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Expanding Housing Choice and Community Access Dana Gover, MPA Erik Kingston, PCED

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1 Expanding Housing Choice and Community Access Dana Gover, MPA Erik Kingston, PCED

2 1. NW ADA Center Idaho. 2. Analysis of Impediments. 2011 Action Items. 3. Expanding housing choice., Housing Assistance 4. Fair Housing Partners. 5. Outreach alternatives.

3  C1—FH information and outreach  C2—Few/no strategies to address accessibility  C3 —Education/outreach conducted via enforcement  I1—County land-use/zoning may create barriers  I2—State law doesn’t protect familial status  I3—State limits on local revenue options restrict ability to address impediments

4 State level 1. Improve access to FH information in English/Spanish 2. Encourage land-use/zoning codes to reduce barriers 3. Encourage legislature to add familial status protection 4. Support productive education and outreach climate Local government (see handout and toolkit) 1. Modify land-use/zoning regulation 2. Increase accessible and affordable housing 3. Address lending disparities where needed

5 Pursue and identify housing options – ongoing effort Make information available and accessible Promote awareness of available resources Provide opportunities for tenant/client selection Support conditions that create affordability Cultivate effective partnerships and strategies




9 Case Managers and Service Providers Members of protected classes Elected officials and agency partners Community leaders and residents Planners and building professionals

10 (aka No-step, Zero-step, Home for Life, Easy Living Home®) 1. One zero-step entrance w/ an accessible route 2. Wide passage doors (32” clear space) 3. At least a half bath/powder room on the main floor  Medicaid/Health Care savings (± $32,000/recipient/year)  Quality, safety, usability issues  Recruit/retain retirees + income  Pima County/Tucson/Habitat

11 Key partners NW ADA Center - Idaho Idaho Housing and Finance Association* Idaho Department of Commerce* Small Business Administration Idaho Recreation and Tourism Idaho Rural Partnership Federal Highway Administration Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC Idaho) Southern Idaho Rural Development


13 1. Inaccessible downtown retail:  Creates liability  Makes businesses, downtown districts and communities less inviting  Undermines marketing efforts  Excludes potential customers  Limits tourism 2. We are all seniors in training 3. Without customers, commerce stops

14  Access and ADA compliance  Downtown revitalization  Economic and community development  Job creation  Recreation, tourism and historic preservation  Universal Design principles in housing and community infrastructure  Reduced liability, safer communities  Cost savings

15  Tax Deduction. Deduct up to $15,000/year from taxable income equal to costs of barrier removal.  Tax Credit. 50% of annual investment between $250 and $12,50 (total possible credit = $5,000/year)  Technical assistance  Other?

16 Planning ahead is always cheaper ― and yields better results ― than planning behind.

17 Blue Path Access Board National Center on Accessibility Ramps Historic And us

18 Erik Kingston, PCED Housing Resources Coordinator Idaho Housing and Finance Association Board member, Idaho Rural Partnerships Member, Idaho Main Street Partners Member, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Member, Idaho Community Review Member, Idaho Fair Housing Forum Faculty, NW Community Development Institute

19 Dana Gover, MPA Member, Ramp Up Idaho Member, Idaho Fair Housing Forum Centers for Independent Living in Idaho (LIFE, LINC, DAC) and Access Concepts & Training, Inc. Funded through a grant from the Northwest ADA Center under a grant through the National Institute of Disability Research Reutilization

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