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Instructor: Raresh Pascali Underclassman: Matt Walsh Team Members: Daulet Urkenbayev (Project Manager) Paul Orieukwu (Frame Designer) Jonathon Fulbright.

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1 Instructor: Raresh Pascali Underclassman: Matt Walsh Team Members: Daulet Urkenbayev (Project Manager) Paul Orieukwu (Frame Designer) Jonathon Fulbright (Electrical System Designer) Rajeev Bhattacharya (Mechanical System Designer) :

2 Competition Objective  To challenge teams of university students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop, and compete with small, formula-style hybrid-powered cars.  The formula hybrid competition is intended as an educational program requiring students to work across disciplinary boundaries.  To allow teams to freely express design, engineering, and imagination.  Teams are allowed eight to twelve month to design, build, and test for the competition. 1

3 Competition Scoring 2  Top three teams that score the highest points will receive trophies and awards.

4 Team Goal  Register for competition before slots fill.  Successfully implement switchable hybrid drive.  Finished curb weight not to accede 650 pounds.  Successfully implement data logging system.  Complete unrestricted 75 meter (246 feet) acceleration run in 5.4 seconds or less.  Complete the final assembly by April 1. 3

5 What is a Hybrid? 4 Series Hybrid System Layout Parallel Hybrid System Layout Energy flows in 2 parallel paths from reservoirs to the wheels. Energy flows in one path from reservoir, through all components, and finally to the wheels.

6 Design Outlook 5 Both Parallel and Series configuration have different advantages and disadvantages. This is why we plan to implement a design that has the ability to switch between the two. In theory, this should achieve the best of both worlds.

7 Material Market Research Material Consideration  Weight  Feasibility  Strength  Cost 6 Steel Carbon Fiber Aluminum Yield Strength = 710684psi Modulus of elasticity = 33000ksi Yield Strength = 31000psi Modulus of elasticity = 10000ksi Yield Strength = 50800psi Modulus of elasticity = 29700ksi

8 Conceptual Frame Design  Must meet the 95 th percentile male and 5 th percentile female template. 7 University of Idaho SAE Frame University of Houston SAE Frame Lawrence Technology University SAE Frame

9 Aerodynamic Devices 8 Front Wing Back Wing Diffuser  All of these device are used to increase the downforce on the vehicle by manipulating the air flow.

10 Conceptual Design of Body  These are the top three teams who scored the highest in the design category.  Expectation for our project is for it to be unique and marketable. 9 (1) McMaster University (3) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2) University of Idaho

11 Internal Combustion Market Research 10 Subaru EX21 4 stroke engine 211cc- $479.97 (New)-7Hp Lifan 250cc V-Twin Engine 4 stroke Air Cooled- $625 (Used)– $1099 (New)- 16.5Hp Specifications: Shipping weight: 35pounds Displacement Range: 121cc/240cc Horsepower Range: 3.6– 7.9Hp Compression: 8.3:1 Carburetor Type: Float Ignition System: Electronic Cooling System: Air Specification: Displacement: 248cc Max Power Output: 16.5Hp/8000RPM Max Torque: 13feet/pounds. @ 6000RPM Compression: 10:1 Ignition: Electric and Kick Start Weight: 95pounds Cooling: Air

12 Internal Combustion Market Research Continued… Specification: Engine: Four-Stroke, DOHC, Parallel Twin Displacement: 249cc Compression: 11.6:1 Cooling: Liquid Ignition: Electrical Transmission: Six Speed Final Drive: 14inch Chain Sprocket Power Output: 37Hp Kawasaki Ninja 250r Engine 4 stroke Liquid Cooled- $450- $650 (used)- 37Hp

13 Differential Market Research 12 $415 by Torsen Traction - JTEKT $2,699 by Taylor Industries. $1000 Westgarage Engineering Chain drive LSD

14 Electric Motors Market Research 13 5kW Brushless DC Motor Liquid Cooled 12.9kW PMAC ME1118 3kW Brushless DC Motor Hub Motor

15 Controller Market Research 14 RoboteQ HDC2472 Dual Kelly KEB72801 5kW Brushless DC Motor Controller

16 Batteries Market Research 15 SLA 6V 12Ah x60 Ultra High Energy LG Lithium 18650 3.7V 2800mAh x420 LiFePO4 3.2V 60Ah x24

17 Budget #ComponentsCost 1 Frame & Body$5,000 2 Internal Combustion Engine$4,000 3 Electrical System$7,500 4 Suspension, Brakes, Steering System$3,200 5 Differential, Wheels, Tires$1,500 6 Travel Expenditure$4,350 7 Entry Fee$2,150 TOTAL$27,700 16


19 WBS 18 PHASE 1 10/21/14 PHASE 2 03/28/15 PHASE 3 04/24/15 PHASE 4 04/31/15 Market Research 70% 3D Model Frame 3D Model Body & Attenuator 3D Model Differential FEA Sponsorship Campaign Ordering Parts Frame Assembly & Construction Final Assembly Driving Test & Troubleshooting Fine Tuning Preparation Travel Arrival Body Sub-frame Frame Suspension & Steering

20 Risk Matrix 19 Catastrophic 41 Severe 9,7 10 High 5 3 Medium 6,8 Low 2 Definite Very High High Possible Low Risk Element 1Part lost in mail 2Defective components 3Weight of car 4Safety inspection 5Error Codes (Controller) 6Wire shorts 7 Communication between IC and Electrical components 8Defective IC 9Slow reimbursement 10 Delayed shipping Severity Probability

21 Questions? 20

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