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INTRODUCTION We are here to talk about “social media,” right? So, let’s start here.

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3 We are here to talk about “social media,” right? So, let’s start here.





8 Seriously, though. Social media best practices.



11 Who am I? The great cartoon lady, duh!

12 Hi, I’m Molly! Social media manager (community manager) Virgo Optimist ENFP (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) ShowPony/Strategies 360 14 offices across the West and in Washington D.C


14 I like to think of myself as an… overly social individual who came up at a time when social media was taking off. I’m a story-teller Social media is my current story-telling platform My experience is with helping organizations tell their unique story online

15 What is a Facebook PAGE you (actually) LIKE? What do you like about them?



18 A page could use some help if… One long stream of consciousness Off-Brand Too personal to the poster, not the business Oversharing Posts are not consistent Voice is not consistent Posts look amateur Spelling errors Inside jokes Too many #hashtags

19 “Crumb Controversy”

20 Do you remember this?


22 Burlington Coat Factory


24 HAS A STORY TO TELL. (…what matters is HOW you tell it.)

25 Social media really is a great tool. (Really.) Opportunity to create the space that you want with your messages and your visuals Customer Service! Instant gratification of messages and posts Get the “inside scoop” (behind the scenes photos) Organization’s culture

26 Sometimes, I can be a broken record. “Don’t be the ostrich with your head in the sand” “In social media there is NOOOOO silver bullet” “Have a balanced diet of vegetables and candy” “Creativity takes courage. Be courageous” “Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery”

27 Above all, the TWO most important thing when managing a social media channel are…




31 “Social media is a strategy”

32 “Social media is a job for an intern”

33 “Social media is free and easy”

34 “We don’t need a social media plan”

35 LET’S TALK SHOP. Goals, appearance, LIKES, content streams and helpful tools.

36 What is your page’s GOAL? No really, why are you here?

37 What should your social media page LOOK like? Sisters. Not distant cousins.

38 What do I look for?

39 How do you get more LIKES, FOLLOWS on your page?

40 Facebook Paid Growth Tactics

41 Promoted Post Sponsored Story Traditional Facebook ads

42 Facebook Organic Growth Tactics (@mention campaigns)

43 How to create a GREAT social media content stream?

44 Real. Life. Examples.

45 Save Bristol Bay

46 Save Bristol Bay – Rally the Crowd

47 Save Bristol Bay “50 States Strong Against the Pebble Mine”

48 Visit Skagit Valley (Economic Development Association of Skagit County) Thursday, May 23, 2013

49 Visit Skagit Valley (Economic Development Association of Skagit County)

50 Washington’s Governor Inslee announcing the temporary bridge opening – June 18

51 Idaho Gives

52 The Dime Colorado – Phase #1

53 The Dime Colorado – Phase #2

54 The Dime Colorado – Content Themes

55 Bristol Bay Native Corporation

56 I am “Proud to be from Bristol Bay”

57 What are helpful tools for implementing social media strategy?

58 Content Management Systems


60 Social Media Editorial Calendar

61 Helpful Tools Desk timers Scheduling Social Media Brainstorm Sessions Platform Clarity ROI – Link Trackers



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