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Latinos in Action

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1 Latinos in Action

2 WHO WE ARE Latinos In Action is a non-profit organization For more information please visit our website: Latinos in Action  Latinos In Action’s vision is for each individual to reach higher active achievement within their family and community through excellent higher education.  We strive to empower our Latino Youth through Culture, Service and Excellent Education with the sole purpose of graduating from college.  Our objective is to create, design, and implement methods, strategies and programs that allow K-16 Latino students to optimally develop their linguistic, social, and cognitive skills.  Ultimately, our sole vision is to enroll Latino students in a University, and support them through graduation.

3 LATINOS IN ACTION How it works For more information please visit our website: Latinos in Action  Our LIA Para-educators are not limited to mentoring only Latino elementary students, but also serve the students who are considered high- risk. To date, LIA has helped many high risk students stay away from bad influences.  Latinos in Action helps close the achievement gap by decreasing the dropout rate and increasing the number of Latino students entering college.  Latinos In Action (LIA) is a program implemented as an elective course at both the Jr. High and High school levels.  The purpose of the program is to teach bilingual students leadership skills that will encourage and inspire them to provide service to their schools and their communities, as well as to set higher educational goals for themselves.  Latinos In Action aims to identify talented bilingual students who can serve as role models and Para-educators in the local Elementary schools.

4  94 participating Schools from: Utah, Idaho, and Washington-15 Jr. LIA and 37 High School LIA  56LIA teachers  1700 LIA Students  3 Mentees served per student = 5100 Elementary School children served WHERE WE ARE  LIA has demonstrated remarkable academic success with a 98% on-time high school graduation rate and an 85% college enrollment rate.  Our ultimate goal is to reach a 100% entry and college graduation rate.  Our Latinos In Action students’ overall average GPA stands at a 3.2, and we strive to increase that with time.  Latinos In Action students complete over 100 hours of community service annually, including outside service projects in their communities. For more information please visit our website: Latinos in Action

5 Latinos in Action Leadership Cognitive Service Literacy SocialLinguistic Three Pillars of LIA

6 Our Latinos in Action Students Receive training in leadership, teaching methods, mentoring, job skills, and college preparation Assist children who are learning English as a second language in local schools Teach children academic skills Help children succeed Model responsibility, caring, self-discipline, and hard work Make a difference in someone's life, especially theirs! Latinos in Action

7 Who Are The People Involved? Latinos in Action

8 Participating LIA Schools Latinos in Action Alpine District American Fork High School Canyon View Jr. High Lakeridge Jr High Lehi High School Mountain View High School Orem High School Orem Jr High Pleasant Grove High School Timpanogos High School Westlake High School Box Elder School District Box Elder High School Bear River HS Bear River MS Cache Valley District Skyview High School Canyons District Alta High School Hillcrest High School Jordan High School Midvale Middle School MT. Jordan Middle Davis District Clearfield High School Layton High School Northridge High School Syracuse High School Central Davis Junior High North Davis Junior High North Layton Junior High School South Davis Junior High Sunset Junior High Fairfield JRH Woodscross High School Jordan District Copper Hills High School Herriman High School West Jordan High School Union Middle West Jordan Middle School Granite School District Granger High School Hunter High School Kearns Jr High Kearns High School Granite Park Jr. High School Matheson Junior High School Westlake Jr Brockbank JR Cyprus High School

9 Participating LIA Schools Latinos in Action Logan District Logan High School Millard School District Delta High School Millard High School Nebo District Payson High School Spanish Fork High School Springville High School Diamond Fork Jr. High Mount Nebo Jr. High Payson Jr. High School Mapleton Jr High North Sanpete School District North Sanpete High School North Sanpete Middle School South Sanpete School District Gunnison Valley High School Park City District Park City High School Treasure Mountain Middle School Ecker Hills Middle North Summit HS Provo District Provo High School Timpview High School Centennial Middle School Dixon Middle School Salt Lake City School District East High School West High School Glendale Middle School Horizonte Murray School District Murray High School Weber School District Roy High School Sandridge Jr. Tooele School District Tooele High School Stanbury Park High School Wasatch County District Wasatch High School Rocky Mountain Middle School

10 Participating LIA Schools Latinos in Action Washington County School District Dixie High School Dixie Middle School Pine View High School Pine View Middle School Tonaquint Intermediate School Fossil Ridge Intermediate Hurricane High School Hurricane Middle School Hurricane Intermediate School Snow Canyon High School Snow Canyon Middle School Desert Hills High School Desert Hills Middle School Sunrise Ridge Intermediate Enterprise High School Lava Ridge Intermediate Idaho Jerome High School Washington Burlington Edison High School Texas East Lake HS

11 How Are Children Being Helped Teacher’s Testimonies Latinos in Action

12 Kriss Cardenas Latinos in Action  “Students improved their understanding of subtraction after working with Kriss.”  Mrs. Montano  Timpanogos Middle School

13 Nancy Gutierrez Latinos in Action  “Carlos has had a hard time speaking English. Elva has really helped him understand what he should be doing and how to do it.”  Derek Reynolds  Dixon Junior High

14 Cristhian Valle Latinos in Action  “Chris has been very helpful. He has given me good ideas about how to help Fernando.”  Mrs. Lemmon  Provost Elementary School

15 Vanessa Lopez Latinos in Action  “Brenda, who has only been in the U.S. a few weeks, seems to be adjusting well and turns in complete, accurate assignments.”  -Lorna Teeter  -Dixon Junior High

16 How Do Tutors Benefit Journal Entries Latinos in Action

17 What High School Students Say: Latinos in Action Attitude toward others Self concept Strategies for learning Parenting skills Strategies for teaching Life skills Sense of community Personal responsibility Responsibility in the community

18 Carina Flores Latinos in Action  “Once you come into this class, there is no way you can leave without building a strong friendship with the other students in the class. You learn to love and respect each person’s culture, personality, and opinions.”

19 Cindy Najarro Latinos in Action  “We discovered the importance of reinforcing the children every time they took a step forward. Being positive made them feel more confident about themselves, and helped them want to keep doing a good job.”

20 Jessica Velez Latinos in Action  “When I started to teach not everything worked with my student. That got me thinking that not all students learn the same. I have learned how to really teach and how my teachers feel when they try and try but sometimes it takes a while to get it.”

21 Juan Higuera Latinos in Action  “I used to give up on stuff all the time because I thought learning things slower meant I was dumb, but now I think you can learn a subject bit by bit, not just in a big chunk.”

22 Latinos in Action

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