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Radio-Teletype Communication Center Japanese Aircraft Revetments.

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2 Radio-Teletype Communication Center

3 Japanese Aircraft Revetments


5 X West Side of Wake Island Beautiful Views Of The Pacific

6 X

7 Forgotten 98 Memorial All 98 Names Inscribed Beautiful Granite Base X

8 K9W Operators At Forgotten 98 Memorial

9 Inscription: “98 US P.W. 5-10-43” By unknown member of the Forgotten 98 X Lou, N2TUJoe, AA4NN

10 X Forgotten 98 Massacre Beach October 7, 1943

11 In an emotional moment on Sunday, 10-November, during a 15M sked with Idaho station KA7T, Lou (N2TU) reads a eulogy and the names of all Forgotten 98 Civilian Contractors employed by Boise, Idaho contractor Morrison-Knudsen. Boise, ID TV Station KBOI Covered The Event On The Evening News Don Clower, KA7D



14 At The SSB Shack Unpacked the TWA Vertical + Spare IC-706 + Power Supply W8HC (op) + K6MM (logger) = 70 QSOs (10M) WB9Z (op) + NA6M (logger) = 92 QSOs (20M) Team Added Another = 162 SSB QSOs Final Total QSOs = 100,027




18 Drifters Reef, the only bar on the island and an institution to all who have passed through.




22 Last Meal On Wake Atoll

23 Team Photos Before Departing

24 One Happy Group Of DXers


26 Heading Home Now

27 Thank You: K9W – Support Team

28 Thank You: Equipment, Clubs, Foundations, Individuals

29 QSL Cards Sent QSOs Uploaded To LOTW

30 Wake Atoll Where America’s Day Begins And Where The Forgotten 98 Will Always Be Remembered

31 © Lou Dietrich, N2TU, 2014 © Presentation Management Dokumentationsarchiv Funk Tonaufzeichnung: Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC Post production: Paulina Petri

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