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Geology of Idaho Cities and Industries. Idaho – vast forests, rolling plains, soaring peaks, and surging rivers.

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1 Geology of Idaho Cities and Industries

2 Idaho – vast forests, rolling plains, soaring peaks, and surging rivers

3 Idaho – land of active towns/cities where businesses and industries thrive

4 Some of the important towns and cities of the state of Idaho states/maps/id_maps.htm

5 Historic Big 4 Industries

6 Gold dots indicate early mining claims Dark shading indicates areas of current impact

7 Coeur d’Alene Mining District (Silver Valley)

8 Currently mining silver, lead, zinc Silver profitable when >$5/oz (currently $12)

9 Currently mining molybdenum

10 Currently mining phosphate for fertilizers, explosives, etc.

11 Idaho – the most forested state in the Western U.S. Timber has been one of the major industries for Idaho


13 Idaho is growing money!

14 An old logging train with roughneck loggers

15 Idaho agriculture is concentrated in two major zones. It is important statewide, however, just on a smaller scale.

16 The agricultural processing industry shadows agricultural areas for obvious reasons

17 Bluegrass seed in the panhandle Wheat in the Palouse “Spuds” and in the SE Orchards in the SW

18 Sugar beets in the South Grasses/hay on the Camas Prairie Livestock throughout the State Truck farms in the SW

19 “Here We Have Idaho…..” Recreation and Tourism are rapidly becoming the biggest, most important, (economically) industry in the state The problem is that they pay much lower wages than mining and timber have historically provided

20 Idaho’s scenic beauty draws a variety of people for different reasons The out-of- doors in North Idaho

21 Sun Valley The River of No Return Native American Casinos

22 The major population centers are located in two particular regions:

23 Snake River Plain


25 Boise River Greenbelt


27 Boise – the capital of Idaho and business/financial/education/entertainment center of Southern Idaho/Northern Nevada/Northern Utah/Eastern Oregon

28 Also a major transportation crossroads for the region

29 Major irrigation centers

30 Turning the desert into productive ground through irrigation

31 Processing of ag products is a big business, too!

32 Some of Idaho’s main brands

33 And, of course…………

34 Sugar beets livestock Alfalfa hay Potatoes

35 Food processing Twin Falls Pocatello Idaho Falls (incl. stockyards) Rexburg (Sugar City)

36 Many towns grew up on the plain to support the various forms of agriculture there


38 Light Manufacturing and Related Industries Water resources from Snake River Electrical power Growing workforce Resulted in a new type of industry

39 Light Manufacturing

40 Mining – sometimes in unusual forms- is found in Idaho Phosphate mining near Soda Springs

41 Rail yards in Pocatello

42 Atomic energy at the Idaho National Laboratory

43 On February 1, 2005 the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory-West became the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

44 A military presence

45 Farming is important up north as well

46 The Camas Prairie

47 The Palouse Hills

48 The educational center of North Idaho

49 Lewiston – Idaho’s Seaport

50 Industry in Lewiston


52 Historic Big 4-a reminder 2

53 Mostly Sparsely Populated 3

54 Largest population in the Northern Panhandle 4

55 Bonners Ferry Post Falls Riggins Challis Stanley McCall American Falls Gooding Oakley Preston 5 Numerous small towns are scattered throughout the mountainous regions of Idaho

56 The mountains of the Northern Rockies have historically been rich in mineral ores, including the Coeur d’Alene Mining District 6

57 7 There are many stories of mining associated with this region

58 8 And then, of course, there’s timber…..

59 9

60 10 The largest white pine stand in the world is located near the N. Fork of the Clearwater River

61 11 Conservation and wise management have allowed our forests to survive

62 12 However, we are losing job opportunities at an alarming rate

63 13 Farms/ranches inhabit the mountain valleys of the region A “Palousey” horse !

64 14

65 Because of mining in the Middle Rockies, our phosphorus brightens teeth in toothpaste, makes bread rise, and adds the fizzle to soda pop. It is made into a treatment for metal, and hydraulic fluid airplanes, and a purification for water. In one form it causes a phenomenal growth in plants, while in another form is an effective environmentally-safe herbicide for unwanted weeds. It helps keep hospitals and food services sanitary, and can put out the flames of a raging forest fire. 15

66 16 The service industry includes basic services through support of the ever- growing tourism trade that takes advantage of Idaho’s wonders

67 Shoshone Ice Caves Sawtooth Mts. City of Rocks Bruneau Sand Dunes Hell’s Canyon Silver City – Ghost Town 17 Pts. Of Interest

68 18

69 19

70 20

71 Historic Big 4 21

72 22

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