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Building Relationships and Resilience the Heart of Idaho’s Community Review.

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1 Building Relationships and Resilience the Heart of Idaho’s Community Review

2 Objectives Reflect Idaho Rural Partnership responsibilities: Understand patterns of rural need and opportunity Cultivate diverse partner networks Provide honest, productive reflection Encourage local solutions and success Help communities anticipate and adapt to change Support sustainable* economies and practices *enduring forever, or esto perpetua

3 Process Communities apply for a review Pre-review planning and team recruitment Focus Area Teams + Listening Session Team Pre-visit to assess readiness Three day on-site review Final written report and follow-up visit Next steps (Community Coaching, Technical Assistance)

4 RegionReviews Panhandle6 North Central5 Southwest6 South Central5 Southeast4 Northeast6 Total32 Map courtesy of Christine Schuette, U of I Bioregional Planning and Community Design. *Rigby, ID 6/14 14 Years RIGBY

5 Planning Partners Erik Kingston / PCED Idaho Housing and Finance Association Lori Porreca, PhD / Community Planner Federal Highway Administration, Idaho Division John Meyers / Boise Field Office Director US Department of Housing and Urban Development

6 Idaho Housing and Finance Association Erik Kingston, PCED Mission— IHFA improves lives and strengthens Idaho communities by expanding housing opportunities, building self sufficiency, and fostering economic development. Housing Information and Referral Center focus: Clearinghouse for all things housing related Fair Housing Partners and planning

7 Idaho Housing and Finance Association Erik Kingston, PCED Make Idaho stronger Connect people and dots—build networks Listen, observe and understand local issues Support locally driven, effective strategies Promote housing equity and choice, access Make our work visible and meaningful

8 Idaho Housing and Finance Association Erik Kingston, PCED Why professionals and organizations participate: Smart, creative, generous partners Shared vision as Idahoans Local character and characters Intensity Service

9 Federal Highway Administration Lori Porreca, PhD Community outreach – FHWA livability program Partnership for Sustainable Communities Statewide professional connections Visibility for technical assistance, guidance, facilitation True impact of transportation decisions

10 Federal Highway Administration Lori Porreca, PhD Leverage agency resources, time and impact Collaborative and inclusive Focus on problem solving Empowers communities

11 U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development John Meyers (4) Role of Federal Government* A.Partner/facilitator. Authorized to cooperate with States to implement the Partnership; B.Technical/administrative support needed to plan and implement tailored rural development strategies to meet local needs; C.Agency represented on the Coordinating Committee; appropriate field staff directed to participate with local State rural development council; and D.Enter into cooperative agreements, provide grants and other assistance to Coordinating Committee and State rural development councils. *H.R.2642 - Agricultural Act of 2014

12 HUD FY 2010-2015 Strategic Framework Strengthen Housing Market Financially sustainable homeownership opportunities Quality Affordable Rental Homes Expand housing choice in broad range of communities Inclusive and Sustainable Communities Open, diverse and equitable communities (reduce discrimination) Capacity building for local, state and regional public and private organizations

13 OMB Memo 6/21/2010 Flexible, integrated solutions Break down federal silos Encourage coordination at local level...agencies also should pursue opportunities to engage State, local, and tribal governments, faith institutions, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and community members at-large as collaborators.

14 Integrating Experience Enhances HUD’s opportunity to work with and learn about the programs, projects and organization of fellow state and federal agencies. Imitation (the sincerest form of flattery) Modeled HUD Community Consultations and Community Needs Assessments after the IRP Community Review Post Falls / Kuna / Caldwell / Pocatello

15 What ‘the Rural’ Needs Now* Positive rural narrative—lead with our assets Functional integration—doing more with less Structural investment—pipes, streets and people Regional collaboration—think and talk together Entrepreneurship—homegrown business first Community resilience—anticipate and adapt *Next Steps in Community Development: A Rural Perspective—Brian Dabson

16 Boots on the ground. Face-to-face


18 IRP Responsibilities 1.Assess conditions of Rural Idaho 2.Inform state leadership on policy and strategies to improve the quality of life; 3.Information clearinghouse on rural programs and policies 4.Facilitate communication—rural residents, public and private organizations 5.Identify organizations, authorities and resources to address various aspects of rural development

19 IRP Responsibilities 6.Nonpartisan forum; diverse perspectives on rural issues 7.Improve intergovernmental coordination, private/public cooperation, and forge new partnerships 8.Foster coordinated, strategic and efficient approaches to local initiatives; respect individual partner missions 9.Seek solutions to unnecessary impediments to rural development at the state and national level 10.Work cooperatively with the national rural development partnership and other state rural development councils

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