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Migrant Seasonal Head Start

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1 Migrant Seasonal Head Start

2 OUR MISSION AND PURPOSE OUR MISSION AND PURPOSE Our mission is to provide families with resources and opportunities in education, housing, health and employment. Our purpose is to improve the cultural, social, and economic status of the people we serve through the following services and activities. Civil Rights Advocacy Workforce Preparation Education Social Services Housing Opportunities Economic and Community Development Health Services Cultural Awareness

3 What is Migrant & Seasonal Head Start? It is an Early Childhood Education Program for Migrant and Seasonal Farm worker children and their families dedicated to promoting the success of their children in school and later in life. We offer a comprehensive service program for children and families that include: Early Childhood Education, Nutrition, and Health Wellness.

4 Who Qualifies for the services? Children birth - five years of age, who have not attended kindergarten Family income meets Federal Low Income Guidelines The family's primary income comes from agricultural work as defined by Head Start Performance Standard Enrollment priority may be extended to children of Migrant Families Priority consideration is available for families of children with disabilities Enrollment: 797 Children ◦ 591 slots are for Migrant Families ◦ 206 slots are for Seasonal Families

5 What is considered a Family? All persons living in the household who are: Supported by the income of the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the participating child and Related to the parent(s) or guardian(s) by blood, marriage, or adoption Guardian means a person "legally responsible for the child"

6 What is Considered Income? Cash income includes earned income, military income, veteran's benefits, social security benefits, unemployment compensation, and public assistance benefits

7 What are Agricultural Activities? Activities related to the production and harvesting of tree and field crops or supports the crop production such as irrigation, crop protection, and operation of farm machinery Production and harvesting of tree and field crops, including preparing the soil, planting, cultivation, picking, packing, canning and processing as well as production and harvesting of greenhouse and nursery products Dairy work does qualify but the person cannot work directly with cows.

8 What is the Difference Between Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker Families? A Migrant Farmworker Family is a family that has changed their residency in the past two years for the purpose of working in agricultural activities Seasonal Farmworker Family is a family who has maintained residency, but that their primary income comes from work related to agriculture

9 What do I need to bring to have my child eligible for the program? Current and past rent and/or utility bills in the family name Any legal documentation showing the family's residency for the past two years Your child's current immunization records Proof of income for the past twelve months or past year, such as: W-2 Forms Pay Stubs Verifiable written statements from employers Current Public Assistance Verification And unearned income forms, such as Child Support, SSI, Unemployment, Military Income, or Veteran's Benefits

10 Services Child Development & Health ◦ Early Childhood Education ◦ Mental Health ◦ Health ◦ Nutrition ◦ Disabilities Family & Community ◦ Family ◦ Community Program Design & Management ◦ Fiscal ◦ Human Resources ◦ Governance ◦ Transportation ◦ Systems

11 Family & Community Staff help families to develop goals to better their lives. Assistance is provided in the referral process to aid families with special needs. Parents can participate in Policy Council, Home Visits, parent meetings, Health Services Advisory Committee and more. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in and out of the center.


13 Health Services Healthy habits like hand washing and tooth brushing are incorporated. Screenings are provided to identify and prevent health problems. The Case Manager assists the family with follow-up and finding resources if needed. Parents are encouraged to be strong advocates for themselves, their family, and their community.

14 Children with Disabilities HSPS 1308.5 – “…actively locate and recruit children with disabilities. Required to meet 10% enrollment of children with disabilities MSHS strives to reach agreements with LEA’s regarding summer services/referrals for children identified in the program

15 Nutrition Services Children receive healthy meals and snacks throughout the day I Am Moving I Am Learning: Proactive approach for addressing childhood obesity in Head Start children. Color Me Healthy: Preschool curriculum. Provides fun, innovative, interactive learning opportunities on healthy eating and physical activity. Family Style Meals: Children are encouraged to make his or her own food choices based on individual appetites and preferences.

