedule Open House to present the 30% design – June 4th Wallace
Few comments on design – response distributed on July 25th Evaluating several alternatives based on comments and waste volume needs 60% Basis of Design – August 2013 90% Basis of Design – November 2013 Ongoing groundwater monitoring – throughout 2013 Construction planned for 2014

13 LBCR Conceptual View from Woodland Park

14 Other Repository Alternatives
Expand LBCR to the West Expand LBCR to the East toward creek and south Evaluate removal and replacement of SVNRT with increased capacity Evaluate potential expansion near Big Creek Repository – Site characterization started in Nov 2013.

15 Potential Big Creek Expansion

16 East Fork of Ninemile Most impacted tributary in the Upper Basin- 64 times Water Quality Standards, up to 480 lbs per day of Zinc below Success and High particulate lead to South Fork  In RODA capping for many sites and was changed to Excavation/local WCA Why Interstate First High in Watershed – Top Down Approach Waste totally fills stream valley Particulate loader Close to WCA Good opportunity for restoration

17 EFNM Waste Consolidation Area
Design for 1.3M cy of mine waste for all of Ninemile Basin Potential expansion for 2.0M cy Phased development Initial development in 2013 allows for placement of mine waste from I-C Rock Dumps in 2014 WCA development has provided soil, woody material, and rock for construction of WCA, infrastructure, and reconstruction/restoration of remedial sites

18 WCA

19 BEMP Update EPA is planning to conduct an optimization of GW monitoring on OU2 and all other BEMP data FWS collecting pre-RA data in EFNM and Canyon Creek Ongoing evaluation of all data for lessons learned, trends, opportunities to streamline data collection

20 Lower Basin Pilot Projects
Pilot Projects Selected and moving forward! With lots of help from locals – 46 ideas received from 24 individuals/entities Focusing on 2 projects at this time A combined Riverbank and Beach Remediation Kahnderosa Campground Water Level Management Using Hydraulic Controls at location TBD

21 Riverbank & Beach Remediation at Kahnderosa Campground
Objectives: Reduce potential exposure to people from contaminated material in banks and beaches Isolate contaminated material beneath clean and stable soil Support recreational use & ecological habitat Measure recontamination Measure and document stability

22 Water Level Management
Objectives Use clean tributary flows to maintain higher water levels Deter Waterfowl Use During Migration Season Reduce contamination deposition during high flows Monitor Waterfowl Usage and Feeding Patterns, Water Levels, Sediment Deposition Rates and Related Factors

23 Pilot Projects – Next Steps
EPA working with landowners and eco resource folks will select and commence planning for the pilot projects Construction for both is planned for 2014 Will Post Update to the EPA Website on These Projects

24 Lower Basin Sampling Focused Data Gathering to Better Define the Sub-bottom Focused Coring in the Floodplain to Update Depositional Rates/Concentrations

25 CTP Upgrades and CIA Groundwater Collection

26 Design Concept Optimization and Modeling
Reduce contaminant loading to surface water Minimize infiltration of surface water into the GCS Minimize overall groundwater collection flow rates Minimize O&M requirements (system maintenance and fouling) Maximize hydraulic isolation of the CIA and extent of hydraulic capture Maximize system flexibility

27 Extraction Well/Cutoff Wall
8,800-foot-long cutoff wall Series of 10 extraction wells Flow rate is more prescribed by wells at ~2,000 gpm Flow from SFCDR and lower confining layer isolated from wells by cutoff wall

28 Remedy Effectiveness No-action dissolved zinc loading to SFCDR estimated to be ~540 lb/day Zinc loading under eastern OU 2 ~ 450 lb/day Zinc loading moving through groundwater system toward Smelterville Flats ~ 90 lb/day Estimated effectiveness 65-90% reduction Range depends on concentration entering SFCDR after installation of slurry wall.


30 Budget Update Current Special Account Balance ~ $52 million w/out Hecla’s last payments Trust Balance ~ $504M (end of 3rd quarter) up $22M in last quarter. HQ funding this year $2M

31 Planned Trust Budget for 2014
Approximate Trust Budget - ~ $21 million Remedy Protection in Box and Basin WCA and Interstate construction Pre-design data collection - Ninemile Property Remediation construction Roads construction ($3.5M in Basin) Lower Basin Pilots construction Repository Operations LBCR construction

32 Planned Special Account Project Work for 2014 – Budget TBD
Ongoing Property Remediation Remedy Protection in Box Paved Roads Program in Box ($3.5M) Lower Basin data collection/modeling Oversight , Admin, and Supporting Activities BEMP CTP and CIA design completion

33 Summary of Hecla Settlement Funds (from 8/12 presentation)
FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 Total EPA 45,474,000 34,145,000 26,600,000 7,700,000 113,962,000 Registry 66M NRRT 55,322,000 11,382,000 8,882,000 2,566,000 78,151,000 Idaho Tribe 5,138,000 176,790,000 45,527,000 35,527,000 10,263,000 268,107,000 Total does not include certain Superfund Interest payments - .69% to .74%. Numbers are rounded. This slide provides a summary of the funds from the settlement with Hecla. The registry account is being held to preserve funding for the long-term operation of the Central Water Treatment Plan. Funding identified as “Idaho” is for use by the Natural Resource Trustees for restoration activities. The Natural Resource Trustees consist of representatives of BLM, the Forest Service, USFWS, CDA Tribe, and the State of Idaho.

34 Status of Hecla Funds Amount of Settlement ~ $180M
Amount received to date ~$138M ($66M + $72M) Amount in Court Registry ~$66M Amount in Special Account $52M Due in 2014 balance up to $42M Work completed to date from SA (includes other settlment funds) Property Remediation Technical Support and RD Support Agency Agreements Paved Roads in Box

35 Special Account Funding Challenges
Total Funds Available = $52M + $42M Key project commitments in Box that can’t be funded by Trust = $67M Completion of CTP and GW Collection over 3 years -$36M (placed on contract in Jan 2015) Remedy Protection - $4M Roads - $27M over 6 years Balance of $27M for other site needs

36 Misc Updates Community Fill Plan
Implementation Plan Update – advertized via , Basin Bulletin, facebook, placed in library – 30 day informal review

37 Thank You

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