16 Operation Schedules Summer Programs All 11 centers ◦ May to November ◦ Birth to 5 years ◦ 10 hours per day ◦ 5 days a week Winter Programs Family Literacy – Idaho Falls ◦ November to March ◦ 8 hours a day ◦ Parent Participation ◦ 5 days a week TANF – Caldwell ◦ November to March ◦ 15 preschool children ◦ 6 hour program ◦ 5 days a week

17 CurriculumsCurriculums The Creative Curriculum Transportation & Pedestrian Safety Personal Safety – Talking About Touching Cavity Free Kids I Am Moving I am Learning

18 Where are our Head Start Centers Located? Weiser Caldwell (2) Nampa Mountain Home Hammett Twin Falls, Burley, Aberdeen Roberts Idaho Falls (2)

19 Referral Form We will sending this form with the family we refer to you agency. We ask that when you provide services to the family, you sign and date it and send back with the family. This form provides documentation that we are connecting families to community resources.

20 Migrant Seasonal Head Start CMT West Idaho: ◦ El Venadito Center Coordinator: Veronica Mang 815 E. 9 th Education Coordinator: Adriana Cornejo Weiser, ID 83672 Family Service Advocate: Maria Negrete (208) 549-1187 (208) 414-3093 fax ◦ La Adelita Center Coordinator: Roseanna Sanchez 22730 Farmway Rd. #112 Education Coordinator: Rolando Aguirre Caldwell, ID 83605 Family Service Advocate: Nohemi Pena (208) 459-6536 (208) 459-3140 fax ◦ El Meraco Center Regional Service Coordinator: Mary Rodriguez 317 Happy Day Blvd. Education Coordinator: Claudia Ramirez/Joanna Francis Caldwell Id 83607 Family Service Advocate: Josephina Perales/Maria Salas Caldwell, ID 83607 208-454-1652 ◦ 208-459-0416 Fax

21 Central Idaho El ArcoirisCenter Coordinator: Maria Guitierrez 3505 Airbase Rd.Education Coordinator: Milagros Vela Mt. Home, ID 83647Family Service Advocate: Maria L. Juarez (208) 587-9171 (208) 587-9354 fax Jardin de los NiñosCenter Coordinator: Gabriella Arevalo 8712 Old Hwy 30Education Coordinator: Hammett, ID 83627Family Service Advocate: Marisol Juarez (208) 366-2714 (208) 366-2730 fax Felipe CabralCenter Coordinator: Marisela Lee 1122 Washington St. So. Education Coordinator: Vacant Twin Falls, ID 83301Family Service Advocate: Carmen Castillo (208) 734-9359 fax Emiliano ZapataCenter Coordinator: Rosa Castro 1319 Normal Ave.Education Coordinator: Elvira Ceja Burley, ID 83318Family Service Advocate: Maria Magana (208) 678-3288 (208) 677-3241 fax

22 East Idaho El CastillitoCenter Coordinator: Aide Sandoval 350 G. St. Education Coordinator: Analilia Sanchez Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Family Service Advocate: Maheli Cruz (208) 522-6236 (208) 524-5994 fax La EstrellitaCenter Coordinator: Jessica Franck 3491 West 81 st NorthEducation Coordinator: Laura Cortez/Maria Morales Idaho Falls, ID 83402Family Service Advocate: Irma Islas, Maria Ortega (208) 524-1339 (208) 524-1352 fax Manuel CavazosCenter Coordinator: Virginia Avila PO Box 731Education Coordinator: Blanca Nava 555 South 4 th East Family Service Advocate: Veronica Carrillo Aberdeen, ID 83210 (208) 397-4190 (208) 397-4191 fax Caritas de AngelCenter Coordinator: Maria Ojeda 653 North 2858 East Education Coordinator: Beatriz Chavez Roberts, ID 83444Family Service Advocate: Lorena Reyes (208) 228-6048 (208) 228-6176 fax

23 What we are asking of you?

24 What would you like from us?

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